You clicked the “about” page? Really?

I wasn’t sure anyone would actually do that. Hm. I better write something so you don’t feel you wasted your time.

Official-sounding bio stuff:

I’ve been a lifeguard, a fast-food-flinger, a network administrator, and a soldier in the U.S. Army. From 2004 to 2011, I made a living as a blogger and affiliate marketer. I worked from home and made my own hours, so in many ways it was a dream job, but I’d always wanted to tell stories (instructing people on how to select a home security system or which gym equipment to buy wasn’t quite as fun as you’d think). Back in 2009 or so, I decided to “get serious” about finishing up some novels. I had a number of half-written manuscripts I could have focused on, but the characters I’d known longest were the Emperor’s Edge crew, and I also enjoyed spending time with them (seriously, who wouldn’t want to spend time with Maldynado? :D).

I finished Emperor’s Edge…and then let it sit on my hard drive for a year. I wasn’t sure it was good enough to send off to an agent (nor was I excited by the idea of querying ten bazillion agents). And there wasn’t much point in starting EE2 if I hadn’t sold EE1. So, I went on to write Encrypted, thinking that would be easier to sell because it was a stand-alone story and I had more experience as a writer by then. But… what started out as high-fantasy in a steam-age world ended up having this strange science-fiction bent in the end, and I wasn’t sure how to “sell” it to agents. Cross-genre? Steampunk? High fantasy? It wasn’t really any of the above, and, either way, I didn’t see many agents looking for those things (in fact, I saw more of them saying, “under no circumstances send us that secondary-world-fantasy crapola” — it’s possible I’m paraphrasing).

About that time (fall of 2010), I got my first Kindle and stumbled across JA Konrath’s blog on self-publishing. Within weeks, I’d decided I wanted to go that route. Since I had a background in blogging, search engine optimization, internet marketing, etc., I wasn’t intimidated by the idea of online book promotion (though, as it turns out, my background helped less than you’d think, and I had a lot to learn!).

In late 2011, I e-published my fourth novel, and, thanks to your support, I’ve been able to leave the old day job and make this author thing a full-time gig. I’m not making what I used to make, but it’s my dream job, and that’s what matters most to me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Amaranthe and Sicarius ever hook up?

Oh, yeah, like I’d answer that here and spoil things. πŸ˜‰

Will you ever publish traditionally?

Maybe someday. There are times when doing everything gets a little overwhelming, but nobody’s made me an offer I couldn’t refuse yet. (I’ve been approached by a couple of small presses and even one of the new Amazon Publishing Imprints.)

I’ll definitely finish the Emperor’s Edge series on my own. After that, we’ll see. I’m not a huge seller by the standards of some indie authors, but I’m doing fine on my own, and I’m delighted by how many readers visit the blog, Facebook page, Twitter stream, etc. on a regular basis. We’re well over 1,000 newsletter subscribers too! A part of me likes the idea of seeing how far I can go on my own.

Can you review my book?

Sorry, no, I don’t have the time. I’m trying to write two novels and some shorter ebooks every year so that I can keep my name out there (and keep those readers satisfied!). I also maintain this blog as a resource for others thinking of self-publishing, usually posting 2-3 (long!) posts a week. When I do get time to read, I choose to catch up with my favorite authors. That said, I wish you the best of luck with your new release!

Guest Posting Policy

I’m not looking for guest posts at this time. I’ve hosted them in the past, and might again one day, but I have too much going on to worry about scheduling posts to fit into people’s blog tours and such. I don’t even schedule my own posts. πŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading!


Comments (103)

I loved the Republic and can’t wait for more books to follow. It was as good a read as the Emperors Edge Series. I think they would make an awesome Scifi Movie because it has so much going on in the story you are never bored and can’t stop reading it. I hope the Republic Series has as many books as the Emperors Edge and that the 2nd book comes out soon. Keep up the good work.

Thank you, Monica. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the books!

Yep, thoroughly enjoyed Republic. I couldn’t put EE 1-7 down but found myself able to take breaks from Republic, though. Looking forward to the next one and hoping it’s as engaging as the earlier books. Thanks Lindsay, I am a self certified fan.

About 3 weeks ago I was searching for some new reads with a steampunk setting. And so I came across your EE books. They are great! I have read them all and in search for more I looked up your website today.


Thanks for stopping by, Dara. I’m glad you’re enjoying the stories!

Where are you from? I’m from Prescott and loved how I could visualize every place you mentioned. I love the Raven. So I was just curious about your knowledge of the town.

Hi, Bailey! I think I was still living in Phoenix when I wrote this, but I’ve been up in Prescott for the last year. πŸ™‚


I found you on Smashwords, and read EE1. I will probably read more of the EE series, although I am a bit put off by the large number of volumes in the series.

Too often I think authors just crank out more volumes in the same setting because it’s easier, even though the story starts getting too contrived to be good … take Anne McCaffrey for example.

In contrast, take someone like Jules Romain, who wrote something like 22 novels in “Les Hommes de bonne volontΓ©” (The Men of Good Will series). I think I read just about all of them. Here he’s woven from the very beginning the stories of about 8 characters through the history of France in the early 20th century. This concept unified the themes of the novels all together in a way that typical serial novels don’t.

I also wanted to see what else you could do, and so read R&R2 which I enjoyed immensely. Yes, the tone is very light, but it was a very pleasurable, fun read. So, I think I will continue with that for now.

As a life-long SF&F reader, I think I can say it’s hard to find writers who have such a deft tone with style and humor as you. In fact, I am most reminded of Linnea Sinclair (who unfortunately these days hasn’t been turning out anything, although she’d lately been cranking out books in the same setting!). In contrast with you, however, she also imbues her work with some darker and more passionate themes, which adds another dimension to the read.

Bottom line, I think that your work is very promising, and I hope it continues to work out well for you … meaning of course that I hope I get to read more of your good books!


Thanks for checking out the books, Robert. If you haven’t tried Bujold yet, definitely give her a spin too. She has awesome characters, humor, and some darker elements too.

As someone who has read all 9 of the EE books, I would recommend them all, they are all enjoyable.
I couldn’t see after the first one how she could do many more but they are really good.
I hope there is a number 10.

I never thought steampunk & fantasy could blend so well till I read the EE series. I couldn’t put then down till I was done, & I recommend it to EVERYONE I know that isn’t daunted by a 7 book long series. It’s totally worth it. The characters are wonderfully realistic & the plot is great!! Ever considered a movie or tv series? I think it would be a hit!

Thank you for the kind words, Ollie, and for recommending the books to others. I’m glad you enjoyed the series! I’m sure Maldynado would love to star in his own movie or tv series, but we’re still waiting for Hollywood to call. πŸ˜‰

I absolutely love your Emporer’s Edge series. I accidentally stumbled upon your first (free) book and it looked totally different from what I would normally gravitate toward. Maybe this new age of marketing – that I have resisted so wholeheartedly – has some advantages. Amazon led me to you, one way or another, and I haven’t been able to stop reading since.

The way you kept the story alive wih the characters, and the switch to another historical timeline, have kept me from being bored. I must have read at least seven books by now, and am ready to buy another. I understand Robert Benson’s concerns, and must say that I have had no periods of boredom, whatsoever. Just when I started worrying that I might, you switched gears.

That you for deciding on the free book. I doubt that I would have ever read your books without that option. In fact, it sat on my iPad for a while before I started reading, as I didn’t have time for reading after shopping for a new book. I downloaded several free books at the time, and once I (later) got to yours, I readily knew I would be buying more.

One other quality I love in your books is the fact that you introduce me to new words and new meanings of words I thought I already knew. You don’t detract from the story (as I have a general idea of what the word means), but if I feel that I can’t completely describe the meaning, I look it up with the iPad dictionary. For two or three, I have had to go to the Internet to define. The first time my dictionary came up blank, I thought you were using amade-up word for the story! Ha! I underestimated your linguistic skills! (Sorry!)

I plan to write some reviews for Amazon when I have more time. Sorry about the delay, but I will get to it. Your books are sooooooo worth reading. Keep up the great work! If news spreads about your work, I think your sales will skyrocket.

Thank you for giving that first book a try, Dana. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series. I appreciate you taking the time to visit my site, and reviews are always welcome too! πŸ™‚

Wow it seems most comments are about the EE series. I can’t wait to get to that one.

I am reading the Dragon Blood series right now. I found it on Bookbub. I get the email of their daily specials. As I am on disability and can’t get around much I find myself short on money and long on time πŸ™‚ I love finding the specials so I can sample authors for free or low cost. There was a time when I would make myself finish a book even if I wasn’t loving it, but now my motto is so many books so little time. So I give it a fair chance but move on if it doesn’t catch my interest by page 10 (just kidding more like chapter 10) I have found a few new authors that I LOVE and probably never would have found otherwise and you are now on my list of approved investments LOL I am on book 3 have already bought book 4 and the first in the EE series. I love the humor and the action, the characters are so real and believable. I will now be devouring your books.

I am also a huge fan of your vocabulary. I love finding new words and having the ability to look them up easily on my e-reader makes it even more fun.

So keep up the good work I’m telling all of my friends about you. We like to share good authors.

Hi, Linda!

Thank you for checking out the books! I’m glad you’re enjoying the adventures so far, and I hope you have with the EE series too. Take care, and happy reading!

I’ve just finished Thorn Fall (Rust & Relics 2) and I had a great time reading the first 2 books in the series. They’re vastly entertaining, the characters are loveable and the dynamic between them is great. Loved the humour! I’m really looking forward to the third instalment. Any idea when it will be ?

I’m glad you’re enjoying Delia, Simon, and the gang, Helen! I’ve got a couple of other projects in the lineup first (trying to finish a couple of my open series), but I’ll be working on Rust & Relics 3 this summer. Thanks for reading!

I picked up EE1 (which I had downloaded for free from Kobo a while ago) during Christmas when I ran out of my normal reads and have not been able to put your books down since. I’ve finished the EE series, including Republic and all the short stories, all the Dragon Blood books and Flash Gold 1-3.

Like Dana this would not be my normal read, but am always up for trying something for free.

I’m about to start the 4th Flash Gold book and cannot wait for the next in the Dragon Blood series to be published.

Your work keeps me riveted and I’ve been recommending it to likeminded souls. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for checking out the books, Sorina. I’m glad you’ve been having fun with them! Hope the new ones will continue to entertain. πŸ™‚

I absolutely love the EE series! I am currently reading Republic and am wondering if it is its own series or book 8 of EE. If it is the first book of a new series, are there going to be many more that follow???

Hi, Grace! I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. Republic is kind of a transition book, setting things up for possible new series. πŸ™‚ I’ve got the rough draft of a Basilard-focused book done now, so look for that later this summer!

I am enthralled with your Dragon Blood series. I am eagerly awaiting The Blade’s Memory release on June 14th. Jaxi makes me laugh out loud(soul snozzle..LOL).Ridge and Sardelle along with Tolemek and Cas have me wanting more of their story. I truly enjoy the time I can spend reading about them and the adventure they are on.I am a huge Robert Jordan(may he rest in peace)fan and his series had me in knots,laughter,crying and yearning for more. I had a hard time finding an author I could connect with. My time now is not available as before(small children than teenagers now with all kinds of school crap) so huge drawn out novels are not my forte as much. Your writing has me wanting to find that quiet space in my house to sit and read again. Though your style of writing is completely different it keeps me wanting for the next book.Keep going the way you are,write from the heart and soul. I am starting Emperor’s Edge as I await the release of The Blade’s Memory. I am more than sure I will enjoy every page.

Heya, Elizabeth! Thanks for checking out the Dragon Blood books. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series so far!

Yup, I definitely write a touch shorter than Robert Jordan. David Eddings was more my guy when I was Hoovering down tons of fantasy in my youth. His books weren’t exactly short, but they weren’t quite so capable of holding open doors. πŸ˜€

A couple months ago I was skimming IBooks for something to keep me company. I was stuck in a hotel room in Portsmouth, VA, and it’s only redeeming quality was a quaint view of a frozen, muddy creek full of litter and multiple smokestacks. I just finished the EE series, and that’s all I could think about when I was reading the final bits of action in the last book. Anyway, I digress. I picked EE because it seemed a bit obscure. The synopsis sucked me in. I read the first three books that week in the hotel, and went on to purchase the rest of the series for myself and my husband. We adore the characters and the banter between them. I look forward to reading the rest of your work in the future, and have already suggested this series to several friends and family members who I think will also fall in love. :)))

I just binge-read the first three stories in The Emperor’s Edge series. Time to get back to real life now! Incredible world, love the subtle references to steampunk.

I am also a writer masquerading as other things. How do you keep your focus? If it’s not the day job, the spouse, kid or environment ( I live in the Bahamas, so aquatic distractions abound) finding the sacred time to write is tough. Any advice? T

Thanks for checking out the books, Tammy! I’d have a hard time, too, if the beaches were calling me. πŸ˜€ Most writers I know who manage to be prolific while raising kids and working full time get up super early so they can write for an hour or two before the rest of the household is up. A couple of others are night owls. Sacrificing sleep seems to the be secret!

I came across the Emperor’s Edge series on Kindle. They were recommended due to other books I had read and I am so happy they were recommended. I LOVE the characters and have already boasted about them on FB. Most of my friends are already reading as I type. We have a hard time finding “good reads”. Thanks for developing such a great series! I didn’t know there were so many until Friday night. I bought it as a set of 3 so I thought I was reading a trilogy. Imagine may (happy) surprise when I found out there were 5 more. πŸ™‚

I’m glad you enjoyed the books, Shannon, and thanks for recommending them to your friends! I love it, too, when I stumble across a new author, and there’s a whole series to read. πŸ™‚

I have just finished the 1st three in the Soulblade series and thoroughly enjoyed them I have just started Emperors Edge and a big thumbs up so far for it.It is good to hear that you are keeping on with your writing I am an avid reader and have added you to my favourite authors list cheers

Thanks for trying the books, Peter. I’m glad you’re enjoying them so far! πŸ™‚

Hi Lindsay,
I’ve just finished Dragon Blood 1-3. I absolutely loved them and found it hard to put down. I’m a 58yo female in Australia. I love all fantasy and especially anything with dragons. Love real life dragons also, Water Dragons, Central Bearded Dragons etc. About to read book 4 and will eventually work my way through all your books. Happy I have discovered you. Mind if I ask how old you are, you look very young….keep up the great writing.
Cheers from Australia…Deb

Hi, Deborah! Thanks for checking out the books and for popping in. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Dragon Blood books. The one I’m working on now (6) will have some serious dragon action. We have some lizards in AZ that are almost as fierce as dragons, but I’m sure we can’t compete with the Aussie critters.

I’m not that young! I never had kids and cultivate my immature side to keep people fooled. πŸ˜€

My normal genre of books tend to be fantasy or historical fiction and stumbled across Amaranth and co in between books. I’m so glad I did.
Wonderful characters, great fight scenes, and brilliant humour.
Enjoyed every book in the Emperor series. Can’t wait for more!
Brilliant stuff!

Just thought I would give you some feedback on the EE series. I stumbled across this series when I was looking for something to read. I bought the first book knowing it was a series and then couldn’t put down my kindle until I had finished the entire series including the spin-off novels like Encrypted. I enjoy a good fantasy series but this one captured my imagination to the point that I was sorry it had to end. Loved the whole series. I am now reading Dragon blood series and can’t put it down either.
Thank you for the wonderful experience that reading your novels has given me.

Thank you, Debbie! I’m glad the EE books kept you entertained! I hope you have fun with the Dragon Blood ones too!

I cant believe you ended Dragon Blood 6 on a cliffhanger!!!! How could you??? I have to wait till the end of December??? What??? OK I am being dramatic.I am over it. Mostly.

I have read almost everything you have put out, including the more passionate options from your alter ego. I have enjoyed every one. I started with EE and after the first book I was hooked. I have not been disappointed since. Your characters are so fun and the dialog is fantastic. I can’t wait for the next adventure.

I do really appreciate how quickly you are able to get new works out. It is so frustrating to get into a story and have to wait a year/s for the next book to come out. You manage to churn them out at what I find a rapid rate without detracting from the quality of writing. So Thanks.

Thanks for reading and for stopping by, Kelly! More coming soon. πŸ™‚

I’m a huge fan of your Dragon Blood novels. Thank you for sharing Sardelle, Ridge, Jaxi and the rest of the gang. Their challenges, triumphs, and even losses show people at their best (yes, including Jaxi!). As a former naval flight officer I think you’ve well captured the camaraderie of a good squadron. But even better is how Sardelle and her beau overcome everything with the help of a respectful, humble sword.

Aw, thanks, Mike! But did you just call Jaxi humble? *gasp* πŸ™‚

Lindsay, I have just bull dozed my way through this series and am about to do a web post on the whole 9 books. (I just love it when I don’t have to wait for the next in a series.) I am here to catch up on who you are and I saw this comment on Jaxi. I was going to do a !!! comment then saw yours. Wow Jaxi is a arrogant, assertive and confident (so she thinks) character nowhere near humble.

Thanks for checking out the series, Helen! Jaxi definitely needs to work on her humbleness. πŸ™‚

Hello Lindsay,

After buying the first four books of The Emperor’s Edge, I got hooked so I have bought the rest of the series although I haven’t finished all of them yet. I am a 67- year-old grandmother of four grandchildren. My husband keeps telling me that I should come down from the clouds but I like it up there.

By the way I am a retired Greek teacher of English, and what I loved about your books is that they are grammatically correct, they have a rich vocabulary and they show that you are a well-read and insightful person.Your choice of names for your heroes is also very imaginative. Sicarius is a meaningful choice of a name and Amaranthe is well created too. Do you have a Greek background or you just happen to be well read in the classics? I am intrigued. I envy your imagination and I hope you will go on writing more about the fascinating world you have created.

My only claim to fame is the translation of most of J.R.R.Tolkien’s books into Greek.

I hope you will find the time to send me an e-mail at my e-address.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and productive New Year


Thank you for stopping by, Eugenia! I’ll send you a note offline. πŸ™‚

Oh my DAYS! (As my students would have it)
I’ve just discovered your Emperor Edges.
Absolutely spellbound.
The first EE was via a circuitous Bookbub route but just bought and consumed 2 and 3.
Looking to pick up 4 now…



Q:im so invested in the diversity of ur characters , if u r going for human image front cover changes, is it possible that +_bronze shades can be reflected in some series?
Context: Black Briton of African ethnicity so it’s not that I’m bronze myself, (more bronze+++ haha ). it’s just coming across such entertaining art and wanting every aspect writing (check) plus visuals to feel inclusive.

Thanks for stopping by, Dee! I’m glad you’re enjoying the stories. I’ll see what I can do with the cover redesigns! I don’t think it will be too hard to find an Amaranthe with some color. Sicarius might be tougher. Maybe we can photoshop his hair blond. ;D

I love your EE books. I’ve been off work for weeks with an injury (sustained on exercise with the army) and your books have kept me sane. They are brilliant, you should be proud of your great works. I’ve read all of them in three weeks!

Moving on to your other books now, but cannot wait for the next EE instalment please!

Thank you!

Thanks, Courtney! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the books. I hope you recover from your injury soon!

I just discovered your Dragon Blood series and am on book 4. I love the action, romance and adventure in the stories – love the writing and particularly the jokes. I am so glad I have found your books – like finding a wee bit of gold at the end of the rainbow!!

I’m glad you’re enjoying the series, Kristina! Thanks for reading. πŸ™‚

Just finished listening to Torrent: Rust & Relics, Book 1. I loved it! I hope you are working on book 2. I’m addicted to audio books and hope you make the next book available as audio. I enjoyed Nola Zandry’s reading, please have her read the next book also. Impatiently waiting.

Thanks for listening, Harry! There’s a Rust & Relics novella out on audiobook now, and I am planning to have her do Book 2 this spring too. πŸ™‚

Do you have a list of all the podcasts you participate in Lindsay? I’ve really enjoyed listening to the SFFMarketing podcasts and in a few of them you make references to other podcasts you participate in but I haven’t been able to find them listed anywhere (I admit I didn’t look super hard, so hoping I didn’t miss something obvious)

Sarah, Adam Poe and I also did The Writing Podcast for a while:

Doing two a week got to be a little much for me though. I’ve also been a guest on The Creative Penn (twice!) and quite a few other shows, though I tend to forget after a while! Here’s another one:

Thanks for listening!

Thanks! That will give me plenty to listen to!

Just stumbled across your books on kindle as part of a if you like this check out this type thing brought the first sardelle and ridge book and been completely pulled in love them. you made the right call becoming an author, keep them coming. Best wishes

Aw, I’m glad you’ve been enjoying Sardelle and Ridge (and Jaxi, too, I hope :D). Thanks for checking out the books!

Hi, Lindsay. I came to stopped by here in your website to let you know that you are a wonderful and amazing writer. (I hope I don’t come off as much a flatterer though, hope you don’t mind because I really love your EE series ?) I just had finished reading your book Republic and it was fantastic, I’ve been reading it non-stopped. I’ve had all the feels in the world reading your works. Though I’m yet to read your other works, I’m hoping there’s still much after Republic (Would you mind putting some more of Amaranthe and Sicarius story? ?) Anyways, more power to your work and all the best for you ?.

Hi, Grace! I’m glad you’ve had fun with the books! There’s a little more of Amaranthe and Sicarius in the Basilard novel, Diplomats & Fugitives (they come in for the second half), and I’ll write at least one more novel after that eventually. Thanks for reading!

*Oh my god, I squealed, literally.* Thank you for responding. I actually had the mistake mentioning Republic, though I’m actually referring to Diplomats and Fugitives. My fault. I’m actually in the verge of finishing the side stories of EE. Anyway, I’m glad that you’re planning to add another one and I hope to wait for it patiently. I miss everything about the series already but I’m gonna start reading your other works too. Hope you have all the best in your life and in your works. Thank you.

Haha, no problem, Grace. I’m getting to the point where even I mix up the titles. πŸ˜€

Hi Lindsay!

Thank you for writing such passioning books! I love all of them, but especially the Emperor’s Edge series and I hope there more books to come with Amaranthe and Sicarius.
I am an MD working in Humanitarian and Relief work and having your books with me on my Kindle during some of the most arrowing missions I have had in the last 12 months, was wonderful! They helped me to increase my stress resilience and provided a wonderful escape from some very harsh realities. Looking forward to read more from you :-)!

I’m glad the books helped out, Carmen! Gosh, I feel I should put “can increase your stress resilience” on a cover blurb for one of them. πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing!

Happy Easter, Lady!

I have to agree whole-heartedly with Eugenia’s comments, it is wonderful to have access to such wordsmithery (if that isn’t a word, it ought to be). I, too, grew up devouring Eddings, along with Anne McCaffrey. I always appreciated their genius in characterisation (McCaffrey in particular); you, too, have that skill, of which I am in awe. Thank you for sharing that with us.

I am lucky enough to have a job I love. However, you managed to make me resent it so far as to begin seriously considering what excuses I could invent for being absent. How? I went through both the Dragonsblood and EE series without a break. I wanted nothing more than to read, and often did until 4am, when I had to be up at 7 for work. Not that I was much use to anyone; when I wasn’t immersed in a book, I was thinking about it, replaying scenes, conversations…Lindsay, I lost weeks to those rascals! It’s been a long time since that happened (although C. Gockel also managed to entrap me the same way), so thank you, and please keep writing amazing stories, and incredibly alluring characters.

Hi, Sam! Hope you had a nice Easter. πŸ™‚ I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the books! Hah, a friend recommended an old sci-fi romance by McCaffrey that I’m reading right now. Glad you liked Carolynn’s books too — we’ve had her on our SF&F podcast a couple of times, and she seems like a cool lady!

Hi, I just had to drop a note and congratulate you on your great books. I have enjoyed them all, but most of all I really enjoyed the Rust & Relics series. First off I have to be honest and say that I have lived in and around the Sedona area for over forty years and have heard ever story of Vortex’s and Bell Rock since their conception. I laughed so hard at how you used these “legends” in your stories. Thank you again for great entertainment. Keep on writing, it has been a long time since I have enjoyed an author this much.

Hi Lindsay, as an avid reader of Louise Penny, David Weber (Honor Harrington & Safehold) & Matthew Riley’s earlier books, I am now placing you in that esteemed group. It is rare to find a laugh out loud novel, that you feel compelled to share with friends and family. To so totally warm to fictional characters that you feel like you have known them for ages or wish that you did. I feel really comfortable recommending your books to everyone. Keep up the witty banter and the unusual characters. I am absolutely thrilled about your next venture into Sci-Fi as an avid FireFly and Joss Whedon fan, yes I have signed up for those newsletters, I know you won’t disappoint.

Hi. Love your books. Been through most of them now, but lucky for me, you seem to write faster than I can read. But I have to ask you about your name. Buroker sounds Norwegan. Was your grandparents imigrants from Scandinavia?

Hey, Knut! I’m glad you’re enjoying the books! It’s actually German (though it got mangled over the generations and doesn’t mean anything anymore), but I do have some Norwegian blood on my mom’s side of the family. I love lefsa. πŸ™‚

Lindsay, I just finished all three of the Fallen Empire books this week. I’m an avid military sci-if fan, read extremely quickly, and I absolutely love your books. The characters, humor, and hint of romance send your books (figuratively) out of this world. Please, please, please keep writing in this genre; we need more quality authors. I also love it that although you are self-published, I don’t feel as if I need to take out my red pen (on an e-book!). Thanks so much for an enjoyable start to my summer break, and I look forward to reading more in this series.

Thank you for the kind words, Susie! I’m glad you’re enjoying the new series! Haha, using a red pen on an e-reader sounds messy. Glad you haven’t needed yours. πŸ™‚

I stumbled up on your blog and even though I’m a true crime book reviewer I found all of your writing highly fascinating

Thanks for the good ideas and inspiration

You’re welcome, Bjork. Thanks for stopping by!

I am so happy that I came across Emperors Edge on my Kindle – I haven’t been able to put the series down (7 books in under 2 weeks – and that’s with a 4 Yr old and a full time job!)
It has been a while since I’ve loved a series as much.
It’s great that your self published and thank you for a witty, characterful story

*you’re !

You’re very welcome, Alison. Thank you for checking out the books. I’m glad you enjoyed them. πŸ™‚

I’ve never heard of you before. I was looking for steampunk stories and I tried reading your books. I was surprised to find that I can’t put them down. Your writing is spectacular. The narrative is smooth and easy to follow and your character description are wonderful. You have the fabulous ability to tell lots of important information without it looking like exposition which has to be put somewhere. I wish I could write as beautifully as you write. These are wonderful stories! BUT Why haven’t I ever heard of you!?

Thanks for picking up the books, Tony! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying them. I’m not traditionally published, so not in the regular bookstores. Just online for the most part!

Would I be correct if I guessed that you are “self publishing” your own stories in Amazon. If so, congratulations! That’s an up and coming way to publish books and I commend you on doing it so successfully.


I am a avid reader of the EE series. I absolutely love the whole gang and it was so heartening to see Basilard’s story finally take place! My one question though, is will we get to see more Amaranthe and Sicarius (and maybe even children- AHHH!)! That would be amazing! Anyways, I’m sure you’ve gotten this often but thank you for writing such amazing characters that really come to life from each page. I also love your vocabulary- I’ve probably had to learn hundreds of new words since book 1. Thank you for your work, keep on carrying on!!
Natalie R.

Thanks for stopping by, Natalie! I don’t have plans for doing another series centered around Am & Sic at this point, but I haven’t ruled it out. We’ll see after I get my other open series wrapped up. πŸ™‚

I haven’t read such totally engrossing books since I read Patricia McKillip or Anne McCaffrey (my two most favorite authors, outside of Jane Austen)! I have “name dropped” just to tell you how totally awesome I think your talent is and that I rate you right up there with those classic authors. I have bought all your books from Barnes and Noble’s offerings and I hope this gives you a little royalty money. You deserve fame and fortune for your talent!

Thank you for your stories … the characters and the development of the stories are so intense that I read them every chance I have to get a moment, and resent taking time out to sleep at night. I’m just devastated that soon I will run out of the stories you have written to date, and will have to wait breathlessly for new ones to appear.

By the way… did you ever write articles for the website Stratics? Your game “Strat Tiles” and some of your writing and the timing of it made me wonder!

All the best to you. You have an ardent fan in me.
— Elizabeth Butler

Aw, I’m glad you’ve been enjoying them, El. Never been to the Stratics site, but I’m not surprised that someone else has that name!

I have become a loyal reader.
I have been downloading (Kindle) and reading every one of your books.
I think you are the best author I have ever read.
I am surprised you’re not famous.
Your writing is masterful and I hope you continue writing great books.

Thanks for the kind words, Tony!

Stumbled across Star Nomad through Bookbub. Binge read first 2 of the series. Have loaded 3 and 4 because I can’t wait. Love the humor, characters and just, well, all of it!!!!

That’s great, Psm! I’m glad you’re enjoying the books!

Hi Lindsay,
I came across your Dragon Blood Omnibus through Audible just last week, and I’m HOOKED!! I am now scouring Audible and wish-listing the rest of your books. You are my new favourite author!
I have just recently competed some creative writing short courses and I hope to one day complete my own first book. I’m really inspired by your stories to keep going with my own work.
I’m looking forward listening to your other stories!

Hey Lindsay,
I read the bit you wrote about audiobooks but I was still hoping you would do books 6 and 7 of the Dragon blood series with the same narrator. If you could let us all know, I have to assume I’m not the only one wondering. I’ve bought all the previous productions and loved them.
Thanks, Bob

Hi, Bob! Podium Publishing is continuing on with the series, yes. The 5.5 novella should be out in December, and Book 6 early in 2017. Thanks for listening!

I found the Emperor’s Edge series through a BookBub email. I’ve now read all of the books and short stories this past week I’m obsessed. Please please please write more!

Aw, thanks for checking out the series, Ginny. I’m glad you enjoyed the books!

Greetings. I haven’t read any of your books yet, but I’ve seen most of your interviews (podcasts) and am impressed with your discipline and productivity. You remind me of Anthony Trollope, 19th century English novelist, who wrote 40 or so best selling books, who famously said that discipline was most important. “It’s the water drop that hollows the stone. ”

You probably have a more fertile imagination than he did in as much as he wrote social, romantic themes and you write “fantasy.”

Hi Lindsay

I’m one of those strange male Robins we have here in England, but I felt compelled to tell you how much I am enjoying EE. I found Book 1 looking on Kindle for something free, enjoyed it so much I bought 2 and 3, and am about to move on to 4.

Your writing, by the way, is excellent (so far ahead of JK Rowling, for instance) and I find the characters very attractive. I’m also a sucker for stories of unfulfilled romance.

My one quibble is pedantic but valid, I feel: your books are not fantasy but science fiction. Say, for the sake of argument, a spaceship pilot crashlanded on a planet and your world is what he found. Everyone would call it science fiction.

There’s no fantasy; you describe and account for every artifact you introduce, the world is self sustaining, the magic is not far beyond modern advanced science and perfectly conceivable. There are no gods, spirits or other fantasy type devices to move the plot on – your characters have to work for it within the boundaries and the physics/chemistry you have set for your location. (Alright, I haven’t read all the books!). However, I imagine there’s a much bigger market (particularly among women) for a book labelled fantasy, so I know I’m swimming against the tide.

Anyway, I’m a sucker for steampunk which is why I picked EE originally.

To conclude, thanks for a great read!


PS Are you still looking for a mapmaker because there’s one who works 200 yards away from my house?

Hey Lindsay

I’ve just finished The Emperor’s Edge and can’t wait to dive into the series and then, when I’m mourning the last one, I’ll turn to your other books.

Categorising schmizing! Terry Pratchett’s work defies categorisation, so does Pullman’s Golden Compass series. I know publishers want to know which section in the book shop to put you, but who likes being pigeon-holed?

The Emperor’s Edge would make a great film. Wouldn’t casting it be fun? I’d love to know who you have in mind …but don’t answer that! πŸ˜‰

Thanks for picking up the EE books, Sue. I’m glad you’re enjoying the adventure so far! People have speculated on actors before on my Facebook face, and it’s fun to see their choices. I don’t watch that much TV or that many movies, so I’m not up on who’s hot and mercenary-like these days. πŸ˜€

Hi Lindsay!

I’ve been a silent fan for quite a while now, been meaning to review all your books but I get distracted and end up re-reading them instead. πŸ˜› I love that you write so much, that I can get busy for a few months and you’ll most likely have a new book out for me to devour! Even though you put out books more frequently than a lot of other authors, I still find myself telling you to hurry up under my breath so I can read more.

The characters you write are amazing, and it’s great having female characters that aren’t reliant on a male to move their story forward. (While still having some romance!) Just finished reading Angle of Truth, looking forward to reading any future work you share with us. πŸ˜€

I have read (and bought :))) a lot of your books, most of them perhaps. The dragon blood series, the emporers edge (I sort of fell in love with Amaranthe :)), fallen empire and and flash gold, including the novellas and spin offs. I read the first 3 books (in two weeks) following Jelenas adventures. I want to see more of this story. I’m also hoping her wholefamily might get together one last time to do what they do best.

Wow, thanks for following along with all the books, Brian! I’m glad you’re enjoying the adventures. I am planning to write a couple more in the Sky Full of Stars series. πŸ™‚

Hi Lindsay,

I discovered your work in the Demon Hunters Sacrifice book, then read The Emporer’s Edge and was blown away. I fell in love with the characters, especially Amaranthe and Sicarius. I hope they end up together. πŸ™‚

As I am writing this, I am almost finished with Dark Currents and can’t wait to read more of the series.

I love EE series and i really want you to write about more adventures with the rest of the gang!!!!!!!!! I’m in the middle of a total book hangover right now;(………..

(btw i totally want to marry Sicarius)

I have read the soul blade series, the dragon blood series, and am stuck in the fallen empire series. You are an amazing author. Thank you so much for creating characters that I want to get to know better. Like others have said, you are quickly becoming my “new” favorite author. Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Aking! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the adventures!

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