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Hi Lindsay,

I really enjoyed Star Nomad! I’m a SciFi junkie from waay back. Clicked the confirmation link, but still waiting for Last Command. Sure would like to hear more about Leonidas. Keep that fertile mind cooking. Thanks.

Hi, David! It didn’t show you on the Fallen Empire list (you may have signed up for the general site one), so I’ve added you, and I’ll send you a note with the stories too.

Hi Lindsay,

Just finished Star Nomad and downloaded Honor’s flight through Kindle Unlimited, I’ll write a glowing review later, and now I find there’s a bunch of accompanying short stories!

Whilst awesome, I’m hoping you can advise on the best order to read them.

Thanks in advance,

Heya, Aaron! Thanks for checking out the books! I’ve just published the reading order in a blog post (you’re not the first person to ask, so it seemed like it was time!):

Hi Lindsay! I am a big fan of your other series and thought I would give Fallen Empire a try….needless to say, I was hooked after the first book!
When I saw that you have some shorts and bonus stuff in a giveaway, i signed up for the Fallen newsletter as soon as I could! Unfortunately I never received the email with the freebies. I did get the confirmation emai, though, so at least i know I am on the list!
Can you help me with this?
Thank you!
Katrine Hoyt

I’ll send you a note with them, Katrine!

Love the snarky dialogue among the crew in your books. I have bought them all and tend to skim read and then read again thoroughly Thank you for evenings of pleasure and travel. I would love to see ‘your’ Leonidas I seem to have Grant Bowler in ‘Defiance’ in the back of my mind

Thanks for reading, Barbara! Hah, I don’t have any actors in mind, but one of my beta readers is trying to sell me on Gerard Butler for Leonidas. 😉

I was thinking Jason Momoa – he has the size!!

Hi Lindsay
Just wanted to say I enjoy reading your stories immensely! Was actually reading last night on my phone (never thought I would go that direction…). It was 32 degrees out and I was wrapped up toasty warm in my sleeping bag. You kept me up till 0200!
Well thanks again for such exciting reads!

Wow, that must be a cozy warm sleeping bag, Kevin! Thanks for reading. I’m glad you’re enjoying the books!

Hi Lindsay,
Thank you so much for the Fallen Empire series. I LOVED every installment. I just fell in love with each and every character and just wish I had a Lionadis in my life. Alisa is just so wonderful, I strive to be a little bit more like her every day. I just finished reading End Game. What a page turner! It made me laugh until I was gaffing out loud. I was in a commuter train at the time and those around me made subtle movements to put some extra distance between us like I had the plague or worse.
Anyway loved, loved, loved these books. Thankyou.

Thanks for stopping by to let me know you enjoyed the series, Mary! You’re very welcome for the books. Those silly train people just don’t know what they’re missing. 🙂

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I just added you, Eric!

I’m 78 and love SF stories. Would like a carry on this line of story. So many ways to carry this story line further.

Best to you and really enjpyed the story.


Thanks for stopping by, Fred. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying them. I may check in with Alisa, Leonidas, and the others again one day. And they’ll make appearances in Jelena’s spinoff series too. 🙂

Just blitz read the Nomad series I read the first as part of Star Heroes anthology and was hooked. The whole series was extremely enjoyable. You are now one of my favourite authors. The criticism and sassy dialogue is humorous and entertaining. The action is ongoing, fast paced and captivating. The characters are a strange lot all adding flavour to the story. I intend to read more of your writing.

I’m glad you enjoyed the books, Rene! Thanks for stopping by!

Just finished all the Fallen Empire and was very impressed with the series. I’m glad you wrote the secound prequel. Now I need to find a new series. Fallen Empire will be a hard act to follow.
Keep up the good work.

Thanks for following along with the entire series, Steven. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I hope you find some more awesome books to read too. 🙂

No problem I always read 2 books at a time.

I just loved the Fallen Empire series and have to say that I hope you plan a follow-on to keep the story going.

I especially would love to see Leonidas learning to be a parent or perhaps jump to an older Leonidas and Alisa being “helicopter” parents as Thor and Jelena go to their adventures.

I could never figure out how to pronounce Jelena.

Thanks for stopping by, Liesl! I’m glad you enjoyed the adventures, and I do have further stories planned. 🙂 It’s Ye-lay-na!

Hi Lindsay. I’ve just finished the Fallen Empire series, with a huge silly smile on my face! I absolutely loved it! The humour, sarcasm, the characters, action, all of it. Leonidas is perfect, and I loved Abelardus and Mica and Beck, all of them. I share the sentiment of future installments about them all, with pirates, rough merchants,the kids,it would be so nice….! I don’t want it to end! Alisa is marvelous. It will be really hard for me to better this read. Thank you so much for taking us on this adventure with the Star Nomad. Congratulations!

Awesome, I’m glad you enjoyed the books and the characters, Meenaz! 🙂

Hi Lindsay,

I just wanted to let you know I really like your Fallen Empire series. I found a mention of you on Ilona Andrews forum and enjoyed your writing in Emperor’s Edge, but I am always looking for excellent Science Fiction and you have a writing style I really enjoy and intersperse the right amount and type of humor that I like into your books. I also like that you toss a bit of romance in without it being a soft porn book disguised as a science fiction tale 🙂

I read the first book and promptly bought and read the rest of the series in quick succession. You have joined one of my other favorite authors (IA) as one whose books get an almost immediate re-read. I a starting the series over now.

Thank you so much for your quality writing and story telling!

I’m glad you’ve been enjoying them, Theresa! I save the soft porn for the pen name usually. 😀

Lol you would be amazed how many books I pick up just wanting a fun, well written story and it turns into… ick

Your writing it right up there with my other favorites, and I very rarely do a re-read within a year. You are only my second author for whom I have (enthusiastically) broken that pattern.

I really really enjoy your other series, but deep down I am a science fiction fan foremost and you nailed it with the Fallen Empire series. I am going to have to search out hard copies… do you have it in hard copy?…and give it space next to Brin’s Uplift series!

Right now, the first seven books are available in paperback versions. I need to get Book 8 out there, too, to complete the set! The books would be honored to be on your shelves! 😀

Epic adventure! I think I’ve annoyed everyone who knows me for ignoring them in favor of reading this series.


A cyborg novel (with Leonidas and a new character) in a couple of months, and then a spinoff series set ten years in the future with Jelena and Thorian (and with visits from other families) in the spring. 🙂

Yea for the new series!!!!

Hi Lindsey,
I just finished book 8 of Fallen Empires. Loved it! I did try to sign up for the newsletter with the extra FE stories and still waiting. Sorry if i’m just not patient enough.
Looking forward to more of FE.

Just added you to the newsletter, Chris. Thanks!

Never got my email to get last cpmmand

Judy, Aweber says you need to confirm your subscription. It may be in a spam folder somewhere. I’ll send you a note and make sure you get the stories.

Hey, the last book of the series was great! And addictive, so I signed up for the newsletter to read more about Alisa and company. Alas, perhaps I registered in the wrong place, but the extras did not arrive!


Just emailed them to you, Laurie. Sorry about the delay!

Well I finished the 1st book and am completely hooked. I read about 10-20 space sci-fi books a year, yes I have an addiction… And your style of writing is so refreshing! You’re like a master chief that mixes the perfect amount of mental spices and scifi geekdom with quick humor and emotional draw. Nice effect in the end.

You are my 2nd female writer that I have sampled. The 1st left me feeling confused and distant from the plot line of the book. As if it was not written for me to understand, like it was a woman thing… I’m a man with 4 daughters and 1 wife of decades, so I’m not trying to be chauvinist, just honest about connecting with your story. Your ability to draw me in is amazing! And I now have a contender on my list of favorite writers to knock old BV Larson off the top spot!

Your style is so integrating, engaging and encapsulating that I forgot I was reading a book written by the opposite sex. No womanly styled sexual manner or other unnecessary feministic draw. Yet not beholden to the PC retoric of todays society. You really are something that has bridged the gap very well and reached out with a story that completely enveloped this old goat.

Thank you so much for your well done efforts.

Thanks for giving my books a read, Barrett! I appreciate the comments, and I’m glad my style worked for you!

Dear Lindsey,
I very much enjoy your writing, the wit and humor you use in your dialogues are great. I think we get a small glimpse of you with every one of your books. You keep writing and I’ll keep reading though it sadden s me that we have come to the end of the Fallen Empire series and the adventures of Alisa and Leonidas. I’m looking forward to the spin-off with Jelena and Thorian.

Thanks, Judy! I’m looking forward to writing that one too. 🙂

I loved you book! This is my first time signing up for a newsletter. I liked the book too much to resist looking for more. Keep writing!

Glad to hear it, Sara. Thanks for coming by and signing up!

I’ve enjoyed $Star Nnomad a lot. Kinda sad to reach the end.
My favorite was Emperor’s Edge. I’m hoping for more in that series.
Actually. I’ve enjoyed all your books
Love your writing and sense of humour.
Keep ‘e-mail coming and I’ll keep reading.
I’m signing up for the newsletter so I’ll be expecting the confirmation email.
Thank you for all the hours of enjoyment I’ve had reading your books, Ms. Buroker

One of the more entertaining series’ that I’ve read in recent memory. The snark makes me smile. Thanks!

Thanks, Rob. I’m glad you had fun with the books!

Well another good series and as I have commented before on other similar series that there is a common thread to the characters, but it is very entertaining. I have a very well formed imagination and your wordage made it a interesting voyage with everyone of them. I have never been disappointed with any of your books. After reading so many of them I do get the characters mixed up sometimes but that’s alright. Being the father of two strong willed daughters I appreciate having the lead character as a female. Keep it up.

Just finished the Fallen Empire series and found it to be the most enjoyable ride I’ve had since Firefly. Josh Whedon watch out!

I’m glad you enjoyed it, Jeff. I miss Firefly!

What can I say about this series other than it was an exciting journey, with each book wrapping up the adventure it contained. Well worth taking time to read.

Thanks for stopping by to let me know you enjoyed it, Jude!

Having finished Fallen Empire I am desperately in need of one of your novels or stories! I did sign up for your newsletter,, but I don’t think I got the link for Last Command or Relic of Sorrows. Could you resend? I love your stories, really almost all of them can’t wait for what you do next.

I’ll send them now, Norine. Sorry for the delay!

I enjoyed your Fallen Empire series immensely. I’ve been a Sci-Fi junkie for over 40 years, and you’re near the top of my list of authors for pure enjoyment. My favorite author all-time is Heinlein, and although I would never compare the two of you, (too different, and completely unfair) to even put you near the master on my list is the highest praise I could ever offer.

Thank you so much for sharing your stories, and providing me with many days of enjoyment.

Andy Young

I just aim to entertain, Andy. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the books! 🙂

This was such a fun read. I loved the pace of action and the kind of banter among these characters. I laughed out loud more than a few times. This would be a great movie! Thanks for sharing your awesome talent with all of us sci-fi readers. I will be recommending this to my friends.

Thanks for sharing the books with others, Rebecca. I’m glad you enjoyed them!


I really enjoyed “The Fallen Empire”. Question: how can i sign up for the Newsletter?

Hi, Benjamin! Are you not seeing the form at the top of the page? I’ll go in and manually add you. Thanks for reading!

I just finished Honor’s Flight (which did not have Starfall Station with it) Where can I get Starfall Station to read?

Thanks for writing such awesome books! I have loved everything of your I have read!

I may be adding it to my extras for newsletter subscribers soon (the anthology it’s in might be shifting from free to paid), but for now, it’s still free in the Star Rebels anthology:

Thanks for reading!

Thank you!

I’ve finally found a book I can’t stop reading, thanks Lindsey! 😀

I’m glad you’re having a good time with the stories!

Hi Lindsay,

I have tried several times to sign up for the Fallen Empire newsletter, but the confirmation email never comes. I have checked my junk mail, and it hasn’t been there either. I signed up for the regular newsletter, too.

I love your books. I have read the Emperor’s Edge series at least five times, and the Dragon Blood series at least three times. I just finished the Fallen Empire series. It’s great, too, and definitely on my read-again-and-again list. I have enjoyed the Chains of Honor series, as well. Keep up the good work.

All the best,

Wondering… when will the remaining books of the Star Nomad series be released on Audible?

Hi, Natasha! I’m not sure on the dates yet, but I’ve been told production for Books 4, 5, and 6 should be starting this month, so I’d guess maybe March for Relic of Sorrows with the others following soon after.

Hi Lindsay and hello from London,
I just wanted to say that I have fallen into Fallen Empire and abslolutely loved all books.
I have not had so much fun reading since discovering and reading the Sword Of Truth books by Terry Goodkind.
Looking verfy much forward to more.
Kind regards

Thanks for stopping by, Robert! And all the way from London too. 😀 I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the books, and I appreciate you taking the time to come by and let me know. I hope you’ll have fun with the spinoff series too!

and sorry for my bad spelling, bad keyboard manners

I just finished Cyborg Legacy. Wow! I fell in love with all the leading men in each series you have written, but Fallen Empire is definitely my favorite. I am so glad to hear you’re going to write more in that series. Thank you for many happy hours of reading! keep ’em coming!

Cool, I’m glad you had fun with the new adventure, Carol! Thanks for picking it up early in the bundle. 🙂

I’m looking forward to reading the new spinoff for Fallen Empire. I know it’ll be a great read.
Weather is a little gloomy there I hear. I live in Walla Walla and we had snow on the ground until this week. Gotta love it.
Thanks for the good reads.

Thanks, Steven! Hah, my dad grew up in Walla Walla. I remember being a kid and getting dragged over there on car trips to see the grandparents. (There wasn’t much going on in town back then — I hear it’s quite the wine mecca now!)

I don’t think I have read through 8 books that fast EVER. Are we ever going to see Alisa and Leonides again. The series almost felt real. Thank you

I’m glad you enjoyed the adventures, Linda! Leonidas plays a big role in the new adventure I just released, Cyborg Legacy. Also both Leonidas and Alisa will appear in the spinoff series set 10 years in the future and following an adult (mostly) Jelena. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Hi Lyndsay,

Thanks for hooking me up with BookFunnel, they did indeed help me get your extra books downloaded to my Kindle.

I’m about to start book 4 and can hardly wait but I just wanted to say that I do enjoy your “twisted” mind. That twist rivals the VorKosigan tales. 😏

Thanks again for the help and for the great stories!

I’m glad you were able to snag the extras from Bookfunnel! Thanks for reading! 🙂

Hi Lindsay,

Thanks for hooking me up with BookFunnel, they did indeed help me get your extra books downloaded to my Kindle.

I’m about to start book 4 and can hardly wait but I just wanted to say that I do enjoy your “twisted” mind. That twist rivals the VorKosigan tales. 😏

Thanks again for the help and for the great stories!

Finished End Game and would like to say how much I enjoyed the series and your wit. (wit being a nicer way of saying you are sarcastic)

I was hoping that Alisa might have had a chance to claim a trophy ship at the end. Would have been interesting to have just one more ‘moral crisis’ thrown in. My guess is she would have turned it down as the memories of the cost in lives to have the prize would not out weigh the memories of her mother’s ship. It also could have been an object lesson for Jelena.

Still Kudos for a fun series.

Really got to like the characters in the Fallen series;their interactions were the main attraction for me; they sparkled off each other….What happened to Alisa’s engineer friend ?

Mica? As I’m writing the spinoff series (ten years after Fallen Empire), she is designing space stations. 🙂

I have listened to the first three novels of the Fallen Empire Series and am wondering when the next books will be available in Audible. I have learned that with failing sight listening to books is easier than looking at the print. I have purchased them on Kindle and have tried reading but the words soon run together. It takes much longer to read and I found with the first three books that I missed whole sections after I listened to them. These books are so enjoyable I have listened to them several times. The story is strong, the characters are well written thought out and the humor engaging. I hope you release the total series in Audible soon.

Thanks for listening to them, Ettia! Podium Publishing is working on the fourth now, and they do plan to finish out the series. I don’t think I’ve seen a date yet, but Book 4 should definitely be coming this spring.

Hi Lindsay,

Thank you so much for letting us know. My husband and I have been reading Relic of Sorrows to each other and have finished it. We have now started reading Cleon Moon again. It takes a little longer but we are both enjoying them immensely. Though this is about my third time reading this set it is his first. I was kinda surprised he would like them since he usually goes for the Jack Reacher, or Jack Ryan stuff but he thinks Leonidas is right up there with them. I also have the complete Emperors Edge series, they are also among my fave’s (he hasn’t read them yet but WE will.).
We are looking forward to your next series.
Thank you!!

Thanks for following along with the books and sharing them with your husband, Ettia! 🙂

Hi Lindsay,

I read the fallen empire books one through eight in over a month. The minor surgery I had gave me the time lol
But yeah I got hooked , loved the character’s and the rest is history. I’m still smiling at Jelenas stunt with Leonidas horse 🙂
I will definitely recommend your books on Facebook and my twitter.
Thank you for helping me pass the time.
God bless

Hey, John! Thanks for stopping by and for picking up the books. I’m glad you liked them, and I hope the surgery went well. It’s always great to have folks recommend the books–I appreciate it. Thanks!


Love your work, can’t get enough. I am so happy you could get Kate Reading to narrate the first three (Fallen Empire) books, and hope she does the rest for you. Again, love your work, all your work. Keep it up, your on your way. They have you down for teens and young adults, I am over 60 and know that your work is for 15 to 100. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Thanks again for your books.

Thanks, Larry!

I love your books. I like the humor in them.

I’m glad you’re enjoying them, Teresa. Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Love Love Fallen Empire! Great character development. I really have gotten into Leonitas and Alisa and can’t wait to read book 3 already in my library, ready to go. Just finished Star Fall Station in the Star Rebels book as I want to read everything in order. Great writing!

I’m glad you’re enjoying the series, Molly. Thanks for reading!

Hi Lindsay, will your Fallen Empire series be distributed through Kobo in Canada


Hi Gary,

I’m not sure when I’ll take the series out of exclusivity with Amazon. I had originally planned to do it already, but then Amazon picked it up to make it part of their Kindle Worlds (other authors can write fan-fiction type stories in it and get paid to do so). I feel obligated to stick around a while longer!

In the meantime, you can shoot me a note if you want some review copies in a format you can read on your Kobo reader.

Thanks for the interest!

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