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Exciting stuff!

Would like the Fallen Empire ewsletter, but the uppity captcha service not only doesn’t like Firefox for android tablet(says I should “upgrade to a supported browser”), but when I hit the link for a list of ‘supported browsers’ it goes blank and ignores me. Want sci-fi fans? Upgrade to an intelligent captcha service that recognises -open source- Firefox browsers….bit of a culture thing…

Hi Doyle, I’ll go in and add you manually. If there’s a Captcha form, it’s on the mailing list provider’s site. I can’t do anything about that. I hate those things myself.

I love the Fallen Empire series! But am so sad to hear book 7 will be the last, I can’t wait to read it, but will have to try read it slowly ! I do hope that further down the line we might be able to dip into their universe and see how the family cope with a stroppy teenage female Starseer! So enjoy all of your series and those from Ruby!

Hi, Anne! There are actually going to be eight books, so two more to go. 🙂 I’ll go in and manually subscribe you to the newsletter.

Thank you so much …….and yay!!!!!!!!! x

Do I need to do anything or should a link appear in my e-mails? Xxx

Can you tell me when book 7 and book 8 will be published, am hanging on with tenderhooks

I just tried to subscribe but just get the message return to last page, Am I missing something here?

Same thin happened to me

I love all your books

I’d have signed up even without the impetus of the free book! Love your stuff and can’t wait for this new series!!

Don’t need STAR NOMAD–already have it–but I do want to be on this mailing list!

Thanks, Rick! There will be a couple other goodies in the future too. I’m working on a prequel story with Leonidas. 🙂

I genuinely enjoy your style and imagination.

Thanks, Sidney!

If anyone has a 1st generation Kindle Fire and can’t get the app to download (I couldn’t) you can get it emailed to you in a kindle format, then email the download to your fire’s email address just like a document, worked fine for me. Can’t wait to get started on a new series of adventures!

Just where do you get all these ideas? Keep going!

Yay! A new series.

Love all your stories. Can’t wait.

I can’t get enough of Lindsay or any of her heroes/heroines. The new story is wonderful — and Lindsay says she is already on book three. Yip-pee! Keep up the good work, my dear. You have dedicated fans here. 🙂

Thank you, Lauri!

I loved the Emperor’s Edge Series. I’m looking forward to reading this series too!

Ha, I got the notification to sign up in my email, but I can’t find any place here to actually sign up for the new series ?!? What am I not seeing?

Never mind, it suddenly popped up after I posted that comment. Go figure.

Will you be continuing the Rust & Relics series? Enjoy reading all of your books. Looking forward to the new SiFi books.

I do plan to write a couple more of those, Jim, but they haven’t been big sellers for me, so they’re on the back burner for the moment.

Really liked the the Emperor’s and Flash Gold. Looking forward to the the new SiFi.

Thanks for checking it out, Richard!

I’m another one who can’t see where to sign up. Let’s see if posting a comment works…

Didn’t work. I’m really enjoying your books anyway.

I’ll add you manually, HV. You’ll just have to click the confirmation link, and then you’ll get an email with the book link.

Hey Lindsay!

I can’t find where I’m supposed to sign up! Tried whitelisting this site for adblock and ghostery, but nothing showed up 🙁

The form doesn’t appear? Hmm. I’ll go in and add you manually. Give me a minute. 🙂

All i get is you are already registered. No book! HELP PLEASE

All i get is alresdy registered. No book.HELP PLEASE

Jr, since you’re in gmail, you may have to go over to the “social” or “promotions” tab to find the email. I’ll try sending it to you myself here.

Ahha! I was wondering why I couldn’t see the newsletter signup. Posting like others to see if it kicks in. 🙂

Looking forward to getting a look at the new series. Great fun!

For others, turns out you need to allow AWeber in Ghostery if you have it active. That’s what was blocking all the email signup forms as it considers AWeber advertising. Nothing to do with posting a comment! 😀 Whoops! Whitelisting helps!

Thank you so much! I am very excited to read it!

You’re welcome, Naomi!

looking forward to reading the new series – I look a good sci-fi action with a touch of romance.

newsletter signup is not working for me either. Sigh.

I just added you, Belinda. You’ll have to click on the confirmation link, and then you’ll get the email with the book link. Thanks!

Thank You! That was one rollicking ride through space. Loved the book, story and especially the characters! I will be sure to leave a review on Amazon when the book is up.

Thank you, Colleen!

Just nabbed my copy! (BookFunnel is so much slicker than a klugy PDF.) Thanks, Lindsay. 🙂

I chuckled when I read the “Firefly meets Star Wars” blurb – I’ve daydreamed about a Joss Whedon TV adaptation of EE for years. The fact that it hasn’t already happened is just proof that we live in an unjust universe.

Haha, that would be a fun show. I love his dialogue!

Just finished reading Star Nomad…be still my heart! i find myself in love with Leo already;) Thank you for feeding my addiction to reading good, quality books.

Glad to hear it, Maren. Thanks for reading!

Signed up for the newsletter twice but never got the activation e-mail. Checked my spam folder and it was not there either. Do not have any trouble receiving your regular e-mail.

I just added you manually, Jim, so you should receive it now.

Just finished Star Nomad and it was a good start for a new series. I did notice it seems to be following the same pattern laid out with the Emperor’s Edge in that a romantic tension has developed between the two main characters and there are backstories where the foundations are being laid with the other 3 characters. It’s a good start with what appears to be good characters in a fresh rendition of an old pattern. I would only caution about following the pattern of Emperor’s Edge too closely in which yo seem to go from one cliff hanger to another as the basis for the next book in the series.

I think this might be a good opportunity to intertwine the backstories of your two main characters in a tale of the battles fought in the war resulting in the Empire’s fall. Perhaps something on the order of them participating in the same battles. One theme from her viewpoint and the other as his, not as a direct participant, but as a commander directing his soldiers.

My readers really enjoyed EE, Bill. The similarities are intentional. 🙂 Thanks for checking it out!

Just read Star Nomad tonight and enjoyed it. I liked EE, but like this even more. Looking forward to book 2. 😀

Thanks for giving it a read, J.M. I’m glad you liked it!

Hi Lindsay. I loved Star Nomad, just started the second book in the series. When I registered for this I didn’t get the confirmation email. Is there anything you do to get me confirmed?

I’m a big fan!


Thanks for checking out the series, Brian! I just went in to add you manually, so you should get the email with the download link (you may have to confirm that you want to be signed up first).

Excited to get this newsletter but not seeing a place to sign up for it.

Hi Ruth,

Some people’s browsers or plug-ins are keeping them from seeing the form. I will manually add you. You should get an email to confirm that you want to be subscribed and then another email with the link to the book.


Love Your writing Lindsay. EE was great. Dragon Blood was fabulous. Fallen Empire (Star Nomad) has kept up tradition of great stories and characters. I look forward to all of your stories. Jim

Thank you, Jim! I’m glad you’re enjoying the new series! 🙂

Hey Lindsay, loving the new series. Just finished Star Seers, and I’m really hoping to read short story. Unfortunately , the confirmation email hasn’t shown up for me either. Please sign me up. Can’t wait for book four. Thanks so much, Ray.

Just added you, Radine! The email should come shortly!

I love that the main character shares my name. She has all the adventures for me.

Must be a good name!

I am anxiously waiting for Alisa and Leonidas to start ripping each others clothes off. Please?

Haha, Book 4 will have a development or two in the romance department. 😛

I have not received the email that should allow me to confirm my name on the newsletter, nor is it in any junk files. Am I excluded because I live in Australia

Hi, Judy! Nobody is excluded. 🙂 Aweber says it sent you a confirmation email and is waiting for you to click it. I’ll send you a note and see if we can get things fixed!

I didn’t receive a confirmation email, or maybe my husband intercepted it and didn’t recognise it as someone we knew, and deleted it thinking it was spam. Can you try again, please? I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

I’ve just finished Arkadian Skies, and loved it. I should have been working on my own books, but I couldn’t wait to see what Alisa and Leonidas were up to. Thanks for the great writing!

I’m glad you’re enjoying the series, Judy! I just went in and manually added you to the newsletter — bonuses incoming! 🙂

Please add me too..same issues.Thx

Just added you, Marsha! Sorry about the delay!

please add me as well. the sign up is not working.

I added you, Bill. Thanks for your patience!

I have tried to sign up over a half dozen times (since you first announced the newsletter) and have yet to receive the confirmation e-mail.. I use MSN as my e-mail and have put “” into my acceptable list with no effect. Is there something about this sight that I need to reconfigure my MSN e-mail?

Sent you a note, Jim. We’ll get it straightened out!

I forgot to mention that you added me but still did not see anything from aweber.

I have tried several time to be added to newsletter email list but not receiving an email… 🙁

I was able to add you manually, Casey. You might get a confirmation email where you need to click on the link. Then the short story comes in the next message. Thanks!


sope, finished reading all 3 books, + that free short story,….so…when can i get more?
i do realy like to read more from that universe. 😀

I just wanted to say thanks for the interessting stories and the enjoyable hours i have with your books. Thanks. 😉

I’m glad you’re enjoying them, Heff! The Leonidas prequel and Book 4 are both with my editor right now. They should be ready by July 1. 🙂

Read your Fallen Empire series in three days and I’m very fond of it! I hope there will be more in this series to come?

Absolutely! The fourth one, Relic of Sorrows, will be out by the end of the month. Thanks for reading!

I can’t get the form to work for some reason. I’ve tried several times but I never get the email for me to confirm. I loved the books.

I just added you manually, Kimberly. You should get a confirmation email and also the email with the link to the short story. Thanks, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the books!

Still not able to sign up for the newsletter. Have never gotten the activation e-mail. Still would like to get signed up for the newsletter. By the way, I get your normal e-mails and the e-mail notifications that there have been comments on your blog. Was able to get the Kindle app for my Android tablet so I have been able to get the books from Amazon. I have gone from the end of one right to the start of the next one. It’s like having one ginormous book.

Hi, Jim! Not sure why you’re not getting the newsletter, but sent you an email with the links to the stories!

after several attempts, i have not received the link to confirm my sign-up via e-mail… i love your work and i’m dealing with leonidas withdrawal waiting for the next installment!

Hi Lindsay,
I have thoroughly enjoyed your books. I have read everything you have published. I love the quirky humor that you endow your characters with. I would love to get your Fallen Empires newsletter, but I can’t get the sign up for the newsletter to respond with a confirmation email. Could you add me to your list to receive updates, please? I do get your regular email updates. Thank you for your generosity. I’ve enjoyed many free books, because of your timely emails with free book links. I love all of your books! Thanks so much! Laura J.S.

I signed you up, Laura — I’ll get those stories to you one way or another. Thanks!

I see lots of comments about issues getting the newsletter and the free story. BTW it’s worth the down load. I too had issues when using Firefox. I was able to use Internet Explorer 11 to successfully register and download the story. So if you haven’t tried that. Maybe it will work for you as well. Jim

Thanks for the tip, Jim. I’m going to have to pester Aweber (the mailing list host) and see if there’s anything I can do to make their form work better for more people!

Hi Lindsay,
I just finished Star Nomad after buying it on Amazon on a whim and I have to say I really love it. Star ships, Explosions, Space Pirates, larger than life characters, impossible actions… Reading it is a bit like watching the first Star Wars or Indiana Jones movie with a big bucket of popcorn and a big grin.
So I had to buy the other 2 books of the Fallen Empire saga and, while I was at it, bought a few of your other books too.
Two dumps up for writing something highly entertaining, exiting and most of all fun.
PS: Thanks for the free “Saranthe Three” book. Just downloaded it to my Kindle

Thanks, Georg! I’m glad you’re enjoying the adventures. You can probably tell that I don’t take things too seriously. 🙂 I love the fast-paced adventure stuff myself, both for reading and watching on TV or at the movies. Thanks for reading!

I’m signed up for the newsletter but cannot seem to download Saranth Three…

Sent you a note, Christel. I’ll get you signed up and get the stories to you!

I love your books! And I can’t wait to read the Leonidas prequel, but when I sign up the confirmation e mail never comes. Would you please add me?

Absolutely love your writing. Quirky characters and sarcastic humor in a science fiction setting with a great storyline have totally hooked me on your books! I can’t wait for book 4.

I haven’t enjoyed a sci fi series so much in ages! Loving Fallen Empire and stoked that the Leonidas prequel was released today along with book 4! Downloaded and bought, glad it’s winter (down under) and I can snuggle up and read 🙂

I’m glad you’re enjoying the adventures, Karen. Thanks for reading!

Hi Lindsay,

Would love to be added, but am not receiving the activation email, no matter how many times I ascertain I’m not a robot! Would you kindly add me manually?

Thank you!


Just added you, Emmeline! They make me prove I’m not a robot too. Punks! 🙂

I’m having a hard time picturing the internal layout of the ship. Could you post a quick sketch of what it looks like? (I’ve read though the series multiple times gathering all the info I can about the layout and made my own sketches, but they never seem to work…)

P.S. I love the series! Can’t wait for book 5 to come out!

Thanks for reading, Jennifer! Heh, I can’t sketch anything but stick figures, I’m afraid, and something with two levels would definitely be beyond my skills. Hm, maybe I’ll put out the word that I’m looking for someone who can do some art for me for the series. It would be fun to include that kind of thing!

Google Tyler Nordgren. I’m sure he would be a big score for you if he would do it.

I have tried 3 times to sign up for your newsletter and I never get the sign up emails. Can you add me? Thanks!

Sorry about the trouble, Martha. Just added you!

I guess I don’t understand all there is to know about this (app?) As I cannot get either of the short stories to download to my Kindle Fire HD. I’m not even sure I have the App. Can l purchase these two stories somewhere?

They’re not available in the stores, but I’ll send you a note and try to help, Gene!

Wow! Just found Fallen Empire a few days ago and gobbled up the 4 books quickly. Loved them! Glad to hear that there are other series out there (for future fun!), but am wondering when number 5 will be out? I really want to know what happens to Alisa and Leonides!

I’m glad you’re enjoying the series, Pam. Thanks for reading! I just turned Book 5 into my editor. It might be ready at the end of July, but by early August for sure. 🙂

Was able to finally sign up for the news letter using my G-mail account on my tablet. But I have not received anything since the initial activation e-mail. Have you sent any news letters out?

Hi, Jim! You got the stories, right? I’ll send a new email in a couple of weeks when Book 5 is out, and I have some bonus scenes ready to share. 🙂

Signed up for the newsletter specifically for these two short stories but they didn’t come with the “Thanks for signing up email”. Help.

Hi, Melody! It didn’t show you on the list (you might have signed up for my regular old fantasy newsletter if you did it from elsewhere on the site), so I added you. You should get the goodies now!

Hi Lindsay, I’m having the same problem signing up that other folks are! Would you mind adding me manually? I ripped through the series and am looking forward to book 5 in August! Thanks for your help. 🙂

Sorry for the delay. You’re added now. Thanks!

I’m sorry, I’ve signed up for your FE newsletter several times, but have still not received links to the short story or Leonidas prequel. -?? 🙁

It didn’t have you in there, Amy. I just added you manually, but I’ll send you a note to make sure you get the stories!


I’ve enjoyed the Fallen series through Cleon Moon. Regarding the prequel, my experience mirrors Amy. Have not seen a link to Last Command: the Leonidas prequel novella. Looking forward to the continuation.


I’ll send you a note, Diane!

I really enjoyed the Fallen Empire books – I read all four in two days. I rarely find myself laughing aloud or putting my hand to my mouth in shock when I read but it’s hard to stop myself when reading your series. Keep up the great work Lindsay. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for FE#5.

Thank you, Claire. It’s coming this week! 🙂

Hi Lindsay
Did I hear the Book 5 is coming this week! Thank you! I was wondering how I was going to survive without Alisa and Leo until my next fix. Love the banter and the action. Have read all your series except 1 and read the books as soon as I can – never mind the housework, garden, car etc. Great work – love your imaginative mind.

It’s out now, Anne! And Book 6 is well underway. Thanks for reading! I’m glad you’re enjoying the books more than housework. 😀

Thank you so much Lindsay for making me Laugh Out Load many times thru these tales.

Glad to provide laughs! Thanks for reading, Russ!

Just finished book 5!

I love this series! I loved Emperors Edge and I ador your style of writing. The characters follow their personalities and I just wish I could make your books last for days but I read th too quickly! Arg….how long until the next one…??

Yay, glad you’re enjoying the books, Aaliya! Book 6 should be ready to go the first week of September. 🙂

I just finished the fourth book last night and thought to myself “now I have to wait until sometime in August for the next”. You have no idea how happy I was to see the announcement email in my inbox this morning. What a great coincidence. Already bought and waiting on my phone for after work. Thanks so much for the stories and keep it up.

Thanks for grabbing the new one, Alex! I’m glad you didn’t have to wait too long. 🙂

Hi Lindsay,

I’m on book 3 of your Fallen Empire series and I love the series and your writing style. You have great characters and a marvelous knack for incorporating humor into the story and the dialogue between characters. I have been reading science fiction for over 50 years and I am always pleased to find an SF writer as good as you are.

Keep up the good stuff.


Thanks for stopping by, Richard. I’m glad you found the books and have been enjoying the characters and humor. I’ve always loved those things in the scifi I read and watch. 🙂


I must confess i am enjoying both the Fallen Empire series AND the steampunk series simultaneously. As others have stated, your dialogue and banter cause my poor husband lost sleep when he is awakened by laughter. However, I must also commend you on your action scenes. They are well thought out, easy to follow without being too lengthy or verbose.

Funny story… I enjoy SF, fantasy (a girl who loves her dragons and magic), but also a bit of the naughty every once in a while. I was suggested a RL book by Amazon based on another novel I had enjoyed. Read all of those books in less than a week! Thought to myself, it is so odd that the dialogue and action are just as well written if not better than the saucy parts. This LB author kept popping up suggested as well. So I took the bait. So imagine my surprise when I fell in love with this author… Thinking that Amazon was creepy good at recommendations, especially of such similar writing styles. I thought RL, LB and I should go to lunch so I could ask all about my favorite characters… Anyhoo… Great job on all accounts! Keep em coming!!!! I’m dying for something good for poor Alisa and Leo soon (hint hint, wink wink)

Aww, glad you found the books and have been enjoying them, Elizabeth. I had a couple of people point out the similarities between Ruby and Lindsay before I went public with the pen name last year. 🙂

Absolutely lost in the banter between Alisa and Leonidas! Well done….I love your prose. Thank you!

Thank you, Hal. I’m glad you’re enjoying those two. Writing the dialogue is my favorite part. 🙂

Hi. Have signed up for the newsletter twice but still haven’t gotten the email to download the free books above. I get noticed from your other newsletters no problem. Thanks! Lisa

I just added you, Lisa. It didn’t have you in there. I’ll send a note to make sure you get the goodies!

I so love all of your books. You are my absolutely favorite writer. The Forgotten Ages was my first book series of any e-book and I have enjoyed everything you’ve written since then. Thank you so much for your very entertaining books. Thanks 10^6

Aw, I’m glad to hear it, Carroll! You’re very welcome. Thanks for coming by and for picking up the books!

Love your books! At last count I had 61 of your books, collections, and short stories. I’m starting to wonder if you ever sleep. 🙂

Thanks, Sylvia! I sleep, but those books do start to add up over time. 🙂

Hmm, I received Saranth Three and Relic of Sorrows, however never got Last Command 🙁

Is there any way I can still get that? Need a Leonidas fix before the next book comes out …..

I’ll send you a note, Hilde!

Neeeeeeeeed moooooooreeeeeeee

I’m about to send Book 6 to my editor. Look for it the first weekend of September! 🙂

What Snow said! Fastest I have read any series.

Thanks for the great read!

I’m glad you’re enjoying them, Eric! Thanks for coming along for the ride. 🙂

look forward to reading these books soon, now that the first 2 are out at B&N (I’ve been busy and haven’t had a chance to check back on your writing in a while).

Quick thing though – it looks like you haven’t updated your /fantasy-novels page on your website in a while – I noticed this when I went to see what the best reading order was for the new books 🙂

Too true, Josh. I was just thinking about that the other day. Need to get those Fallen Empire books on there and update the site!

I’ve enjoyed the first 5 Fallen books, and looking forward to the rest. Interested in the “Last Command: the Leonidas prequel novella” through the newsletter. Everything seems good so far, and hope the daughter can be reunited soon.

I love your writing. The combination of fantasy and titillating romance. Can’t wait for Alisa & Leonidas to consumers their relationship – hot! Waiting in anticipation for book 6 of Fallen.

Aw, thanks, Anne! I just released Book 6. They might make a little progress in that area in this one… and even more so in 7, which I’ve written the rough draft of. 🙂

Where do I sign up for newsletter? Maybe stupid but not seeing a link…love the books!

You probably can’t see it if you’re using Firefox. Try chrome or IE

I loved your Emperor’s Edge Series. I read all of them and also any others that that had to do with that world. It’s one of the best series I’ve ever read and I was sorry to see the characters go. I signed up for the Fallen Empire newsletter and did not receive the bonus materials. Am I too late for that?

By the way, Fallen Empire is another terrific series. I finished Arkadian Skies the same day I got it. As with Emperor’s Edge, I can’t put this series down either once I start reading. I can’t wait to see if Alisa gets her daughter back and to find out if the Admiral can help Leonidas with his problems so he and Alisa can get together.

I’m glad you’re enjoying the books, Terri! I’ll send you an email with the links to the goodies. 🙂

Do you have a release date for books 7 & 8 yet? I’ve been enjoying the series. Thank you for writing!

Shooting for mid-October for Book 7, Nate. I just sent it off to my editor. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Just starting Fallen Empire book 6. Did a binge read of the first 5 books over the last 3 days and have really enjoyed your writing. At first I wondered how could an author write this much sarcasm and be successful? Then I realized there just be more sarcastic-loving people out there thanI thought. (my wife really hates my sarcasm, but loves me anyway)

Looking forward to the next 2 books.

Glad the wife appreciates your humor, Will. Thanks for reading! 🙂

The newsletter signup box does not appear in Firefox, but does appear in Chrome and IE. Possibly a webkit issue?

Some people haven’t been able to see it, unfortunately. Aweber (the host for the newsletter) gives me the code, so I’m not sure what can be done. 🙁

while I had no trouble signing up for your main newsletter, even with the CAPTCHA, two attempts to sign up for the Fallen Empire newsletter resulted in no confirmation emails received (and I did check spam folders )I think something is ‘borken” 😉

I loved the first two books, and will be buying them All

I sent an email, Robert, so you should have the bonus extras now. Thanks for your patience!

Enjoying the second book now. Looking forward to reading the rest.

Thanks for reading, Bert!

Star Nomads was my first book by you… But I can’t wait to read the rest. The characters are incredible and the writing was such that I forgot I was reading and could see the story in my mind in living color like I was there.

That’s awesome, Jim. I’m glad you enjoyed Star Nomad and hope you have fun with the rest! 🙂

Please please tell me when books 7 & 8 are being on tenderhooks.

I’m expecting FE7 back from my editor any day now. Then we’ll run it past typo hunters, and be able to publish soon after. 🙂 I’m already halfway into writing the rough draft of Book 8!

Great.. am so enjoying this series. Can’t put the book down when I start reading it.
THank you so much

I’m glad you’re enjoying the adventures, Lyn! Thanks for reading!

Hi there, I signed up for the newsletter – but how do I get the free stories?

I didn’t see you in there, so I added you, Carmen. Thanks!

This is only the third time I have commented on an author’s site. I usually just read and go on to the next book. I had to make an exception with this series and with your ability to write, Lindsey. You have joined my favorite author list which includes Steven King, W.E.B. Griffin, D.J.Molles and you. Thank you. Don’t stop. Please!

Awesome, Casey! Thanks for stopping by–I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the books!

I love you. This is the first ” space book” I’ve read in awhile that isn’t a pain to read. Most of the others are rife with errors in punctuation, grammar, syntax, you name it, they’ve got wrong.

Thank you for an interesting story that makes me laugh, keeps me interested and is written well.

Thank you

I’m glad you enjoyed it, April! Thanks for reading!

Hello there! As others have stated, I have tried to sign up, but I also get the “Return to previous page “. On the personal side, I have not enjoyed a “space related syfy” series since reading Star Trek. I am truly enjoying the drama and interaction between your characters. Thank you for bringing the continued joy ofreading and excitement to senior citizen whohas been reading anything space related since I was in the third grade! (58-59)

Donnie L. White

I’ve just added you, Donnie! You should get the introductory email with the links to everything. 🙂

My commute to work is under 2 hours roundtrip daily, so I was looking for something more interesting then the radio when I thought let me try an audiobook. I am glad my first audiobook was Star Nomad and found myself wanting to listen to it even when not driving. I just finished and I don’t want to go back to the radio. Any news on when the other books will go audio?

Thanks so much for grabbing the Star Nomad audiobook, Brian! The second one is due out in mid-November, so pretty soon! 🙂

Not meaning to be pushy .. but … hurry up with book 8 of Fallen Empire …. PLEASE!
Absolutely brilliant yarn. The crew of the Star Nomad feels like family now. Thank you 🙂

My editor has Book 8 now. 🙂

Coming December 1st! 🙂

Love the FE series and am waiting for number three to come in Audible form. When is it due?
Thanks and keep on going.

Love the FE series and am waiting for number three to come in Audible form. When is it due?
Thanks and keep on going. Can’t wait

Hi, Steven! I’m glad you’re enjoying them! The second audiobook just came out, and Podium Publishing estimates the middle of December for the third one. Thanks for listening!

Lindsey…when do you expect the 8th book out?? So, hungry for some more of Leonidas and our spunky captain. (And, of course, the unfolding of being reunited with her daughter…..and I am anxious to know more about the young prince, as well. There is a LOT of story there).

Hi, Carmen! I’m shooting for a December 1st release, and it looks like we’re on track to make it. 🙂

A December 1 release….is actually my Birthday 🙂
How cool is that?! Thank you.

Good morning Lindsay! As one of your “senior” readers, I am so looking forward to the final installment of the FE series! Not because I’m ready for it to come to an end, but because I want to see how you weave the numerous story lines together. Very few authors will introduce new characters so late into a series, because they will have to do something with them. For example, you have introduced ” Bravo Six”! While he is an AI, you have hinted that he may have feelings and may have formed an attachment to the Lady Captain. And Jelena!? Is she going to want to roam the galaxy with her mom? Will she eventually accept her mom’s relationship with Leonidas? And Beck!? Will the Mafia eventually discover he was framed and forget about him? And how will you fix things so our heroine can safely fly anywhere without having to worry about being accosted by the Alliance. As I said earlier, so looking forward to the conclusion!!


PS. Will we get an advanced email from you letting us know when we can purchase it?

I’m glad you’re enjoying the adventures, Donnie! Hah, all those extra characters coming in must be why the last book ended up being 30,000 words longer than any of the previous ones. 🙂 I’ll send out a newsletter announcement when FE8 (End Game) is available, yes!

Hi Lindsay,

I seem to be one of those pesky people that haven’t been able to get the confirmation email to the newsletter subscription for Fallen Empire. I loved all your books and just found Star Nomad. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

So pesky! 🙂 I just added you. If you don’t get anything, let me know, and I’ll just send you everything directly. Thanks for your patience!

I checked and I didn’t receive anything (checked spam folder also). Thanks!

I’ll try again. I emailed you directly — that’s all I can do!

Hi Lindsay, as another of your older readers, I have really enjoyed your venture into sci-fi, and hope you will continue to explore ideas in the genre. Of course, your other books are also great, but sci-fi was my first love, so… 🙂 Anyway, I have a question for you – is it possible to get a copy of the link to Saranth Three again? I’m a Newsletter subscriber but I seem to have missed it. My fault, I’m sure, since I don’t keep up on email like I should. Anyway, keep up with the great writing and characters!

Sure, Karen. I’ll send the links now. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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