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If you’re inspired to draw, write, or create anything based on my stories, let me know, and I’ll link to it from this page.


In the gallery so far:

Emperor’s Edge 8 Page Setting — Mathew Creech put together an RPG game setting based on the EE world. Thanks, Matthew!

Anke (who I’m pretty sure was my first ever German reader) made an Emperor’s Edge TV Tropes page, so check it out if you like that site.

Darke Conteur did a reading of the first section of Flash Gold and posted the video on YouTube:

Fan Art:

A steam wagon and other Emperor’s Edge World goodies by Wulfbyrnan:

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Rust and Relics book two, is it planned?

It is planned, Gary. I’ve just been distracted with other projects. πŸ™‚

Loved Rust & Relics books 1 and 1.5. I can’t wait to get my hands on book 2 (Just so you know, I’m not a fan of sci-fi or fantasy so this is a BIG compliment to you, your writing style and your charismatic characters!) I wondered if you had a guess on when book 2 might be available?

Thank you, MB. I’m glad you’re enjoying the stories! I just send the second novel to my editor, so it should be ready to go in about a week, two weeks tops! πŸ™‚

My daughter is your biggest fan. Do you have plans for paperbacks? She really wants to share your books with her friends that don’t do eBooks.

Thanks for stopping by, Nikki. I’m glad she’s enjoying the books! The Emperor’s Edge series (and Encrypted/Decrypted) are all available in paperback through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and a few other online stores.

Do you have plans to continue Rust and Relics? I have read all in the series so far and they were great reads!

Thanks, Dawn. I am planning to do another one next year. I’m glad you’re enjoying them!

I really enjoyed Rust and Relics and have just read all 3 consecutively in a few days, I couldn’t put them down!
I thought they were something different from the standard type of fantasy books, I really couldn’t guess what was going to happen next and whether the “goodies” were in fact good or bad. I can’t wait for the next book (even though you’ve only just released book 2). I’m just going to check out your other books as I love your writing style.

Thanks, Tina! I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. Yeah, those elves… who knows what’s really up with them? πŸ˜‰

I LOVED the podcasts of the Emperors Edge series. I am hoping that you will produce Audio versions of the rest of the series? perhaps on I find I can easily get through books while driving or going for walks if they are on audio. Please consider releasing your series as audio books.

Thanks for checking them out, Rick! My narrator got too busy to continue and that derailed me a bit. I’m actually having the first book in the Rust & Relics series narrated right now for Audible. If things work out with that series, I may ask the narrator to do the rest of the EE books for me too.


I got hooked on your novels with Forgotten Ages and am now on EE book 4. I am in need of more from Rias and Kitaya though and the race/tech discovered in the mountains! Your work is excellent and I am buying new EE books weekly it seems. Hopefully, you’ll come back to the Forgotten ages series again soon; they got me addicted to your writing. Thank you for that!



I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the books, Logan! We get to see a little more of Tikaya and Rias at the end of the EE series. πŸ™‚

I loved soul blade series

Thanks, Bob! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them. πŸ™‚

Hy will there be a continuation of the forgotten ages and or EE or is it all done for you?
I love it and i keep hoping fon a continuation

Hi, Wan! There will be a sequel to Diplomats & Fugitives, probably in 2017, so that’s one more EE book (Basilard-centric). Also, I’m still working on the Chains of Honor stories, which are set in the same world. After that, we’ll see! πŸ™‚ (I don’t have plans to do another Tikaya/Rias story at this time though.)

Hi Lindsay, After reading Forgotten Ages over Christmas, I had to go back and re-read all the Chains of Honor books I’d read over a year ago. Understanding Starcrest’s identity and significance was helpful in getting a better grasp of historical placement in that world.
So now I’m ready for Chains of Honor 3! Will there be one forthcoming this year? Looking forward to have something else to jump into after Fallen Empire. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for some great stories.

It will be coming this year! This spring. πŸ™‚ I’ve started it and also a spinoff series for Fallen Empire!

Just read books 1-3 in the Dragon Blood series. Love the characters and the adventures. Suspense, humor, romance, and action, what a perfect combination to keep me reading until 3:00 am! Can’t wait to read the rest of this series and start on the next!
Thanks for a great read!

Hi! I have read every book of the Dragon Blood series and can promise you one thing for sure, if you like these adventures already, you will lov ethe next ones! I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did it! πŸ™‚

Lindsay, I first started reading our Dragon Blood series and loved it! Read all of them and I’m hoping that you provide more!
Then, I read your “Beginnings” collection. I thought this collection was a brilliant idea on your part because after reading “Dragon Rider,” I read “Encrypted” along with its follow-on book. Then the first EE book and read all that was available in the series (including the Turgonia Republic one). Finally, I finished the collection with “Warrior Mage” and have just finished “Snake Heart.” Anxiously awaiting the next one in this series.
I missed the poll, but would love to have more on both Sicarius and Amaranthe along with how they are now serving the Republic along with Sespian and his love interest.
Thank you again for your interesting books! I am really enjoying them!!

Hi, I just finished shattered past, -I have read every book of the Dragon Blood series- and now I wanted to ask if they will be a new book, that will continue the adventure of Lilah and Vann, the adventure of Ridge, Sardelle and Brahva Saruth, the adventure of Cas and Tolemek or a new adveture of Phel an Tylie.
I love this series and will start shortly with your other series! I have heard they are amaizing too, and now I want to read them for myself, to make sure I don’t miss anything:) !

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