Free Fiction: Bearadise Lodge

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For this month’s free short story, I have something new for my science fiction fans. (Though this is more of a moon-side fun adventure than anything hard scifi, so fantasy readers may enjoy it too.) The characters in this story don’t appear in any of my novels yet, but if you enjoy what you read here, you can find another story with them in the freshly released Bridge Across the Stars anthology.

I’ll eventually bundle some of these short stories into ebooks, but for now, please enjoy them on my blog. Thanks, and happy reading!

Bearadise Lodge

Snow on an alien planet / scifi short story Bearadise Lodge

“Payment received from six planets away within three hours? She must have had it en route before I even sent

my report. Put her down as someone we’ll rearrange the schedule for if she needs future debtors or delinquents located.” McCall leaned back in her chair and kicked up her slippered feet, resting her heels on the navigation console. The first sun peeked from behind the moon the Star Surfer was orbiting, its yellow-orange rays highlighting the lush green forests and vast blue lakes of the terraformed continent below.

“Knowing your preferences, I have already made that annotation in the records,” her business partner, Scipio, said from the other seat in NavCom.

“You’re an extremely efficient android.”

“All androids are efficient,” Scipio observed, turning his metallic silver eyes toward her. “Our programming does not allow otherwise.”

“But are they extremely efficient?”

“I am uncertain. Since extremely is a degree adverb, it is difficult for me to quantify it.”

“Just know that I’m pleased and will transfer your half of the funds over right now.” McCall waved for the holo display interface to float within reach so she could carry out the banking task. “What new type of hat will you buy?”

“Actually, I am considering purchasing a new waistcoat to go with my Devonresh suit, so I can appear more professional when I speak with potential clients who prefer video communication.”

McCall shuddered at the idea of video communications with strangers as she eyed Scipio’s impeccably dressed and wrinkle-free form, then compared it to her rumpled sweatpants, baggy six-pocket shirt, and fuzzy slippers adorned with dog hair. She was glad he’d taken over interfacing with clients and suspected that was a large part of why the business had been flourishing this last year.

“We’ve successfully closed twelve cases this month. I’m going to order a bottle of Château Nouveau Cheval Blanc to celebrate. But for now, what’s next on the list?” McCall twirled the chain and charms bracelet on her wrist, the reward of a fine wine sounding appealing, but not as appealing as a new work challenge.

“We’ve cleared the docket. The Imperial Diamond Trust Collection Agency is due to send a new list of delinquent accounts next week, but nothing is scheduled for this week.”

“Nothing at all?”

Free Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels

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I had grand plans to get another short story up here for Christmas, but that didn’t happen. I’ve got something else though, a list of free fantasy and science fiction novels from some of my fellow authors that you can check out over the holidays (or after). I’ll leave this list up indefinitely. Some of these may only be free for the next few weeks, but a lot of these are always free.

The ones in the first list are free for anyone and available in many stores. The ones in the second list are on Amazon only and are in Kindle Unlimited so they’re free if you have a subscription there.

There’s a mix of fantasy, science fiction, and some scifi/fantasy romance thrown in for good measure. I hope you’ll find something of interest!

Completely Free for Anyone Books



How far would you go to protect your superpower?

Sixteen-year old Mathilda Brandt just discovered hers: the ability to hear, control and even kill plant life. She will face a stark choice if and when the world learns about her new ability. Either she will have to put on the blue jumpsuit and become an officially sanctioned Empowered member of the Hero Council and follow any and all orders, or instead forswear ever using her power for any reason. Mat decides to keep her power a secret, but then she meets “rogue” Empowered people like herself who are creating a hidden sanctuary. She finally has a place where she can belong and use her power freely.

But if she wants a place to belong, first she must fight to save it.

Get Renegade from your preferred store.

Free Fiction: Crazy Canyon (a Dragon Blood short story)

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As I mentioned in my last post, I’m returning to my Dragon Blood world. There’s a new spinoff series coming soon (set three years after the events in the original series), and the first two books are almost ready to go. Just waiting for final cover art! There will also be another book coming late winter/early spring with the original core characters.

Those are the guys we’re visiting with this short story. “Crazy Canyon” stars Ridge and Therrik (with a few appearances by the dragon who believes he’s a god, Bhrava Saruth). It takes place after the events in Shattered Past, but you should be able to read it even if you’re not familiar with the series.

It is on the long side for a short story, so you may want to grab a latte or some wine and perhaps some chocolate before diving in…

Crazy Canyon

a Dragon Blood short story

by Lindsay Buroker

Copyright © 2017 Lindsay Buroker


“Potted plants?” General Ridgewalker Zirkander scratched his head. “You came to see me about potted plants?”

“Yes, sir.” The young man from the king’s castle—what was his title? Steward?—rolled out a blueprint of the courtyard. Or what the courtyard would look like after the construction finished. Thanks to dragons, demolitions, and a sorceress, the castle was still undergoing “renovations,” as the newspapers called them. “We want to ensure the landing pad for the king’s fliers meets the required specifications, but Lady Dilwandser—she’s overseeing furnishing and decor, since the queen passed away—thought the pad would look too bare.”

“It’s supposed to be bare. So fliers can land on it and so the king, his entourage, and their supplies can be loaded.”

“Lady Dilwandser wants to know if it’s safe to place foliage around the pad. At the corners here and here. And then perhaps a hedge along this side.”

“A hedge?”

“Yes, sir. Unlike the pots, it would be planted and immobile. We were worried about the heat from the thrusters wilting the plants. I brought you a sample of the shrub Lady Dilwandser suggested. It blooms in the spring, and the flowers are delicate.” The man produced a leafy twig, or maybe that was a vine, and a dried red flower. “What do you think?” Very serious, earnest eyes regarded Ridge.

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