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Last week on my Facebook page, I asked for “interview questions” for Sicarius. We had a lot of submissions, but he’s a busy man right now (those of you who have already finished Book 4 can guess why), and I could only get him to agree to answer ten questions. I had to risk my life to elicit that promise, and there was… glaring and knife fondling during the interview process. I hope you appreciate the risk I took to get these answers to you. 😀

Interview with Sicarius

Recording starts.

LINDSAY: Good evening, Sicarius. I know I’ve made your life eventful of late, so I hope you won’t mind me pulling you away from your current mission for a few minutes. Your fans—did you know you have fans?—have a few questions for you. Are you willing to answer them?


He folds his arms across his chest and gives me an icy stare.


LINDSAY: No? I can see why you might not be too happy with me, due to, ah, recent events, but the readers are innocent bystanders. Surely, you don’t have anything against them? Don’t you think Amaranthe would encourage you to be polite and amenable?

SICARIUS: I have not seen Amaranthe lately. His icy stare hardens. You know why.

LINDSAY: Er, yes. Sorry about that. Conflict is something of a prerequisite for a novel, and I have to…er, is it necessary to glare at me so much? I am your creator, after all.

SICARIUS: He glares.

LINDSAY: How about this: I’ll make it easier to find her if you cooperate here. I’ll even give you an opportunity to have that private conversation with Sespian. Just answer twenty questions for me.

SICARIUS: It is unwise to attempt to blackmail an assassin.

LINDSAY: Fifteen questions?


LINDSAY: Twelve questions. And no one-word answers.

SICARIUS: Ten. I’ll answer how I please.

LINDSAY: All right. I’ll take that. For the first question, we’ll start with something light. Michele asks, “Why do you always wear black? Isn’t navy blue acceptable for skulking in the shadows? Also, have you ever thought about letting someone else give you a proper haircut?” (Numerous people asked after your hair status – i.e. when will you let Amaranthe cut it or let Maldynado recommend a barber?)

SICARIUS: My hair. Your questions are about my hair.

LINDSAY: Hey, I didn’t come up with them. Maybe your fans just want you to look good!

SICARIUS: Hair is irrelevant. I require only that it remain short enough to stay out of my eyes during battle.

LINDSAY: So… no word on when we can expect you to let Amaranthe cut it?

SICARIUS: Is that your second question?

LINDSAY: No, a follow-up on the first. Also, you forgot to comment on the navy blue.

SICARIUS: The haircut status is unknown. It is not a priority. I was assigned black clothing when I worked for the emperor. I see no point in changing what I wear now.

LINDSAY: In other words, you haven’t been clothes shopping in years? No, never mind. That’s not a question. Okay, number two… Jenna asks, “If Sespian were to clear your name, what is one thing you would do with that new freedom?”

SICARIUS: Little would change. The bounty does not bother me. Having people trying to kill you keeps you alert and encourages you to maintain your fitness and fighting skills. However, it would be… acceptable to be a free and… trusted man, so I could walk up to Sespian and speak with him. Without guards around.

LINDSAY: Sandy asks, “Do you want more kids?”

SICARIUS: It is the nature of man to want to pass down his seed.

LINDSAY: I could ask the fans, but I don’t think they’ll find that an acceptable answer. It’s a tad evasive, don’t you think?

SICARIUS: The glare has returned. There are… mistakes youths make that might be… avoided if one had the chance to do a thing again.

LINDSAY: I’m not sure that’s not evasive as well, but I see you fondling your dagger, so let’s move on. Alita asks, “Do you secretly laugh at what Amaranthe does or do you really find nothing humorous?”

SICARIUS: His eyes glint. Yes.

LINDSAY: Drat, and we were doing so good with the multi-word answers. Well, you’ve done that to Amaranthe often enough that I guess I can’t expect more. Jennifer asks, “It seems clear that Amaranthe is good for you. Do you feel that you are good for her?”

SICARIUS: Her schemes are dangerous. Someone has to keep her alive.

LINDSAY: I see… You have nothing more to say on the subject? I think Jennifer may have been thinking about the romance department.

SICARIUS: He looks away for a moment. I should not encourage her infatuation. Another would be better for her.

LINDSAY: Kendra asks, “What were you thinking when you nearly lost Amaranthe to the Makarovi?”

SICARIUS: It would have been… inconvenient for my plans. I believe she can help change Sespian’s opinion of me.

LINDSAY: And that’s the only reason losing her would have upset you?

SICARIUS: These questions are invasive. I do not appreciate your prying.

LINDSAY: All right, all right. Put your knife away, please. We’ll move on. Liana asks, “Tikaya from ENCRYPTED was one of the most formidable women you’ve met in your life, and you met her while still very young. Readers can’t help but notice the similarities between her and Amaranthe. You let Tikaya go, even though your assignment was to kill her, and you keep Amaranthe around even though it isn’t in your best interest. So I have two questions for you… One, was it because Amaranthe resembled Tikaya that you didn’t kill her in your first adventure. Two, will you ever tell Amaranthe about Tikaya and Rias, about how they influenced you and whether or not you keep in touch with them?”

SICARIUS: I spent little time with the Kyattese cryptanalyst. I spared her because of Fleet Admiral Starcrest. He is a great man. The emperor was mistaken to wish him dead. As a boy, I read his books on military strategy. I also acquired some of the less… factual books about his adventures and hid them in my cubby in the Imperial Barracks.

My choice not to kill Amaranthe had nothing to do with the foreign woman. When I met her, she wore a bracelet I recognized, one Sespian made by hand for his mother. I knew he would not have given it away lightly. I did not wish to kill someone who meant something to him.

As for two, I recently had to share the history of the alien technology with Amaranthe, and I explained the role Admiral Starcrest and Professor Komitopis played in decoding the artifacts. I have not kept in touch, as you say, but I would not be adverse to working again with the admiral one day.

LINDSAY: Celia asks, “Have you ever regretted a kill or have you only regretted the consequences of one (such as Sespian seeing the heads of the Mangdorian leaders at age five)?”

SICARIUS: It is illogical to dwell on that which cannot be changed. He pauses and studies the ground. There have been… targets I would not have chosen to eliminate of my own volition.

LINDSAY: Heather asks, “I have always wondered about the exchange with Litya in the super-secret-underwater lab that Basilard witnessed. Why did he look at the tank? What deal did she offer her that was so “interesting”?”

SICARIUS: Despite Amaranthe’s belief otherwise, I am capable of acting, so long as I have something invested in the outcome.

LINDSAY: In other words, you’ll throw yourself behind an acting job that will save yourself or perhaps Amaranthe or Sespian, but you’re less enthused at participating in a ruse to get Maldynado and the rest of the team out of jail, for example.

SICARIUS: I believe that’s what I said.

LINDSAY: Melody asks, “You’ve gone from working alone to working as a team. Would you rather go back to working alone, or do the pros of working as part of a team outweigh the cons?”

SICARIUS: Working alone is safest and most efficient. He lifts his chin. I was never captured or injured when I worked alone.

LINDSAY: And yet you’re still with them.

SICARIUS: You know why.

LINDSAY: Hm. Sylvia asks, “Aside from Amaranthe, how do you feel about the rest of the team? I know in the beginning you put up with them because of her, but have you developed a fondness for any of them, or a particular dislike? How about respect?”

SICARIUS: Basilard is a competent warrior.

LINDSAY: High praise indeed. Anyone else?

SICARIUS: The others talk too much.

LINDSAY: I see. You like Basilard because he’s mute.

SICARIUS: Silence.

LINDSAY: Right. Moving on. Maria asks, “When has Amaranthe’s self-endangering behavior made you angriest? And also (#2) – you peeked at Amaranthe in the cabin, didn’t you? You’re just too sneaky to get caught.”

SICARIUS: I have answered the agreed upon ten questions.

LINDSAY: Oh, come on. Everyone wants to know about that last one.

SICARIUS: I do not get angry.

LINDSAY: Uh huh, sure. And the last question? The one about sneaking a peek?

SICARIUS: An observant assassin sees everything.

Stop recording.

Thank you for reading (and if you haven’t picked up Book 4 yet, here’s the excerpt and store links).

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Certainly one of the best interviews out there, especially with all those knives.

I shudder to think what he would have done if Deret Mancrest had tried to interview him.

Oh, this is great! Thanks Lindsay, for taking the risk for us.

Sicarius is even creepier now that I’ve read his interview. I know what I will be reading tonight!

When do we get a Maldynado interview? Although I think you’d have to come armed with a really big masher club.

Jeanne, another author sent questions for a Maldynado interview a while ago, so we’ll definitely hear his side of things soon. He might be a *touch* more willing to open up than Sicarius…

“A touch”. *laughing*

Oh, Maldynado. I’m rooting for him and Yara. 😀

LINDSAY: Sandy asks, “Do you want more kids?”

SICARIUS: It is the nature of man to want to pass down his seed.

(I can’t believe those words came out of his mouth!!?)

LINDSAY: Right. Moving on. Maria asks, “When has Amaranthe’s self-endangering behavior made you angriest? And also (#2) – you peeked at Amaranthe in the cabin, didn’t you? You’re just too sneaky to get caught.”

SICARIUS: I have answered the agreed upon ten questions.

LINDSAY: Oh, come on. Everyone wants to know about that last one.

SICARIUS: I do not get angry.

LINDSAY: Uh huh, sure. And the last question? The one about sneaking a peek?

SICARIUS: An observant assassin sees everything.

Thank You Lindsay & those who asked the questions. This is WOW. lol my facial muscles are actually sore from smiling throughout the interview. My brother doesn’t understand why I find reading about an interview with a book character so funny & fulfilling.
Crazy, but it doesn’t matter if it makes sense.

I am re-reading Book 4 after this post 🙂

My brother doesn’t understand why I find reading about an interview with a book character so funny & fulfilling.

I can see his “Why are you laughing?” look because my husband wears the same face. Sheesh. 😀

Wow mine too; that’s really funny! Not a couple minutes ago my husband gave me a pretty funny look and asked what I was grinning about, hehe!

Wow I can’t wait for the next book – its going to be awesome. Glad my question made it in. Sicarius the actor – who knew?

It was hard to narrow down the questions! I tried to go for the ones with extra “likes” on Facebook. 🙂

Thanks for the interview, I know it was a challenge, =). I think I’m as infatuated with Sicarius as Amaranthe is!

Me too. I want more stories w/ A & S!!!!

Thank you! I loved the read and my 16 year old had giggle fits that had her rolling on the couch.

Thanks for reading, all!

This was great! I had no idea Sicarius could talk so much ;). Thanks for braving the interview Lindsay :D.

I *love* when authors do little things like this. It makes it that much more fun to be a fan. Ilona and Gordon Andrews have done similar shorts, but off the top of my head I can’t think of any others. I wonder why it’s not more common?

Yep. I too only saw this on their website and here. lol the twitter conversation between Kate & Curran was the best.

Too bad Twitter doesn’t exist in the EE era. A twitter convo between the EE crew would be awesome. Although Sicarious would surely not use that. But I could imagine Maldynado on Twitter. lol

Ha, yes! And I feel like he would use a ton of emoticons.

I’m sure, given a keyboard, Maldynado would quickly figure out all the ways to make ASCII pe–, er, phallic images. 😉


Oh, my. Anachronisms be damned – I think you have to write this now!

If my 9-year-old son can figure it out (and he has, with no prompting from anybody, because boys are kinda stupid that way) I expect Maldynado would pick it up right away.

Boss, why are we doing this again?

It’s called NETWORKING. We need the business! Don’t you want to give those ladies a way to get in touch with you?

Once we get in touch there’s not much business left to take care of.


sure men in black was a gr8 movie, but srsly? and i still dont c y u wont let me Make a commincations device.

Akstyr! Watch your spelling & grammar or I WILL tell @iamnothansor you want some tips on healthy eating.


Yes, ma’am.

Amaranthe, you promised to treat us with respect. Do not threaten the boy with torture!

Am I chirping?

No one is standing watch. There is a crossbow bolt in each of you. I am sure you will all be happy to receive more extensive training in awareness. Be ready two hours before dawn.

Did you HAVE to sign him up too?

AWESOME. lmao.

Bahahaha! Best handle here: @galslovemals

Well, Maldynado is kind of always the easiest. XD

Deret & Sespian were interjecting things in my head, but it was just too long. But this opens up so many super silly conversations. If I could draw I would so totally be making chibis everywhere.

This was so lmao! 🙂 Thnx!!
I love this two the best:
Am I chirping?

Did you HAVE to sign him up too?

Too Funny!

This is incredible 🙂 so funny and clever!

i LMFAO when i read @ilovemib.

my colleague will thinks i’m crazy

Bravo. If I could read gold like this every day, I might actually be enticed to get a Twitter account.

Now that you’ve said that they are having all KINDS of conversations in my head. XD

Thanks for the encouragement, Sara! Fantasy authors must be a special breed. 😀

Haha! Loved it. You must do more interviews with the rest of the crew. I would love to have one with Books or Mal. Yara would be interesting as well. I would love to see her thoughts from being on the outside.


OMG Emperor’s Edge re-cap party!!!! Everybody gets together and answers fan mail!

🙂 🙂 🙂 Fantastic idea!

Although a really fun idea, I’d wait till EE5 & 6 are done. 😉

Oh definitely, it would HAVE to be after everything’s done. 6 months down the line, like one of the Project Runway finales.

“OMG I can’t believe you SAID ‘blahblahblah.'”

I’ve haven’t been this tempted to draw in years.
(I wouldn’t subject your eyes to it, though. And trust me, it’s better that way!)

Loved the interview. Way to sneak in a couple of extra questions. You think it would be possible to have Sicarius and Amranthe to do any interview together. It might not be as dangerous for you with her there and then you can give us your interpretation of their body language.

I’ll keep it in mind, Cassandra! Right now, they’re still separated, but maybe around the time Book 5 is ready to come out… 😉

Does that mean you have your “plotting” completed?

Nothing more appealing than a man fondling his n

I squee-d when I saw my question up there! Thank you so much for convincing him to do this interview, as I doubt Sicarius is a happy camper right now.

I’m looking forward to book five and I’m very interested to see how you’e going to balance the humorous voice that you prefer to write in and the rather dark circumstances of Amaranthe’s captivity. That feels like it’s going to be a juggling act between darkness, gallows humor and her tendency to get flippant in danger. While I certainly don’t want to read “torture porn,” I also don’t want to feel like the danger to Amaranthe is glossed over either.

Oh well. I trust you. I’m just on the edge of my seat. Any chance that there’ll be a short story in between books to tide us over?

I’m not sure about a short story, as I want to get 5 out to folks as quickly as possible, though I would like to do one with the Encrypted folks at some point. Something to give away free to get more folks to try that book. 🙂

As for the humor in 5, there probably won’t be much in Amaranthe’s POV sections in those early chapters (though I’m sure she’ll be good for a flippant comment or two), but Maldynado promises me that he can keep you entertained during his scenes.

Maldynado’s welcome to entertain me as much as he likes. 😉 I’m curious to find out who Tia was and why it’s significant to him that Amaranthe reminds him of her.

Can someone tell me when exactly is this Tia mentioned in the book? I don’t recall reading it in Book 4. I want to read it all over again, as there’s already certain parts i’ve gone through twice already. But I’m just so impatient for the next book. Soooo lindsay if you could please let us know when you’re planning on releasing the 5th and 6th books? And please tell me that its not the last of the books in this series. I’ve eaten these books up so quick. They’re so unique, so witty that I just can’t get enough of them. Ooops incase my initial question is lost – where exactly in book 4 can i find the reference to this tia topic?

I believe you are referring to a character in Encrypted.

Thanks Mana, you’re right its in reference to the Encrypted Novel. Will need to understand how Sicarius compares amaranthe to tikaya though he had to be seriously young at that point of time. sounds like as if she was his first crush or sth considering he didn’t kill her from what i’m reading above.

Working on the next book now! Let me get a little further along before I post release dates. 🙂

Sorry for the confusion on the characters. Tikaya is the heroine in Encrypted. Tia was only mentioned once in a conversation between Maldynado and Deret Mancrest. She’s someone from Maldynado’s past. We’ll find out more in Book 5 when he’s one of the POV characters.

Oh how embarrassing, I’ve ready the first three books twice each and I seriously can’t remember Tia being mentioned by Maldynado. Hmmmm maybe I was just focusing on amaranthe’s and sicarius’ part when re-reading the novel again. hmmmm i’m going to have to start fresh from the beginning this time, and do a whole thorough read up again. Might as well as I wait for book 5, which is indeed a torturous task! A quick question lindsay if this ever became a movie/tv show who would you like to see playing Amaranthe’s and Sicarius and her crew’s parts?

Well, it’s asking a lot to remember a name that was only mentioned once in four books! There are things people have asked about in emails or on Facebook that I’d totally forgotten about myself. 😛

I don’t know about the casting call. I don’t watch a lot of movies or tv shows, so I’m not up on all the options out there. For whatever reason (okay, a weakness for chick flicks, I admit it), I’ve seen Maid in Manhattan, and Jennifer Lopez in the maid uniform was a lot like how I picture Amaranthe. Lopez is too pretty in most of her stuff, but she had the bun and everything there!

I have no idea for Sicarius. Someone mentioned Daniel Craig, and that seemed as good a bet as any. I’ve only seen in him in Casino Royale, but he had the hard, humorless thing down.

Ohh, this made me night. Thank you for the interview and the wonderful stories!!

haha, that interview was dagger-iffic! I love the bit about how “an observant assassin sees everything”

Thank you for the superb giggle in the middle of work!

And ignoring the technicality that he actually did not answer Sandy’s question about his wish for more children (because a generalization only may be attributable to an individuum)…

A. better thinks about a specific kind of protection if her career as mercenary is not to be interrupted for nine months (and an increased training schedule afterwards), because there’s *imperial evidence* that relying on Sic’s impotence for that might not be a good idea! *eg*

OMG can you just IMAGINE Sicarius if Amaranthe got pregnant? Death & dismemberment to anyone who bumped her on the sidewalk!

Or maybe…

“I got your ice cream.”
“Why are you covered in blood?”
“Someone else tried to purchase the last of the peanut butter banana ripple.”
“Did you remember the pickles?”
(Maldynado groans and passes each of the other 20 ranmyas)
(Sespian) “I told you she’d smell the strawberries.”

I’m still trying to count the number of knives and other lethal weaponry fitting on a baby buggy without getting tangled with the string from the pacifier, the bag for diapers, the milk bottle, and the brick for exercise.

Also, in case it’s a girl, the minimal distance in which Maldynado would be safe from throwing knives (just in case). 😉

And more serious (and a lot earlier): how to break *that* news to the rest of the team?
“Sorry, folks. The EE is on baby break?”
“Forget ‘what’! *Who?*”

lmao @ that stroller. Or Sicarius pushing it. Or with a diaper bag.

And heaven help any boys who wanted to date her. o_O

The tone of the series would change from Steampunked A-Team to somewhat Steampunked Undercover Blues with that stroller… *evil grin*

oh my, I’m not certain which was more amusing, the interview or some of the comments afterwards….. jk, the interview of course 😉

Yes, I realize I should have known . . . but this post (and the comments) need a warning label. I nearly choked on my coffee reading this. Something such as “Warning: Reading this post and the attending comments may cause laughter. Consume food or beverages while reading at your own risk.”

Love the interview and the twitter exchange is genius. We need weekly twitter excerpts to hold us all over until the next book comes out.

lol. I hoped you weren’t somewhere public when you nearly chocked. 🙂
Weekly twitter convo’s. It’s tempting 😉
But then the fans will have to do those (which will surely be hilarious & awesome!! as Maria’s was above)

But I’m hoping Lindsay won’t participate in any such side projects atm. The less other stuff she has to write, the the faster she’ll complete EE5!

Fortunately, I was at home, so when I almost snorted said coffee, no one saw. And I’m with you on not side-tracking Lindsay. In fact, I’m hoping she’s taking her vitamins, looking both ways before she crosses the street, not terribly desirous of a social life, etc.

Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiindsay will you add a forum to your website where we can chatter at each other?

I’d definitely second that. 🙂

I third that

I’m willing to set one up if Lindsay says “It’s OK”

Gah, LOVE that interview! Sicarius is amazing!!! So glad he answered so many questions! The comments are definitely hilarious, too 😉

And, about that forum, I’d totally vote for that. 🙂

Keep up the great work, Lindsay! Book 4 was FANTASTIC, cannot wait for 5!!! And I actually *liked* that cliffhanger. (Hehe, I’m weird, what can I say?) I thought it left the readers (ok, maybe just me…) with enough to make up your own story in your head. 🙂 Great stuff!

I know, right?! I keep imagining different scenarios with who had to tell Sicarius.

“Where is Amaranthe?”

Haha, Maria, I hadn’t thought about that! I can’t quite imagine what he would do… But it is quite fun to think about! Although, I can’t see him leaving Sespian. :/ So, I have no idea how all that will go down…
And I can’t wait to see what Amarathe does. I’m sure she has a scheme *somewhere* for a situation like this. 😛

I think the comments *are* better than the interview. 😀

Thanks for visiting and chatting! I’ll put forum on my to-do list for things to look into.

Nahhhhh. Sicarius talking about his “seed” has to top anything else on the page.

Except for maybe the revelation about that bracelet. I’ve always wondered, and at one point I wanted to ask and forgot to post it. Sooo glad to read that. 🙂

love the tweet exchange but being books age I don’t get sicarius’ handle and it’s driving me crazy, someone please explain! I did however get gals lovemals- so true!

In the first book when Amaranthe and Sicarius went to her old business school to research forge, she gave him the alias Hansor. Needless to say he did not care for the name.

What she said. I figured that (even with his blasé attitude about the bounty on his head) Sicarius wouldn’t tweet under his own name. That and there’s probably already a teenager who snagged it. And about 20 others like, @realsicarius or @maninblack 😀

thanks! loved the “conversation”- illona Andrews is the other website i visit regularly b/c of the interesting extras the authors post. interesting that others feel the same

I assumed Amaranthe signed him up 🙂 I can just imagine her snickering as she typed it and created a profile for him.. Good to know the real reason though 🙂

fondling the knife? i laughed so hard at the thought of Sicarius fondling anything… well anything thats not attached to Amaranthe…

I created a forum for us. Please note, styles and such will change in the next few days as I get time to configure it. The forum is up and running and ready for discussions, so feel free to pop over and make an account.


I’d love to join the forum, but: What on earth are we supposed to put in answer to the “Why the math?” question on the registration form? I see many other people figured it out, but even though I know my Candes from my Bayes, I gots nothin’ and therefore can’t register.

Oh, I see–my browser wasn’t showing the math problem. If anyone else runs into the “Why the math?” thing, try a different browser!

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EE4 was wonderful Lindsay! The cliff hanger was easier to take once I found out it’s one big story line. But I’m certainly anxiously awaiting news of Amaranthe. Even though she’s got mad subverting skills, I don’t see how she can win over scary-man-with-a-crescent-scar. And boy did I laugh when I read Maria’s cricket comment about who will tell Sicarius! 🙂 That’s total proof your characters are well written. Your readers are able to joke about Maldynado, Books, etc. because you’ve made them real to us! Great job and blessings on your EE5 work.

Thank you for the compliments, Blythe!

Yes, Amaranthe will have her work cut out for her at the beginning of Book 5! Thanks for reading. 🙂

I loved the interview and the comments have been a riot! I was curious how you’d get Sicarius to agree to an interview and stay true to his character! Thanks Lindsay!

Loved the interview. It was so funny. Certainly improved my work day.

This has definitely been so much funnier than I imagined! I’ve had so much fun reading the books, interview, and comments!!! I can’t wait for the next book.

Wow! i don’t smile much but, this made my parents day because i actually smiled for the first time this week!

Thanks for visiting, Nylis! Hm, only one smile in a week? You might need to spend more time with Maldynado. 🙂

Thrilled you asked him my question!!! I wish I had found this the day it was posted, the comments are a hoot. I think the tweets are #sicarilicious

I’m so pleased that EE4 has been selling well, you deserve every accolade and success that comes your way. If the rest of your readers are anything like me, we are all bringing fans into the EE fold one reader at a time.

I just wanted to post that I am absolutely floored by the novels and sat down to read one and didn’t stop until all four was read in a two weeks time! Wonderful!

This interview was wonderful!

Now I am off to read encrypted!

Thanks for giving the books a try, Kat! I’m glad you’re enjoying the series. 🙂

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Hilarious: Thoroughly enjoyed the interview. I love the “You know why’s”.

I started with Encrypted and could not put it down until it was finished. This led to reading both the EE and Flash Gold series domino style till the wee hours of the morning. The humor keeps me coming back for more.

You are awesome Lindsay:)

Thanks for reading and commenting, Laura! I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. 🙂

Book 4 was amazing Lindsay! I can’t wait for the next book! When Amaranthe got captured, I was half expecting Sicarius to save her or for her to do something incredibly daring and escape… then I turned the page and that was the end of book 4 and I sat there with my mouth hanging open at my ereader for so long. I can’t wait to read on!

This interview was awesome. My cheeks still hurt from smiling. I can’t imagine sitting in a room with Sicarius for so long prodding him with questions. I imagine he’s use to the situation being the other way around… with a lot pointier objects…

Glad we could give you some smiles, Prisca! Sorry about that pesky cliffhanger. Another month, and the wait to find out what happens next will be over. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

AHHHH! This one’s my favorite! I looooooves Sicarius.

[…] Aside from writing fantastic fiction for her fans, Lindsay also is a professional blogger. She constantly writes brilliant posts about various topics, from her latest books, to tips and tricks for self publishing, to telling us all how she’s managed to promote her own books using social media to help bolster her sales. Lindsay doesn’t seem to shy away from sharing the nitty-gritty details about her venture into publishing and writing. She also has a lot of fun things on her blog, ranging from competitions for signed copies of her books, required designing a new hat for one of her EE characters, Maldynado to interviews with her characters. A particularly good one was the interview with Sicarius. […]

[…] questions. I tried to get the notorious assassin Sicarius to join in the interview as well, but after our last chat together, he was oddly disinterested in speaking with me again. I believe you’ll find Sespian’s […]

Loved your interview…particularly Sicarius’s “You know whys”

Thanks for reading, Meghana! 🙂

Have read all EE books…..loved them all. Especially Book 4 . I couldn’t take my eyes off the book until I finished it.

I hope you write more interesting books like these

I’m glad you enjoyed them, Meghana! 🙂

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