Interview with the Dragon Who Thinks He’s a God (Bhrava Saruth)

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For a holiday treat, I decided to bring back my tradition of posting character interviews (with questions submitted by you).

First up, in celebration of my new Beginnings boxed set (with a new adventure featuring the dragon who thinks he’s a god, Bhrava Saruth), I’ll be interviewing the dragon himself. My thanks to all who submitted questions on Facebook (if you’re not already following me there, you can click here to do so).

Oh, and for those who aren’t familiar with Bhrava Saruth, he appears late (far too late for his tastes) in my Dragon Blood series. The first book, Balanced on the Blade’s Edge, is free everywhere. Also, for those interested in checking out the new Bhrava Saruth adventure when it comes out, I’ve got all the links to the boxed set at the end of the interview. Thanks for reading! 

Interview with Bhrava Saruth

Greetings, good dragon. Thank you for deigning to speak to a lowly human such as myself.

I always have time to speak with my worshippers. You didn’t by chance bring me anything, did you?

Of course. I wouldn’t come to your lair without an appropriate offering. Mango tarts are one of your favorites, aren’t they?

They are most excellent. I enjoy eating them while receiving belly rubs. *pointed look*

Uh, I have ink on my hands. Maybe we can do the belly rubs after the interview? And after you shape-shift into something less… large and scaly?

Do you not find my true form magnificent? *narrowing of eyes*

Yes, yes, very much so. Uhm, here, more tarts?


You’re a very busy dragon, so I’ll get right to the questions.



I am a busy dragon god. Will this interview be published all across Iskandia? So that more humans will learn of my existence and flock to worship me?

Oh, I’m certain there will be flocking. Okay, here goes. First question! 

Carole asks: Bhrava, I know you love your belly rubs, any Lady Dragon in your future to rub your belly???

Lady dragon? Female dragons do not rub bellies. They are only interested in intimacy during their mating cycles, which are many years apart. And their idea of intimacy involves clawing and biting. I have heard of fellow male dragons losing limbs during the process. At the least, you can be certain there will be much bloodshed and loss of scales. I usually only visit with female dragons when biological urges require it.

For bonding and belly rubs, I do prefer humans. You have such excellent hands (and your fingers are entirely devoid of sharp claws). Of course, I am always willing to offer a godly blessing in exchange for attention from my worshippers. 

Deanna asks: Bhrava, Other than your dragon form, what is your favorite shape?

My dragon form is most impressive, is it not? But humans sometimes fear it. I don’t know why when it is clearly majestic and beautiful. I have found, though, that humans adore and never fear small, furry animals. They also like to stroke them! This is why I often take such forms when I do not wish to alarm my newer worshippers. And also when I wish to have my belly rubbed. When a small, furry creature rolls onto its back, humans seem to instinctively know what to do. There is no need for mental coercion. 

I like cats and puppies, but the ferret form may be my favorite because it’s easy to ride along on a human’s shoulder or squirm down into a satchel or grocery bag if it’s necessary to hide from non-believers. Also, there are sometimes tasty foodstuffs in those bags.

Kantami asks: Bhrava, when you’re not looking for worshipers what do you do for fun or relaxation?

Flying is the most wondrous thing! You must try it if you haven’t already. I like to soar high over mountains and then plunge down into valley lakes or into the sea. Also, it startles the tarts out of the sea life.

Kim asks: I seek the great god Bhrava Saruth’s wisdom on the best flavor of ice cream.

Anchovy, of course. I do wish one could find more meat-flavored ice creams. Lamb is so delicious. How could lamb ice cream not be wonderful?

Jennifer asks: Bhrava Saruth, what is your goal in life? How do you see yourself fitting in with the human race? What do you want to accomplish?

My goal? To be known to all of the world and have many followers, of course. Also a grand temple would be nice. I’m working on Ridgewalker now to build me a temple. It is a great honor for him.

As far as fitting in, why would a god wish to fit in? A god must change the world so that it fits him!

Richard asks: Bhrava when did you come to realize that you were a god?

It was many centuries ago when an early rider pointed out my fine attributes and how unusually magnificent of a dragon I was. I had not realized it! After a great battle, in which I drove away many enemies, this rider’s people also saw my great worth. Some of them began to worship me as a god. I realized I must be a god. I was destined to protect humans and bless them and be worshipped by them. It is strange that I had not realized it earlier. 

Georgette asks: Bhrava Saruth, I am one of your devoted followers. I have excellent hands and would love to attend your needs. Rubbing your belly, of course. May I ask as to why you chose Sardelle to be your High Priestess?

Sardelle is an excellent high priestess! She doesn’t yet know how good she will be, but she is quite diplomatic and rarely offends anyone. This is an excellent value in a representative, especially when one’s size and long fangs can be a touch intimidating to some. Dragons can be so misunderstood! 

Sardelle’s lippy sword is taking some getting used to, but I believe I shall also sway Jaxi to my side one day. After all, everyone knows how useful dragons can be. And we’re quite handsome, as well! Between you and me, Jaxi has been known to fantasize about dragons in a most… libidinous way. 

If you wish to apply for the position of assistant priestess, I would be happy to have more loyal helpers. In fact, that will be crucial once the temple opens. We’ll be flooded with curious and interested humans. Potential worshippers! 

Jo asks: Bhrava, what do you have to say to your worshippers from another dimension who read of your exploits and worship you from afar?

I am most pleased to accept worshippers from all dimensions and all worlds. It is a pity, however, that you cannot come for a proper blessing. Perhaps I will have my biographer write down my wisdom in a text so that it may touch everyone, everywhere. Yes, a god should have a religious text, shouldn’t he? This is a magnificent idea. Thank you. Also, can you send baked goods to my dimension? 


If you would like to read the story of how Bhrava Saruth became a god (in his eyes), please check out Dragon Rider in the Beginnings boxed set. It will be 99 cents throughout the pre-order and then pop up to $2.99.

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Bhrava Saruth is wonderful!! I wish I had met him sooner in the universe!

He agrees that he should have had a starring role way back in Book 1.

Finally, an entity the size of its own ego. I haven’t seen another since Sydney Greenstreet passed away. I am fascinated by the implied power of a dragon god’s blessing. How would my life change from the moment I had one? Is there some kind of guarantee that comes with it? If my life does not improve dramatically within the next six months, my tarts will be returned? Perhaps a blessing does not bring “improvement.” Rather it brings adventure or romance or idiocy. It would be good to know beforehand. I must study the people who have already been blessed to see if I can discern anything. Hm-m-m-m.

Some hints may be coming in DB8. At the least, I believe blessings increase fertility. 😛

That was brilliant. Bhrava Saruth needs to appear in much more stories.
Lindsay yet again you have created an amazing character.
Thank you

Thanks for reading, Janet! (Bhrava Saruth, of course, agrees with you.)

I just discovered your books but have already finished 20! (Thanks to several late night sessions when I just couldn’t put the book down.) I love the Dragon Blood series and I am excited to get the new book. Bhrava Saruth seems to be quite an optimist. I hope us humans don’t disappoint. My other favorite series is the Fallen Empire. I hope you have many more books coming in the future!
Happy holidays!

Just pre-ordered but OMG such a long wait till Feb/28!!!

Love the cover! Great depiction of a dragon. Frequently, for me, cover art doesn’t fit with my mental images. This one adds to my visions. Who did it? Please pass on my compliments.

Hi, Peggy! The artist is Meril Chan: She did Dragon Bond for my Ruby Lionsdrake pen name too. 🙂

I also like the depiction of Jaxi. What a beautiful thing she is.

Ha-ha! I need to come back to your blog more often. Just did because your books came up at my NYE party when a few of us were sharing favorites and you came up on multiple folks’ lists. Happy New Year!

(And what’s the plan for the next Rust & Relics?!?!?)

That’s super cool, Alinia! I’m planning to finish my Chains of Honor series before switching over to Rust & Relics, but I’m trying to make myself finish the series I have going, at least on the fantasy side of the house, before starting any new ones. I want to do a couple more R&R books before wrapping that series up. 🙂

I think we’re all wondering why there isn’t more anchovie and lamb ice cream. And… It would be very handy to have a ferret that can change into a dragon. 🐒
Bhrava Saruth is definitely one of my favorite characters. And Maldynado.

Thanks for checking out the interview, Cyd! That does sound like a winning ice cream combo, doesn’t it? 😉

I would love to meet Bhrava Saruth & receive a blessing. I lost my wife some the ago & wonder if Bhrava Saruth could possibly convey messages between those we have lost & those who miss them. Could you please ask him if this would be possible.
Lindsay, I have only recently discovered your writing & I have missed, quite happily of course, a lot of sleep while avidly reading & at the same time regretting getting closer to the end. I enjoy your character development. Amaranthe, Hollowcrest etc were the first of your characters I had the pleasure of being introduced to. I feel very fortunate that I will have the opportunity to meet so many more of your people.
Thank you.

I’m glad you’ve enjoyed spending time with my characters, Robert. I’m sorry that you lost your wife — Bhrava Saruth would say he could do exactly that, but I’m not sure he’s a reliable god. Make sure to offer him extra mango tarts.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

One of the things that I appreciate about Lindsay’s writings is that they are upbeat and hopeful even against great odds. Despite the “fantasy” world of her characters, their integrity and determination in dealing with adversity and injustice are an inspiration in my own life. I, too, can make a positive difference if I greet my trials with honor, an open mind, and wit. I’ve also learned it helps to build a team.

Thanks for the kind words, Lauri. I feel the world needs some upbeatness in it. 🙂

Lauri said it very well. I love the positive feeling in Lindsay’s writing. Positive, upbeat and hopefull. And very exciting too! Looking forward to more happy hours reading!

Thanks, Carol!

I live with those who want belly rubs constantly. Every time I read about Bhrava, I think of them. They may have fur but the attitudes are similar, especially for those who WERE once gods in Egypt and never let us forget it.

I understand completely. My parents have a Bhrava Saruth dog that is always ready to fling himself on his back with his paws curled up, waiting for a belly rub. 😉

I just want to know if there is any other book after Dragon rider? Taylinas story is just one book?
And after The fowl proposal any new book came out? With all of the characters?
Your books helped me through a lot. And I did introduced You to someone special too. 🙂
Thank You..

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