Patterns in the Dark (Dragon Blood Book 4) Available Everywhere

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I know some of you are waiting for more updates on the pen name, or just more on self-publishing in general, and I’ll be posting some more articles in the new year (in the meantime, check out the new marketing/publishing podcasts I’m a part of: Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing and The Writing Podcast). For today, I’m announcing that the fourth book in my Dragon Blood series, is available everywhere now.

DB4-Web-CoverYou can grab Patterns in the Dark at Amazon, iBooks, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Everyone knows dragons have been extinct for over a thousand years. Everyone is wrong. At least one dragon remains, and military scientists from the Cofah Empire are experimenting with its blood, using the magical substance to power deadly new weapons that could be used to bring the world to its knees.

That’s a concern for Zirkander, Cas, and the rest of the Iskandians, but all Tolemek wants is to find his missing sister. The last time he saw her, their father had locked her in an asylum because of a mental illness with no cure. Now the military has taken her. What use the Cofah have for her, Tolemek can only guess, but he is certain she is in danger. He must save her before it’s too late. But her fate is inexplicably tied to the dragon’s, and he must find it to find her.

If you haven’t checked out this series yet, the first book, Balanced on the Blade’s Edge, is available for free for the holidays in most stores.

Thanks for taking a peek!

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Comments (24)

Yay! A new book. Off to purchase it!

And enjoy the holidays!!

Thank you, Cath! Hope you enjoy the book and the holidays. 🙂

Just finished it a couple days ago. A great read!

Thank you, J.M.!

Great stories, I loved all three prior books also, Please keep this series going, I have had a wonderful Xmas Holiday reading all 4. Hope to see more as soon as you can. I’m now starting The Emperor’s Edge series.

Thanks for checking them out, Mike! I’ll be working on the fifth one this spring. 🙂

Yay! Happy to hear book 5 in Dragon Blood series is coming. Just finished book 4.

I love what you’ve done with the Dragon Blood series. I read all four of the ones out so far over the past 2 days. So much foreshadowing yet I could only formulate a general idea of what was going on. Especially with what is yet to come. I have my theories, but I’ll leave it at that to not put a spoiler on here.

I have yet to check out any of your other books, any recommendation of which series I should start on next?

Hi Brian,

Thanks for checking them out! I’m working on DB5 now. Gotta make sure everything comes together now, hah!

The first Emperor’s Edge ebook is always free if you want to give that series a try. Encrypted might appeal, too, and it’s almost free right now–it’s part of a 99-cent boxed set with a bunch of authors:

Thanks, and happy reading!

Thank goodness your doing a 5th book – Ive just finished the 4th and loved it!

Thanks, Aimee. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series so far!

Have loved all 4 books. So pleased there will be a book 5. Excellent read


When will patterns in the dark be available as an audio book. I have no choice but to listen to books as I’m a truck driver. Thanks

I’m not sure on the date yet, Toni, but I sent the manuscript and pronunciation to Podium Publishing several weeks ago, so they should be working on it!

Just finished the first 3 books of this series. Well written and impelling stories. Looking forward to the rest of the adventure!

Thanks, Butch. I’m glad you enjoyed them!

Just read the first three books of the Dragon Blood series and I am hooked. First time reading anything steampunk and I love it. Thank You. No more time to type have to finish all the others.

Thanks for checking out the books, Lo-Anne! I’m glad you’re enjoying the series so far. 🙂

Love the Dragon Blood series. Up to Book 7. How many more will there be. So good I don’t want the story to end.

I’m glad you’re enjoying them, Georgie! Shattered Past (Therrik’s novel — it’s takes place after Book 7) is the last one out right now, but I plan to write at least one more with the whole gang in 2017. 🙂

Thanks Lindsay, bought and read now looking for something else of yours to read. Probably Emperors Edge. The Kindle died as well so of to purchase a new one. 🙂

Sorry your kindle died, Georgie. Hope you continue to enjoy the books!

Can’t be happier. Ordered book 4 and now I hear there is a 5th. You have just made my Christmas.

Thanks for reading, Sandy! There are 7 books total in the series right now, a novella set after Book 5, and a spinoff (Shattered Past) with another character. I plan to write one more eventually, but things wrap up with Book 7 currently. 🙂

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