Forged in Blood I (Emperor’s Edge, Book 6) Now Available

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Forged in Blood I (Emperor's Edge, Book 6) CoverForged in Blood I, the sixth Emperor’s Edge book is now available! It’s the first of two novels that make up the finale to the series (you can expect the second part later this summer).

Here’s the blurb, cover art, and a Chapter 1 excerpt:

The emperor has been ousted from the throne, his bloodline in question, and war is descending on the capital. Forge, the nefarious business coalition that has been manipulating the political situation from the beginning, has the ultimate weapon at its disposal.

If it was difficult for a small team of outlaws—or, as Amaranthe has decided they should now be called, rebels—to make a difference before, it’s a monumental task now. If she’s to return idealistic young Sespian to the throne, earn the exoneration she’s sought for so long, and help her closest ally win the respect of the son who detests him, she’ll have to employ an unprecedented new scheme… preferably without destroying the city—or herself—in the process.

Chapter 1 Excerpt

You can pick up the ebook at Amazon, SmashwordsKobo, Barnes & Noble, and Apple. Thank you for reading!


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*cough* Go read it! *cough*

*clears throat*

*innocently bats eyelids*

Sorry, I’m too much of a raving fangirl to give a rational review that doesn’t involve spoilers. 😀

(Bought it the hour it was up on Smashwords, read it that night, have already reread particular scenes… >:D)

Thank you for the support, Carradee! And for popping in to rave. 😉

I was still at work when I got the email alerting me to the book, and you made my night with the news. Seriously. And that’s an understatement about how ecstatic I was. Thank you!

You’re welcome, Nicole. I hope you enjoy the read!

Just letting you know I JUST got finished reading it, and you are a cruel, cruel woman. That was amazing, but that ENDING. And the PREVIEW! I’ll be eagerly awaiting Part II, thank you for the wonderful work and series. 🙂

Cruel Cruel woman indeed…not that you are writing a mushy romance but I was so waiting for “guarding” have done an amazing job of making all of us fall in love with a efficient assassin-machine!

Congrats on the newest novel, Lindsay! Your numbers on Amazon are so great for the first day out! You are an inspiration to indie authors!

And thanks for putting it on so many different channels , including Smashwords, this really allows grumpy Amazon-avoiding readers such as me (I may be a single occurence though) to keep on reading your books… Halfway into it, and really loving it all the way.

You’re very welcome, SF Reader. I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far. Thanks for the support!

Thank you, Deanna. 🙂

Yay, been waiting since EE 5.5!!! I should’ve introduced myself earlier–I wasn’t really into steampunk until I read your Emperor Edge series. They have everything I look for in a book–amazing characterization, fast-paced, polished writing, and of a satisfying length. Also, as a newbie indie author, I really appreciate your blog posts on writing as well 🙂

I’m glad you’re enjoying the stories, Aya. Thank you for commenting. Good luck with your own writing too!

It’s available through B&N now!

Thanks, Tempest! I added the link.

dear lindsay, you’re so evil! i had to read 3 other books the next day (one of them being flash gold #2) to relieve my feelings and get some distance, (because i want to be practical like sicarius and refuse to fret :)), besides telling myself that “it’s all going to be okay” – I know it will be, despite that awful cliffhanger and extremely teasing chapter preview…

but thank you for holding out the hope that we won’t have long to wait for the final part (in which everything turns out brilliantly, i’m sure). it’s august, right?

please have pity on your poor fans and go back to the philosophy of not wanting to be the kind of author who leaves readers hanging… . tho’ i suppose it only happens the first time, and any new readers will be able to get the next one immediately… still… :S looking fwd to august! (or was it sept? i do hope it’s earlier 😉

p.s. i mean, i do hope it’s the earlier rather than the later date, not rushing you… i’m sure you’ll release it at the good and proper time, when it’s ready.

p.p.s. after reading the flash gold stories, i’m starting to think that amaranthe is not entirely to blame for her tendency to blow things up… it might be her creator’s proclivities rather… 😛

Aaaaaaaarrrrgggggggggg! I have an iTunes card and can’t get it yet… So sad!! 🙁

Love the cover art! I’m still in the middle of the 2nd book. Must read faster so I can get to this, haha! Can’t wait!

I myself have submitted my first epic fantasy novel to the editor. I’ve also reserved time with a company for cover design and e-book formatting. Ethereal Daydreams: Rebellion of the Princess will soon be published.

Thanks for reading, Michael. Good luck with your novel!

I told myself to wait, I knew it was going to end on a cliffhanger but it is such a fantastic series my self-control was forgotten. I love reading from Sicarius’s POV and I hope you will write from Cedar’s view for the next Flash Gold story.

Best book ever (until part two is released).

Hey Jess,

I’d actually had that thought (about writing a story from Cedar’s POV) and may have to do try that next. 🙂

I love all your books but haven’t commented before this because it’s not usually my thing. Nevertheless, I want to congratulate you on a superb book that had me so concerned for these fictional characters that I actually dreamed about them the night I finished the book (which also happened to be the night I started). I’ve already reread it twice and certain parts multiple times and I really, seriously cannot wait for the next one. Seriously. Can’t. Wait.

Thank you very much, Kay. I appreciate the comments, and I hope those dreams are good ones! 🙂

Hey Lindsay, I have been waiting impatiently to read the new book so I got really excited when I received your email, unfortunately when I tried to buy the kindle edition from Amazon it was not possible…. do you have any idea why is this….. So eager to read it, cannot wait 🙂


Hi Teresa,

Are you by chance outside of the US and trying to buy from the US store? I’ve heard from a couple of folks who had to use their own country’s Amazon store (i.e. .ca or .de) to pick this one up, even though they’d purchased through the US store before.

Oh right!, I am in Spain so that will probably be the problem. I will try with the spanish site of amazon!. Thanks a lot,


I think this was my favorite so far, except for that painful cliff hanger! I think you should shoot for a release of part 2 on July 28th, cause that would make a really great birthday present for me!

I’m not sure I can finish that soon (I can tell Pt 2 is going to be longer than 1 was), but I’m working on it! 🙂

Since I finished EE6.1 I have wanted to read EE6.2 as soon as possible (eARC please — I will get my husband to handle any related IT issues for free if that’s helpful). But if waiting longer means that there will be more EE6.2 to love then I will wait happily.

I agree, my birthday is on the 27th 😉

I LOVED IT!!!!! As soon as I have a real internet connection with a real keyboard tomorrow I’m giving it infinity (ok 5) stars on Amazon. Hopefully I survive the wait for part 2, this was the best EE book yet.

I’m glad you liked it, Kelli! Good luck with the internet. Reviews are always appreciated. 🙂

I think this is the first time I bought a book within days of publication. And yes, I did scan for Sicarius/Amaranth scenes. (after that I went back to reading the normal way. hehe.)
Thanks, keep it coming. I love the Sicarius-centered parts, much better than Maldynado. Can’t wait for the second part!

Wow! Book 6 part 1 was amazing! Truly loved it! Will part 2 still be in Sicarius’s POV, or will you be changing to someone else? I really hope you keep Sicarius! His is my favorite POV and I think you did it really well. I was actually shocked he had all that going on in his head when he only ever strings a couple of words together at a time! Haha I honestly think it’d be beneficial if Amaranthe used the stone Retta used on her to see his thoughts – it’d clear up tons of misunderstandings!

I think I read somewhere that 6.2 is still Sicarius. Agree he’s the best POV, probably because he’s my favorite character.

I really hope it is. I want to see what and if he’s thinking when the practitioner is ordering him around. He’s my favorite character too! It’s the mark of a true author when, during the past three-four books, I’ve been wanting to yell at Akyster (sp?), Basilard and everyone else when they’ve been plotting against Sicarius, especially now that I’ve just read all of his thoughts. “Why are you all going after poor Sicarius!? He just wants to be loved; he’s never done a thing to hurt any of you!!” …Then I remember he’s an assassin who’s killed thousands. It’s talent when an author makes you root for someone like that to get their happily ever after. With Amaranthe. 😉

I am completely enthralled by your series. I purchased the first book on a whim last Thursday, and as of today I have read all of them, including your latest Forged in Blood 1, I just couldn’t stop!! Please keep up the good work. Don’t feel rushed at all and finish the last book whenever you feel it’s at its best. So many writers make the mistake of rushing (and destroying) the endings and I know you won’t do the same! ^_^

Sorry I think I posted this in the wrong thread previously.

You are killing me. I just finished Forged in Blood 1 and I can’t wait for part 2. I really tried to make it last more than a day but I could not put the book down. Really Really good job. Thanks

The ending!!! Please, please, please get the next book out as soon as humanly possible without hurting yourself or your editors. I need to know what happens. I need to know if I should cry or not. Lol. I love these books!!

loved it! loved finally being able to get inside Sicarius’s head – what an interesting place to be O_O Can’t wait for part 2!

I am thoroughly hooked on this series and loved seeing things from Sicarius’ viewpoint this time! The ending for Forged in Blood I definitely has me anxious for the release of II. Only the best authors can have a reader so invested in the characters that they can empathize with how they are feeling-you are definitely well within that category! That ending was heart wrenching and I’m eagerly anticipating the next book to see how all these issues will be resolved!

I’m almost done with the first draft, so it’ll definitely be out this summer, Jean. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

I read through the first chapter, got to Sicarius’ POV and sighed contentedly with how well you had written him. I was so amazed at how he thinks; that he’s not strictly a robot. He was downright adorable, especially with Sespian!
At the end, I was shocked. (But not in the bad way). I loved how you displayed Sic’s emotions without a single descriptive emotion. It was an enthralling read and I will probably have to read it seven times more just to satisfy myself until the second comes out. Thanks so much for this series! I’ve had a blast!

I’m glad you enjoyed it, Cam! Sicarius is definitely a much different guy than he was when the series started (it’s probably good that I wanted until the end to do his POV). 😀

Best ending in the series. I loved it, kinda sad but full of suspence. Cant wait for part 2.

OMG!!! I am new to the Emperor’s Edge Universe and oh boy! I read the series in a week! (when I probably should have been working on a paper for college, anyway, I digress) I absolutely LOVE the series and I am sad to see it ending but excited about the final book! Awesome job Lindsay! **READ THE BOOK**

I’m glad you enjoyed the books, Sheba. (And I hope you got that paper finished too. :D) The last one is coming out as I type!

Wait, book 7 is almost out?!

It’s starting to appear in the stores. 🙂 Here’s the Amazon link:

Oh wow! That makes me so happy!!! 😀 I get paid tomorrow and that’s going to be my first purchase!! I am SO thrilled!

Hi there, I’ve been enjoying this series so far on audible, but forged in blood does not have an audible release.. Any clue when this will be please?

Hi, Joy!

Thanks for listening to the audiobooks! Blood & Betrayal just came out a couple of months ago, and it’s a slow process, since I’m paying for the production myself. We’ll be getting the Beneath the Surface novella (EE5.5) out next though, and then the Forged in Blood books to wrap up the series.

Your amazing, if listened to all the ones and am so sad, that the last two are not jet available on audible! Can you make a guess as to when they will be available? I am super excited and will have probably read them by then because I can’t wait but hearing them is always something different to me and I will most certainly listen to them when they get out anyways! And it is pretty great how you can make a person melt for an assassin 😉 I think none of us could resist him now! Never stop writing such amazing stories!


I loved the last two volumes of Emperor’s Edge! That not say that I didnt enjoy the earlier ones but these last two I devoured! I listen to the on the road and before bed at night, and often find myself sitting in the car waiting for the right moment to pause before heading to work (as you can imagine I’ve been a little tarty as of late) When will forged in blood be released on audio?

Thank you so much for writing these books!

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