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The seventh book in my Dragon Blood series, Soulblade, is out everywhere now. I may revisit these characters in the future (and I have one another adventure with another side character coming out before long), but this marks the end of the core series. I hope you enjoy it!



Itโ€™s been a week since the dragon Morishtomaric fell, and Sardelle is not convinced that Ridge is truly gone. With a companion who thinks heโ€™s a god and a soldier who would happily kill her, she heads back to the mountains to look for signs that Ridge survived. What they uncover threatens to destroy their country and all they care about.

Meanwhile, the Cofah emperor is furious with Iskandia over the loss of its airships and still has a bounty on Tolemekโ€™s head. King Angulus sends Tolemek, Cas, and Kaika on a daring mission that could solve both problemsโ€ฆ or leave them all dead.

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Loved it!

So sad to have you finish up with these characters, so I am definitely looking forward to any mini-installments you may gift us with in the future!

Thanks, Alinia! I do have plans for a few more adventures in the future. ๐Ÿ™‚

Purchased soulblade 7. The first chapter was spoilt by the pages being repeated. This meant you were lost with what was happening so skipped the chapter altogether and started from chapter 2.

I have enjoyed all the other books in the series and had no problems.

Heya, Shirley! Sorry about the weirdness there. I sent an email with my copies of the books, which shouldn’t have any flubs in there. I’m not sure what happened, but let me know if you still have trouble with them!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this series, although I have had to suppress a smile every time I read the name Jaxi. I assume that the British usage, as in “He fell and landed heavily on his jaxie” is not widely used in the USA!

No, we don’t have that one over here. And apparently Sardelle means anchovy in German too. I didn’t have the best of luck with picking names for this series! ๐Ÿ˜€

Hi Lindsay,

Started reading the Dragon Blood series a couple of weeks ago and just finished soul blade last night. Please, please, please don’t let this be the last book set in this world.

Love the characters and settings and there are so many loose story threads to follow up on.

I haven’t enjoyed a fantasy series this much since the early Ray Feist books. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m glad you enjoyed them, Andy! I read all the Feist books, too, back in the day. Fun stories. ๐Ÿ™‚

Just finished SoulBlade (pre-ordered when I ran through the series- all great and great fun).

I am adoring Bhrava Saruth! What an absolutely endearing character he is. I love how you gave the dragons such varied personalities, but don’t understand why Bhrava Saruth was locked away.

I would love to read more about Sardelle and her belly rub loving dragon God friend, and how capturing the Cofahre Emporer plays out.

Can’t remember when I have enjoyed a series this much! Thank you!!

Thanks for stopping by, Pam! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the series. Haha, I may have to do a spinoff trilogy just so Bhrava Saruth can have a little more time in the limelight. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I think there’s a line in there somewhere about how his fellow dragons weren’t amused by his attempts to build up a religion of followers, so that’s why he was locked away. It’s tough being a god!)

Just finished Soulblade. GREAT series! It’s always a winner with me with when the author can make me laugh out loud – not to mention great characters and plots.

Like Andy commented above there are some story lines worthy of development – like Bhrava Saruth and Tylie as well as Sardelle’s sorcery school – without repeating yourself.

Also, I hope you get them ALL into audiobook format.

Thanks for such fabulous stories.

Thank you, Deb! I’m glad you enjoyed the series. I just found out that Book 4 will be coming on audiobook on January 29th! ๐Ÿ™‚

Love the Dragon Blood series. Please keep it going!!!

Hi Lindsay!!
Firstly normally as a avid reader of Historical Fiction loving authors such as Anthony Riches, Bernard Cornwall and Connect Igguldon I decided to have a little broaden of my horizons and dabble in a few fantasy novels… you’ve converted me!!

Well all I can say is I’m absolutely loving this series right now and am eagerly awaiting every new installment. Are you able to say if this amazing series with ridge and the gang will continue??

I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the stories, Arran! I’m working on another series this summer, but I do plan to write at least one more Dragon Blood book with the whole gang. Bhrava Saruth isn’t ready to be retired yet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wasn’t able to purchase from Amazon US. Why not? I have all the rest and I could download the sample. It said something about copyright restrictions ๐Ÿ™

Hi, Cindy! It should definitely be up there. Usually, when something like that happens, it’s because you’re outside of the U.S. and trying to purchase from the U.S. store. If that’s not the case, then maybe just try reloading the page and trying again?

Hi, i have just finished ‘the blades memory’ as audio book. I have just wanting 2 know if book 6 and 7 where available on audio book 2 and if so where would i be able 2 get them from? Thanks xoxo

Hi, Samantha! Thanks for listening! Book 5.5 (a Kaika and King Angulus novella) is coming out at the end of December, and Book 6 is in the works too.

High, have read all of the Dragon Blood books and thoroughly enjoyed them – so much so I’m now re-reading them. I do agree it would be a pity for book 7 to be the end; as already commented, there is plenty of potential leads for more adventures! It would also be great to find out more about Therrik and his relationship/romance plus did he get the job?? Could he become related to Ridge, now there’s a thought!!

I’m glad you enjoyed the books, Don! My beta readers want me to do a Book 8 (maybe some wedding adventures — or mis-adventures), so it’s definitely on the mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

My wife and I both love the Dragon Blood series. Any idea on when book 7, SoulBlade may be available in audiobook? We just don’t find the time we’d like to read, but can finish a book in a week or less listening as we go about our day.
I also hope the narrator you used from the first 6 is the one who does book 7, she makes the characters come to life even more.

Hi, Jeff! Thanks for listening to the books! I don’t have a date for 7 yet, but Podium is finishing out the series (yes, same narrator), and I expect Soulblade will come out later this spring.

I was wondering when Soul Blade would be available on audible?

I’m not sure on a date yet, Beau, but Podium is working on it. Probably later this spring. Thanks for listening!

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