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When I first started this page on my site, I didn’t envision having so many novels out. With multiple series of books and a variety of novellas and short stories, the list had gotten quite long. I’m updating this today in December of 2017, so it should have all the novels to that point, and I’m trying to include short stories, too, though it can be harder to remember all those!

These stories are listed by series and in the publication order (which is usually the reading order).

Science Fiction

Fallen Empire

Remnants — A short story that takes place 2-3 years before Star Nomad. It’s the adventure where Alisa and Mica first meet, and it’s currently only available in the You Are Here SF/F anthology.

Last Command — A novella that takes place 6 months before Star Nomad. It’s from Leonidas’s point of view and shows him carrying out his last mission before the fall of the empire. It’s currently available as a free bonus to those who sign up for the Fallen Empire newsletter.

Star Nomad — The first book I wrote and where the main adventure begins.

Saranth Three — A short story that takes place between Star Nomad and Book 2, Honor’s Flight. It’s currently a bonus for newsletter subscribers.

Honor’s Flight — Book 2 in the series

Starfall Station — A short story from Leonidas’s point of view. It takes place between Book 2 and Book 3. It’s currently available through the free Star Rebels anthology. (This is available on Kobo, Apple, and Barnes & Noble, as well as Amazon.)

Starseers — Book 3

Relic of Sorrows — Book 4

Cleon Moon — Book 5

Arkadian Skies — Book 6

Perilous Hunt — Book 7

End Game — Book 8

Hope Springs — A honeymoon adventure that takes place after Book 8. It’s currently available in the Beyond the Stars: New Worlds, New Suns anthology.

Cyborg Legacy — This is a stand-alone novel that takes place a few years after the main series. It brings in a new hero, Jasim, but Leonidas also returns to go on the adventure.

Sky Full of Stars (Fallen Empire spinoff series)

The Rogue Prince — Book 1

Angle of Truth — Book 2

Stolen Legacy — Book 3


Rust & Relics

Contemporary Urban Fantasy Torrent -- Cover

Torrent — Book 1

Destiny Unchosen (novella between 1 & 2)

Thorn Fall — Book 2

The Emperor’s Edge Books

The Emperor’s Edge

Dark Currents (EE2)

Deadly Games (EE3)

Conspiracy (EE4)

Blood and Betrayal (EE5)

Beneath the Surface (a novella but really EE5.5)

Forged in Blood I (EE6)

Forged in Blood II (EE7)

Republic (an adventure set shortly after EE7)

Diplomats and Fugitives (a new EE story centering on Basilard)

Shadows over Innocence (a free Sicarius background story)

Ice Cracker II (and other short stories)

The Assassin’s Curse (short story)

Solstice Day Gifts (short story)

The short stories can be read at any time, except for “Solstice Day Gifts,” which takes place between Forged in Blood II and Republic. I wrote the three adventures in the Ice Cracker II collection after The Emperor’s Edge and before Dark Currents, and originally had them set 9-12 months after the adventures of the first novel, but the storyline for the series developed more rapidly than I originally imagined, so some of the dates are a little… hinky (yes, that’s the official vocabulary word).

I wrote The Assassin’s Curse right before I started working on the fourth book and decided it takes place in the summer, between the events of Book 2 and Book 3.


Encrypted is a adventure/thriller/love story set in the same world as The Emperor’s Edge stories. All of the major characters are different, though a certain assassin plays a role in the back half of the book. Chronologically, this story takes place about eighteen years earlier than The Emperor’s Edge, so you could read it first if you were so inclined, but it shouldn’t matter.

Enigma (a short story that takes place between Encrypted and Decrypted)

The sequel to Encrypted, Decrypted, is now available.

I’ve also created a boxed set that includes all of these stories, Forgotten Ages.

Chains of Honor


A new series set in the Emperor’s Edge world.

You may want to start with the Chains of Honor Prequels, three novellas that were originally published as the Swords & Salt series.

Warrior Mage is the first full-length novel.

Snake Heart, Book 2, is now available.

The Flash Gold Chronicles

Flash Gold




Liberty (available in April 2016)

These are steampunk novellas in a series featuring a precocious young tinkerer named Kali, and her bounty hunting business partner, Cedar. The stories are set in the Yukon during the Gold Rush Era. Flash Gold is first with Hunted and Peacemaker (and now Claimed) taking place a couple of months after it.

Dragon Blood (a steampunk/fantasy/adventure series)

Balanced on the Blade's Edge

Balanced on the Blade’s Edge

Deathmaker (Book 2)

Blood Charged (Book 3)

Patterns in the Dark (Book 4)

The Blade’s Memory (Book 5)

Under the Ice Blades (novella and Book 5.5)

Raptor (Book 6)

Soulblade (Book 7)

Shattered Past (a stand-alone novel set after Book 7)

Dragon Rider — a prequel novella set more than a thousand years before Blade’s Edge. It’s currently available in the Beginnings boxed set.

The Goblin Brothers Adventures

These are short fantasy stories featuring a pair of geeky goblin heroes. They’re appropriate for children (though many adults have enjoyed them too!). Some of the stories were originally published at, and you can still read them there for free. (The $0.99 collection has a couple of extra stories.)

Non Fantasy Novels


A contemporary mystery and love story set in the Pacific Northwest.

Pen name science fiction romance novels

If you’re looking for some stories with humor, adventure, and more steam than is in most of my work, you can look up Ruby Lionsdrake, my pen name. “She” has several novels out now, mostly science fiction romance, but there’s a fantasy romance series in the works too.

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Thank you very much for Emperors Edge. I enjoy it very much. I just finished “Blood and Betrayal”

I hope, you’ll sell a lot of them. They are worth any Euro.

Kind regards and best wishes from Berlin.

Flash Gold & Encrypted are my favorites. I also really like archaeology so the new series sounds great. Thanks for writing your books.

Torrent is done and now all Amazon wants me to do is look at books similar to Torrent… or what they think is similar… and they’re not even remotely close… what’s a junkie to do???

Well, there’s a lady on Twitter who’s always threatening to duct tape me to my chair so I write faster… but I don’t recommend that. 😛

Have you read Butcher, Andrews, or Hearne? They all have popular contemporary fantasy series.

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[…] any case, Lindsay has also released a number of other novellas, stories and books that take place in the EE world (that’s in addition to the seven books that make up the core […]

Love your books! Thanks for putting ‘Wounded’ up on iTunes, I was getting antsy wanting to read it and I finished it within a day 😉
Are you going to continue the Flash Gold series? I would love to know what happens next…
And ‘Solstice Day Gifts’ just made my day 😀

Thanks, Em! I’m glad you enjoyed Wounded. It takes a while for the books to make their way over to iTunes, but they get there eventually.

Republic and Flash Gold 4 (just dug this out and started working on it again) are on the slate for this spring. Since the Flash Gold story is a novella, it might even be the next thing ready to go. 🙂

Awesome! Can’t wait, I’ll be buying them as soon as they’re available 🙂
I’ve finished reading the ‘Encrypted’ series and it made me smile when Sicarius came up… tehehe 😀
He’s probably my favourite character 😉
Thank you for writing such excellent stories *

Hi Lindsay! I started with EE 1 and finished with Wounded. I read everything in between as well and now I’ m sitting in Germany, waiting for Mid March and whatever you’re going to release next! I only wanted you to know that your market strategies worked out fine with me. I got the first for free, stumbled over it on amazon somehow and then I was hooked up and couldn’t stop anymore. I think you should try to get them on TV as a series or into a movie. I’m sorry to say that I don’t know any producers…….:) So…greetings from Germany and another faithful fan. Tschüss Kathrin

I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the books, Kathrin! Thanks for checking out those freebies. 🙂

Okay – read the first 7 EE books in a week. Now I’m sitting here with nothing! Please get your editor to work overtime to get the next big book out. Sorry, I’m not much on short stories – you can’t get your teeth in them much! Thanks for writing them, I loved every word. Amazing story line!!!!

Heya Sharon, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the series. 🙂 The next one will be ready to go in the next day or two!

I could not put down Blades Edge. Please do another of this one

It’s done well, Liam, so I am! Book 2, Deathmaker, will actually be ready to go soon. Thanks for reading and posting here!

Arggggg, I am in trouble because I just finished Deathmaker and it went far too quickly. I had thought that there was something wrong with my Kindle in that the % completed seemed to be moving at lightning speed.
I loved it and dearly want the series to continue though I don’t know where or how. The references to having Dragonsblood in your veins is intriguing as are musings about Meks sister.
Regretfully, I am sad to say that I am all caught up with your writings so GET TO WORK !!!!

I’m glad you enjoyed it, George. I’m working on a third one (more about dragon blood — might have to find an actual dragon at some point) and a little more about the sister too. Then I’ll get back to the EE world and Rust & Relics later in the summer. 🙂

Lindsay, jus read blades edge. loved loved loved it. unfortunately they alwas end too soon. congrats. youve done it again

Glad you liked the new one, Suzanne. 🙂

Hi Lindsay,

Just have to say I read EE all the way through, then turned around and immediately re-read the whole series again. I’ve never done that before, but I absolutely loved how the relationship developed between Amaranthe and Sicarius. Most adventure stories it seems any romance is based on proximity as the major factor, but I really enjoyed how they actually seemed to complement each other. Loved the witty repartee throughout, too. Just a wonderful series!

Hope you’re going to write more with Amaranthe and Sicarius. It’d be fun to find out that maybe Sic’s parents had a different history than what was recorded in Hollowcrest’s records — maybe Sic’s dad didn’t commit suicide, but really died helping the mom escape Turgonia, pregnant with a baby sister…

Thank you, Dana. I’m glad you enjoyed the series! I’m going to let some other characters have some stage time first, but might get back to Am & Sic one day. 🙂


Than you for reading, Patty! I’m working on the sequel to Torrent but will get back to Dragon Blood 4 this fall. 🙂

I have just enjoyed your first 2 Rust & Relics novels, with their hints that the “elves” are isolationist ET’s with their hints of higher-than-Earth-level” technologies; – and see that you promised ‘Thorn Fall’ the next in that Series “this Fall 2014.”
Fall [which we call Autumn on my side of the Big Pond] is almost upon us with only 4 months to go now before Christmas.
Could you let all your eager Fen know when your are going to e-publish “Thorn fall”?

Hi Matthewe, thanks for checking out the stories! I just sent Thorn Fall off to my beta readers, so I’m hoping it will be ready to go by the end of September of early October at the latest. 🙂 Have a nice fall/autumn!

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You are an amazing author, I started with torrent anthe the next two in the series. I just couldn’t put any of them down, I can’t wait for the next. I guess I’ll try one of your other series, rust and relics was awesome, so I think your others will be too,

Thanks for writing such great stories

Thank you for the kind words, Tracy. I’m glad you’re enjoying the R&R series so far!

I just finished “Balanced on the Blades Edge” and I loved it. Was looking at the sequel “Deathmaker” but it doesn’t feature Ridge and Sardelle which I really wanted to hear more about. I may read it anyway.

I’m an author myself with 3 1/2 romance novels written but only one published so far on Amazon/Kindle, “14 Days till Winter.” Would love to know what you thought about it.

Hi, Code! Thanks for checking out Blade’s Edge. Ridge and Sardelle pop into the end of the Deathmaker, and then they are the main characters again in Book 3 (and will be in Book 5, as well, I think). I hope you check out the rest of the series!

Good luck with your own novels. I’d get those other ones out when you can–it’s easier to gain some momentum if you have a few books out in a series. Check out the Romance Divas forum if you haven’t yet. Lots of good advice on there!

H Lindsey,

I’m impressed that you’re as attentive and responsive to people’s post. That shows real dedication.

I didn’t mention that “Balanced on the Blades Edge” was the first of your works that I’ve read. I enjoyed it thoroughly but I do wonder about the cover. It’s beautiful and I love it but it doesn’t seem to be true to the story. I don’t know who the girl on the cover is supposed to be but she’s sure not Sardelle with her raven black hair and smattering of freckles. And somehow I don’t picture the fliers in the story as looking like bi-planes. Doesn’t detract from my love of the book but it is a curiosity.

No, you’re *really* limited by what is available on the stock photo sites. They work fine for contemporary fiction, but for science fiction and fantasy, it’s tough to find things like dragons and contraptions that never existed in this world. There are a handful of models who have posed for photo shoots while wearing “steampunk” costumes, and you’ll see those people used over and over on people’s covers. The alternative is paying an artist for a custom illustration, but the good people are expensive and have waiting lists. And I’ve definitely had cases where I didn’t end up getting something I liked even going that route. So, it is what it is.

Hi Lindsay, I just wanted to say I recently finished Blades Edge and it was amazing. I love to read but seldom find time or motivation to read a book straight through but I was hooked by the end of the first chapter and could not bring myself to put it down. I found this book to be one of those rare few that upon finishing, a reader feels a sense of fulfillment in having completed and the characters stick in your mind long after the you put the book down.

Hey, Chad! Thanks for picking it up and for taking the time to stop by. I’m glad you enjoyed the adventure. 🙂

Hi Lindsey! New fan here. I just finished Patterns in the Dark. Awesome!
I picked up the Dragon Blood series because of the value. I enjoyed it so had no problem buying book 4. At this point, you could charge whatever you want for the next book and I will buy it.
Speaking of the next book, do you have a general idea when it will be available? No rush. I will cope with the nervous tremors and cold sweats until it comes out. In the meantime, I’ll check out your other series. Thanks for the good reads!

Thanks for picking up the books, Steve! I’m publishing something in a new series next, but I’ll work on the fifth Dragon Blood book this spring. 🙂

I picked up the Dragon three book offer from BookBub and am now a fan. Just purchased book four of the series and wrote a review on Amazon for the three books.

Will definitely p/u more of your writing. Enjoyed the stories a lot.

Thanks for checking out the books, Patricia. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series! I’ll be working on the fifth one this spring. 🙂

Hi Lindsay, I’m new to your works but I’m hooked. Just finished the first three books in the “Dragon Blood” series. GREAT reading. I’m looking for number four and can’t wait to get on with the story. Thanks for great sci-fi works.

Thank you for checking out the books and for taking the time to stop by, Donald. I’m glad you’re enjoying the stories so far!

i so enjiyed book 1-4 of Dragons Blood Series , the king is missing – the queen is ruling but not seen

Ridgewalker and Sardelle and everyone en route back to find out what is going on
Book 5?????????? or more pls advise

many thanks Jax really yes Jax

I’m glad you’re enjoying the series so far, Jax! Thanks for checking out the books. 🙂 I’ll be working on the fifth one this spring, and we’ll find out what’s going on back home for Ridge and the others!

Hello Lindsay,

I am a reader from Germany. I have read all parts of Rust & Relics so far. Please write some more. I like your characters.
Now I’m in the 3rd part of “Emperors’ Edge” and addicted to your novels. So that I already have bought the two next and a short story just in case that we have an Internet crash and I could not go shopping. lol

Please write more. You are a great writer. Thank you.
I know how much work is involved. I especially admire your fighting scenes, love your characters, the dialogues and the much humor.

Best regards,

Hi, Ursula!

Thanks for checking out the books and for taking the time to stop by. I’m glad you’re enjoying them! I’ll be working on the third Rust & Relics novel this summer, and I’m writing something new with some of the Emperor’s Edge characters right now too. Lots more to come. Take care, and happy reading!

Hi Lindsay,

Discovered your books through an Epic Fantasy collection that I bought on Amazon and have finished the EE series, including the novellas. LOVED every moment. Do you think you will revisit these characters any time soon or even ever again? I NEED more Amaranthe and Sicarius!!! Oh, and what does Maldynado mean? Just curious as I read somewhere hiw you chose some characters names.


Hey, Misty! I’m glad you checked out the bundle and enjoyed my books. 🙂 I’m not sure I’ll do another one with all of the same characters, but some of them will have roles in future books. (For starters, Akstyr makes an appearance in Warrior Mage, which is coming soon.)

Maldynado doesn’t mean anything. I just saw the name on someone’s BDU jacket when I was in the army, liked it, and swapped an A for a Y. 😀


Hi Lindsay,

Discovered your books through an Epic Fantasy collection that I bought on Amazon and have finished the EE series, including the novellas. LOVED every moment. Do you think you will revisit these characters any time soon or even ever again? I NEED more Amaranthe and Sicarius!!! Oh, and what does Maldynado mean? Just curious as I read somewhere hiw you chose some characters names. Awesome job and brilliant to publish one book in that collection to aid in discovery of the series!


Hello Lindsey,

I just recently found your books and bought the trilogy of The Emperor’s Edge. Finished the books and love it! I am planning to buy the fourth and fifth book. Just wondering though, is the fifth book the last book of the series? I know that there are mini-series book based off some of the other characters but I wanted to know if the fifth book is where everything ends.

Thanks for writing such great stories. I love the humor between the characters and would find myself laughing while reading your books.

Anyway, happy writing! 🙂

– Jessica

Hi Lindsay,
I am a voracious devourer of fantasy, sci-if, mystery, steampunk etc novels, and I recently came across your work purely by chance. I went through the Dragon’s Blood series and the Rust and Relics series in just a few days. I am currently in the middle of the Emperor’s Edge series. I like your writing so much I just had to say something about it. I really respect how prolific you are, and think the quality of your writing in general, your plot lines, your characters and your world building are all excellent. I am now a huge fan and will be reading anything and everything you write. Thanks!!

Thank you for the kind words, Sandy! I’m glad you’re enjoying the books. I’ll have a new Dragon Blood novel for you soon. 🙂

I also came across your Emperor Edge stories in an Epic Fantasy. Then went on to read all of the books & short stories. I am working on #8 now. I love these characters. Especially Amaranthe & Sicarious. I plan to check out some of your other books as well, but please do more of the emperors edge books. So fun and engaging.
I like all characters to differing degrees. Sespian, Basilard, Maldynado, and even Akstyr (who will hopefully return at some point with a little more maturity).

Thanks for checking out the bundle and for going on to read the EE books, Jane! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying them. I actually will have a new Basilard-focused novel coming out later this summer. Am & Sic won’t be the main characters, but they will be there for the second half of the adventure. 🙂

I am really not a reader but my wife suggested I try something… And as it were I choose your Swords And Salt collection… I couldn’t put it down and now I want to know what happens to Yanko… Or was that it?

Hey, Rick! Thanks for checking out the stories! Yanko’s adventure continues in the Chains of Honor series, and the first book, Warrior Mage, is out now. 🙂

Hello Lindsay

I just finished Thorn Fall and can‘t wait for your next R&R book. I‘ve read just about all your books except the Swords &Salt series and Warrior Mage which I’m starting today. I love your writing style. Your settings, characters, and plots are so alive and vivid that reading them is like being there. Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Wynn! I’ve been neglecting my poor R&R heroes, but definitely hope to get another one out there this year. 🙂

Hi Lindsay! I discovered your ebooks a little over 2 weeks ago and have just started on the last one available. (I saved the Goblin Brothers for the last.) I have really enjoyed each and every one of them, and hope that you will continue writing. I am anxious to find out what happens to everyone!! Do you think there is any possibility that your next book will be out by tomorrow? 😀

Almost, Leigh! The new Basilard novel is going up this weekend. Look for more Flash Gold and Dragon Blood this fall. Plan to get back to Rust & Relics and Chains of Honor after that. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Hi Lindsay
Loved the Dragon Blood books, is there going to be a book 6 so that we can find out about Cas and is there something we don’t know about the King and Kaika. Life just won’t be the same without Jaxi’s comments

Hi, Margaret! There is going to be a sixth book. I’ve outlining it now and plan to start writing next week. I just a Kaika novella off to my beta readers, and let’s just say that it definitely answers your question. 🙂

Just finished the first three in the emperor’edge and the first three in the dragon blood books. They were great, each one better than the last!

Thanks, Scotty. I’m glad you had fun with the stories!

Hi Lindsay,
Love your work. Can’t help thinking your EE Series would make an awesome tv series. Would you ever consider it? I would so love to see the episode were Siccarius is running through the underwater lab , naked. Would love to see all the episodes, but yeah, that one especially ?

Thanks, Radine! Seeing them as TV shows or movies would be fun, but it’s not within my power to make that happen. 😀

I am really enjoying your work. Started with R&R, then found Dragon Blood and now just finished Forgotten Ages. Can’t wait for the next R&R book to come out! Any updates on when that might be?

It’s looking like 2016, Melissa. Thanks for following along! 🙂

Lindsay’s books are terrific, with engaging characters and intriguing story lines. I can’t stop reading a series once I start. I also like that they are not graphically smutty but do have a bit of romance without that being the main story line. Please keep your books coming – I am almost through all your series. Thank you.

Thank you for stopping by, Chris. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the adventures! 🙂

Hi Lindsay.
I was wondering when the next book in the Rust&Relics Series published will be published. Any ideas so far?

Huh… what’s the first “published” doing there?
Hmm, whatever, it’s still clear enough what I meant to ask…

I’m going to finish up my Dragon Blood series before Christmas (that puppy has consumed a lot of my attention this year), then catch up with my other neglected series. Look for a new R&R in the first half of 2016. Sorry for the delays!

Actually I love all your books (yes, those by ruby lionsdrake too), so another dragon blood book is good news for me too.
I was just rereading Thorn Fall last week and that underwear conversation again got me curious… that’s why I asked about that particular Series.

Oh yes, we must return and see how Alek is progressing in terms of underwear and getting accustomed to the world. 😉

Hmm just remebered that I’ve got a drawing of Alek inspired by the scene at the pool…

I found you through an anthology series found you through an anthology of urban fantasies with the first book in your Rest and Relic series. Reading the second book now absolutely love it! Glad to hear you will come out with another one in 2016.

I am so happy to see you have written other series I plan to buy them all I absohlutely love your writing style and interaction between the characters.

I’m a huge steampunk fan, and glad to see that you have written steampunk novels! Keep it up I too was a affiliate marketer and a blogger for years but had to go back to the real world. I am glad to see you’re able to live your dream!

Thanks for checking out the books and for visiting the blog, Virginia! I definitely plan to get back to Rust & Relics this year. 🙂

Lindsay; I have read all your series but Chains and Star Nomad, I am starting Warrior Mage now. Still waiting on more from Rust and Relics.

Lindsay, I too have really enjoyed all of your stories/novels, the only ones left I haven’t read us Raptor.
BUT…the story line of EE needs a wind up with the idea of Am & S having a child! You can’t just hang a story line like that out there and then just walk away 🙂 Like many messages above I am stuck at the moment on something to read next. Maybe I’ll be good for a while and read a non-fiction. Thanks again, Susan

I’ll keep it in mind, Susan. Thanks for reading! 🙂

Yes, I’ve had the same thoughts concerning the EE series…
I would love to see how Am&Sic deal with parenthood *g* and what their kids would be like

I get a lot of requests for that. We’ll see! 🙂

Have read all of your books now. They are all great. More please.

Thanks, Andres! 🙂

Have read all your books. Love them. More please.

New to your books and have devoured them all. Especial love is TEE. Bring back Am & Sic soon please!! Is flashgold 5 due out soon – u can’t leave cedar under arrest and us in limbo too long -_lol!! Keep up the (hopefully rapid) writing – the longer novel the better ! These dark evenings need filling somehow after all.

Thanks, Gill! I still need to finish the Flash Gold series, but 5 will be the last one and finally wrap everything up. 🙂

Hi Lindsay! A reader from Australia here 🙂
I absolutely adore your emperor’s edge series – especially the slow building romance between Sicarius and Amaranthe. I had to buy the whole series off amazon and I couldn’t sleep all night when I read these!

I have two questions to ask of you. Have you ever written a story describing Amaranthe’s birthday celebrations at the end of book 2?
Do your other series have a similar relationship to the one Amaranthe and Sicarius share?

Please keep writing, you’re truly an inspiring writer.


Hi Abhi!

I’m glad you enjoyed the EE books. I never did write down that birthday celebration. I think there might be a fanfic or two that covers it out there. 😀;c=4;sa=collapse;c3a97e9e=250493b151974cdbda2509500f4f73d8#c4 (link for some fan fic)

Right now, in my other series, there’s either not much romance, or things move along more quickly (7 books was a long time to stretch a love story!). If you haven’t read Encrypted and Decrypted, you might enjoy those stories (Tikaya and Rias’s romance, plus lots of adventure), as they’re set in the EE world. My Dragon Blood books kick off with a love story and then explore what happens after the initial getting together (also amid lots of adventure).

I hope that helps. Thanks for reading!

Thank you Lindsay for all your amazing series! I found your EE book series when I finished book 5 of Game of Thrones and didn’t know what to do with myself waiting for the next book to be released. I started with your Dragons Blood series this summer and quickly moved into the Emperors Edge through to your new Warrior Mage book. I have your last 2 latest Dragons Blood books to get back to and along with a few more I still can read. Bottom line is I love your stories, characters and similar to others can’t imagine not reading more about A & S and look forward to more on the other characters in the future! I’ve grown very attached to them through their trials and joy. I look forward to your new stories and really appreciate how quickly you publish your books!

Hi, Debbie! Thanks for stopping by and for checking out all of those books! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying my characters and stories. 🙂 I just finished the draft of the 2nd Yanko book, so look for that in early 2016, and maybe some more DB too. Thanks for reading!

I picked up Balanced on the Blade’s Edge on a whim after reading the comments on Kobo. Burned through that series quite fast. After visiting this website I was directed to the Emperor’s Edge series which I am also about to finish.

Excellent books, great series. Consider me hooked for life.


Glad you found the first one on Kobo, Sylvain, and glad you’ve been enjoying the stories too. Thanks for popping in! 🙂

I just want to say how much I’m enjoying “The Emperor’s Edge” series. It’s kind of rare to find such smart and engaging characters! Thank you for writing them.

Thanks, Sharon! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying them. 🙂

Hi Lindsay!

I love your books!!! I started with the Dragon Blood series because I found the first book through BookBub. I read the entire series including the .5 books and I’m pretty sure I’d finished the series in a couple of weeks…I had a lot of free time then — it was so good!!!

This month I started reading Emperor’s Edge series. Again I came across the first book through Bookbub and got hooked right away. I just finished reading Forged in Blood II today and I was so sad when I reached the epilogue because I didn’t want the series to end. I loved the characters in this book, especially Amaranthe and Sicarius! I can’t tell you how happy I was to read your Author’s note to discover there’s another book! I just bought Republic and just want to shout out, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I was not ready to say goodbye to your characters, I don’t know what your special formula was for this series but your gift of storytelling moved me to write you!

I’ve posted reviews on Amazon about the Dragon Blood series and I have yet to post about Emperor’s Edge (only because I’ve been reading the books back to back and have been so busy lately) but this series is my all time favorite! You are so awesome!

I also read way too much and am on a budget so subscribing to Bookbub has netted me a vast collection of free books but every once in a while, when I find a fantastic book, I open the wallet and it’s so worth it!

Thanks for being an awesome writer, it’s something I would love to do but I just don’t have that talent…I am a great reader though and LOVE LOVE LOVE your book!

Hi, Dinah! Thank you for stopping by the site and posting the kind comment. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the books — it’s great to know that you found them on Bookbub and then continued on with the series. That’s what we authors always hope will happen. 😀 Thanks for reading!

Is there any chance of getting the short stories “Ice Cracker II”, “Assassin’s Curse” available on Google Play for purchase in the future?
I’m hoping to keep the series in one place to make rereading easier. (I devoured the Emperor’s Edge books twice over, starting the first again as soon as I finished the last; such an addictive read!)

Hi, Colleen! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the EE books! I had to go hunting for old versions of the files and cover art for those stories, but I did upload Assassin’s Curse and the Ice Cracker II short stories on Google Play. They ought to be up in a few hours. If there’s anything else missing that you want, just let me know. Thanks for reading!

Gmail just recently alerted me of your reply, but thank you! I devoured “Assasin’s Curse” immediately! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find “Ice Cracker II”…

As well, I purchased the Dragon’s Blood/Blade’s Edge book set and am excited to dive in to another of your series!!!

My husband and I LOVE your books. We started with a free book Emperor’s Edge and continued to read them all. We have also read the Flash Gold series and waiting for another of that since I believe it was sort of a cliff hanger. We are also in the middle of reading Dragon Blood. You are so very talented, never are we bored. Thank you for the free book to start us on all your imaginative adventures in writing. We look forward to reading all your books.

Thank you, both, for reading! There actually is a new Flash Gold installment (Liberty) that wraps things up after that pesky cliffhanger. 🙂

Thank you for mentioning the new Flash Gold installment. We now have purchased Liberty and we will start reading right away…….

Hi Lindsay! Just finished the Dragon Blood series with Shattered Past to go, and similar to EE, PLEASE DON’T STOP! I love the characters! I’d love to see how Tylie grows into adventures of her own and see the world with dragons again. Similar to A & S, where could S & R’s lives take them…?

After reading Shattered Past, I’ll jump back over to read more about Yanko!

Thanks for your amazing stories! So easy to re-read again and again! 🙂

Thank you for the kind words, Debbie! I am planning to do a spinoff series in the DB world, and I’ll definitely finish Yanko’s story too. 🙂

A spin off from the DB sounds great! Just finished both The Fowled Proposal and Shattered Past which were both great DB stories! Next off to catch up with Yanko! Thanks! 🙂

Hi Lindsay 🙂

A year ago I stumbled upon EE and I gobbled up every last scrap you had to offer. I am now finished with EE9, read the series 3 times over, got 5 of my friends addicted to it and have been ruined for all other books. No matter what or how many other fantasy books I read (and I read a lot) nothing ever gets close to Am and Sic, you have ruined me!! So please, I beg you don’t stop writing, I honestly don’t care if you send them to the moon or Mars or any other absurd place, as long as they are there I will read anything you write. Plus you have made me very curious as to how on earth Sic will act with a pregnant Am at his side?? And I for one would love to see what an Am and Sic offspring would be like, wit parents like that, I can’t but help already being in love with whomever comes out 🙂 Though honestly with or without a baby, I will read whatever you write so please keep going!

Thanks for what you have already written you have given me hours and hours of fun.


I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the adventures with Amaranthe and Sicarius, Nika! I don’t have any moon stories planned in the near future, but I’ll keep your requests in mind. Quite a few people have showed interest in them having kids, hah. Thanks for reading!

I just finished reading your Dragon Blood series. I enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

You’re welcome, Doreen. I’m glad you liked them! I have plans to do an eighth one eventually. 🙂

I have to say, since I discovered the fun of reading on my Kindle AND have now enjoyed all of your stories and series in the last year, I find myself at a loss as to what I should do with my time. Waiting for your stories to be published is excruciating!

I suppose I could use some of that time to pay attention to my husband – he seems to think I’m addicted – hm…

Well, you are a great favorite of mine, and I can’t wait for the next character or continuation to arrive! It doesn’t matter which. If you write it, I’m reading it. I love your style.

Thanks Lindsay. Your stories transport me.
Kim J.

I’m glad you’re having fun with the books, Kim! I will forgive you if you take a break from reading to spend time with your husband. 😉

Hi Lindsay, I just finished the Emperors Edge series and it’s now my all time favourite book series. I enjoyed reading them so much, I hope there will be more (especially featuring Amaranthe and Sicarius ?)

I’m glad you enjoyed them, Gemma. Thanks for picking them up! I’ll at least be doing one more book that is a followup to Diplomats & Fugitives. 🙂

Love your books. Great to read that star nomad may run to 8 books but only on one condition write them fast ! It would be interesting if leonides “problem” got fixed before the very end as it would give an extra thread to the storey line for him coping with this new side on their relationship will still on a mission. Can we have a follow up to diplomats and fugitives please perhaps with Bas helping to get her children- ps don’t give sicarius fatherhood too soon the dynamics of that relationship are perfect as they are !! Keep up the great work

Hey, Gill! Leonidas will get a certain issue fixed before the last book. I’m outlining Book 7 now, and then it will be on to 8. The series should be complete in November, and then I’ll jump back to some fantasy! Thanks for reading!

So far I have, in the past two weeks, devoured all of the Dragon’s Blood series, nearly all of the EE series (working on the warrior mage now), and am out of Fallen Empire to read. Keep up the awesome work! When does the 6th FE book come out? I’m dying here! ;D

Thanks for reading, Carole. I’m glad you’re enjoying the books! I just released Fallen Empire 6, Arkadian Skies. 🙂

Just finished Arkadian Skies and as always was delighted. Torn between wanting to read very slowly to make it last and not being able to wait to turn the next page (electronically speaking) to see what happens. Can’t wait for Oct.
No pressure but also eagerly waiting for more excitement from Rust & Relics and Chains of Honor. You don’t really need to sleep do you? ?

I’m glad you enjoyed the new one, Mary! Chains of Honor 3 will be my next project once I finish up Fallen Empire this autumn. Hope to get another Rust & Relics out in 2017!

Lady Lindsay!
Took me over 70 years, but, now together by the printed page. Delightful thoughts and wordsmithing by you, as evidenced by the opinions above as well as my own glee in reading your works. Thank you so very much for sharing your talents/skills that make all of our minds stretch, stretch and stretch!
Ever in Sarasota FL, your charter fishing trip is on me. Thanks again!

Thanks, Michael! Florida sounds awesome. 🙂 Glad you’ve been enjoying the adventures!

Are there going to be any more Rust & Relics books after Thorn Fall?

Yes, Christine! I know it’s been a long time since the last installment. They’re not huge sellers for me, but I do plan to write a couple more to wrap up the series in a satisfactory way. 🙂

Is there a way on youre ebooks to always include the order such as you did with most of emperors edge.

Name of book (2,3 in emperors edge) etc

It’s very hard to keep track on the nook. In fact leading with the number and acronym (EE 2.3 name of book) would lost it perfectly!

I love your stories! They make me cringe cry and laugh within minutes of each other 🙂

Please keep writing. Dragons blood is my favorite but emperors edge is a case second quickly followed by gold rush 🙂

Also if you ever need extra editors- I’d love to help! Heck- in the words of Garfield ” I’ll send you a lasagna so you can enjoy life” and get to writing more of these characters amazing lives!

Is there a way on youre ebooks to always include the order such as you did with most of emperors edge.

Name of book (2,3 in emperors edge) etc

It’s very hard to keep track on the nook. In fact leading with the number and acronym (EE 2.3 name of book) would lost it perfectly!

I love your stories! They make me cringe cry and laugh within minutes of each other 🙂

Please keep writing. Dragons blood is my favorite but emperors edge is a case second quickly followed by gold rush 🙂

Also if you ever need extra editors- I’d love to help! Heck- in the words of Garfield ” I’ll send you a lasagna so you can enjoy life” and get to writing more of these characters amazing lives!

Thank you!! For the joy you’ve shared with me!

Hi Lindsay

I really love your novels and I already read through Dragon Blood, Encrypted and Emperor’s Edge, now jumping into your SciFi novel Fallen Empire. Though one question, as you have a wonderful reading list above, which I appreciated especially for Emperor’s Edge with those mini novellas in between, do you have something similar for the Fallen Empire ones?

Thanks in advance and kindest regards
Martin from Switzerland

Hi, Martin! The Fallen Empire series is actually getting its own website (since I’m going to do a spinoff series too), and everything will be listed there soon. In fact, we’ve got the main book list up now:

It’s Fallen Empire, Honor’s Flight, and Starseers for the first three. Thanks for reading!

Hi Lindsay

Awesome, thanks for the swift reply, I’ll dig into these and will also check out the new website.
I really like your novels a lot, they’re really great and having started one, I usually almost can’t let go until finished… 😁
Keep up your fantastic work!

Kind regards

Hi Lindsay

I Love your Books… all of them…Started with Dragon Blood wich i just brought because i needed something to read while Travelling and it was cheap but so good. Since then i didn’t stop reading your books. I liked Emperors Edge the most. Fallen Empire was great too! Right now i Started reading the second Chains of Honor. Can’t wait for Rust&Relics 3.

I even liked the books from Ruby. At first i was Sceptical because of the gerne, but the Storys are cool even through theres more sex in them, but the Plot gets enough Room.

Hope to Read many more great Books from you and Thank you for the great Storys and Worlds i could enjoy!

Sorry for Typing or Grammar Errors but i’m German and i’m not often Writing in English

Hi, Tobi! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the books (even those smutty Ruby ones :D). Thanks for reading. Hope all is going well over there in Germany!

What has happened to Akstyr?

Lindsay, I love your books! I do a ton of driving in my line of work so I listen to your books on audible. I have now listened to every single audiobook you have released. It must be a long process to get them on there, but is there a way for me to see upcoming releases on audible? I can’t wait for more books!

Hi, Kyle! Yay, thanks for listening. I’m glad you’re enjoying the audiobooks. I’m working on getting The Emperor’s Edge series out there (Book 5 should be approved within a week or two), and Podium is doing the Dragon Blood and Fallen Empire series. They’re working on the next installments of both, so I expect them to be out this spring.

Yay! That’s sooner than I thought! Emperor’s Edge is my current favorite but it’s the one I listened to last, and every time I listen to a different series of yours I convince myself it’s my favorite :p. I’ve never been so eager to have a long day of driving as when I am listening to your books. I hope you never stop writing!

Hi Lindsay, I’m a HUGE fan of your books! I saw on Goodreads that you were planning another Rust & Relics book last year. Is it still in the works?

Hi, Mona! I’ve been wrapped up in a couple of science fiction series, but I do plan another installment in both Chains of Honor and Rust & Relics in the next year. I really need to finish both of those series with a couple more books!

Hi Lindsay, I am currently working my way through your Emperor’s Edge series having previously read the Dragon Blood books – in factI have literally (please excuse the pun) just finished Shattered Past. So far, I have loved everything I have read but would love to know whether you are planning any further books in the Dragon Blood series. 🤞

I just finished Dragon Blood 1-3 and found it a good read and would like to read more but I do not have a Kindle reader and Amazon sells only Kindle as far as I can tell. I wish you well but without me and I wonder how many others.

I have read something like 15-20 of Lindsay’s books and so far they have all been available on iBooks, though i cannot speak for any other platforms.

im reading all my books, including lindsay buroker books, on my phone using an epub reading app
no need to use a kindle
i got her books from

I just finished all of the EE books and I NEED MORE! You can’t leave me hanging. I must know what happened to the 3 Couples. Miliki/sespian Ame/sicar and Bas/ Sakura. PLEASE!

Just finished the Dragon’s Blood box set 1-3 and was wondering if the other book were available in this format also or only sold separately.

I just finished Dragon’s Blood box set 1-3 are the others available in a set or can only be purchased separately?

[…] insanely deep and beloved by a ton of fans. It has also kicked-off a spin-off, so we’ll need Lindsay’s list of titles to keep track of it […]

Hi there. Absolutely adored the Rust and Relics books so far! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us lesser mortals. When will book 3 be published, please? I can’t wait to go on another adventure with Delia and to see if she and Alec become … something. Happy writing!

Lindsay can’t tell u how much I enjoy ur writing I’ve read everything and am now reading the EE
series for the fourth time wld love more
Congratulations ur imagination is amazing best of luck in future writing and fast 😄

How is Chains of Honor 3 comming along?

I saw it on the fan site! *blush*

Since you’re blushing, I guess “it” is that sketch of Alek I mentioned above?

Yup! 😉

I’ll probably try my hand at some of your other protagonists too… some when in the next weeks.

Thanks, Kelly! I’ll get back to those guys eventually. 🙂

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