Emperor’s Edge Universe [Fantasy Books]

Update: this page hasn’t been updated in a while — please check out my list of fantasy novels for a complete list of what’s out and the reading order. Thank you!

Someone found my site by typing in my name + Emperor’s Edge Universe, and I thought that was the coolest thing. Me, with a universe! So far it’s just two books and a couple of short stories, but I have a six-book series in mind, so I guess it’s never too early to create a web page for everything.

Emperor's Edge Fantasy Book Cover

Here’s what’s out there so far:

The Emperor’s Edge — The novel that starts it all! Just how did Amaranthe recruit that deadly assassin Sicarius to her team? And what was Maldynado wearing the first time she met him? These and other keep-you-up-late-at-night questions answered in the first adventure. Available for $0.99 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & Smashwords

Dark Currents — Book 2. When Amaranthe’s team discovers mutilated bodies in the city aqueducts and a mysterious illness incapacitates thousands of citizens, she and Sicarius see an opportunity to solve the mystery and prove their loyalty. But they’ll have to defeat vengeful shamans, man-eating predators, and deadly mechanical constructs, all while dodging imperial soldiers who would rather kill them than accept their help. Available for $3.99 at  Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Deadly Games — Book 3. When you’ve been accused of kidnapping an emperor, and every enforcer in the city wants your head, it’s hard to prove yourself an honorable person and even harder to earn an imperial pardon.

That doesn’t keep Amaranthe Lokdon and her team of outlaws from trying. When athletes start disappearing from the Imperial Games, they may finally have an opportunity to show the emperor that they’re on his side. If she and her comrades can get to the bottom of such a public mystery, they’re sure to get the credit.

But plans go awry when Amaranthe’s own men start plotting against each other, the new ally she’d hoped to acquire tries to turn her in, and her best fighter—and closest friend—disappears.

Maybe getting involved wasn’t such a good idea after all…

Ice Cracker II — A short story with Sicarius and Amaranthe. Available for free at Smashwords & Barnes & Noble.

Ice Cracker II (and other stories) — Includes the last short story and two more, one with Amaranthe and Sicarius and one where Books and Amaranthe are off investigating a haunted distillery together! Available for $0.99 at Amazon and Smashwords.

Ice Cracker II Fantasy Ebook Short Story Cover

Everything is in ebook form right now, but I’ll be looking into creating print editions eventually.

Thanks for your interest!

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Where can I find the audiobooks for Emperor’s books4-6?

Hi Susan, I’m having to look for a new narrator because Starla’s gotten so busy, so it’ll be a bit of a delay, but once things get going, I hope we can get them out fairly quickly.

Greetings, I’v Listened To The 3 Audio books And I’v Really Enjoyed Them. I’m A little Disappointed To Hear Starla Huchton Won’t Be Finishing The Series She Had A Lovely Voice For Your Book But I’m Sure You Will Find Some One Great. Keep Up The Good Work, And I’m Watching For More 😉

Thanks for listening, Cadarn. Yes, it’s tough keeping these narrators around for an entire 7-book series. They run off and get lives or something. 😀

As a hoplessly addicted fan, I need to know how a non kindle user can get her hands on books 4-7. The best days I’ve ever had at work was the 4 days of giggling aloud, cringing, and holding my breath while listening to books 1-3 in the audio format (my co-works think I’ve lost my mind). Love the work and I feel like a part of me is missing without knowing what’s going to happen next I’m totally invested in Amaranth…

Hi Holly,

Sorry it’s taking a while to get the rest of the audiobooks out there (I had to switch narrators). For paperbacks, you can pick them up at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. 4 & 5 are out, and 6 & 7 should be available in about a week or so. I just approved the proofs. 🙂

Thanks for following along!

Kind of sad to hear that you have to change narrators. I’ve so enjoyed the books so far…
I’m right there will Holly, making faces, scowling, arching eyebrows and chuckling out loud while listening at work, and while commuting to and from work.
I don’t often have the time to sit and read (that’s a true luxury) so good audio books are a real treasure, especially when I’m drawn into acting out the facial expressions. (I don’t care if my co-workers think I’m goofy)
Do you have a time line on when the rest of the audio books will be out? (I’m asking because I want to know if I should start a different ‘series’ of audio books, or just a single book)

Hi Tammy,

Thanks for listening! It’s going to be a while, I’m afraid, especially to get the whole series out there. I probably need to hire an assistant to handle this stuff, since I always tend to focus on writing new things rather than past projects!

It would be really cool if you would post extras on the series-like what sicarius has them doing in the morning for exercise, or what his diet actually consists of (not just what amaranthe remembers), what maldynado’s family tree is. or how to make sicarius’s travel bars, I dunno something fun, or short segments in other characters POV’s

Also-I think Laurence Fox is exactly what I picture sicarius to be-but with Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler) attitude!

Sorry-Keep remembering stuff I wated to say. I am also picturing Sicarius’s knife looking like a Scimtar- dunno why. Are these acceotable assumptions? If they aren’t I would like to fix it so I can visualize them properly

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Will there be an audio version of Book 4 of The Emperor’s Edge? I am so addicted to your books and it’s been so nice to Listen to them! Any information would be wonderful!
Thank you!

Thanks for listening, Hollie. Maybe someday, on Audible, but it costs thousands of dollars to make each audiobook, and I’ve never come anywhere close to making that money back, so it won’t be soon, I’m afraid.

I just devoured this series, except the short stories. I’m moving on to those next. Thank you for writing a great series! The banter and wit were entertaining the entire time. And about action packed.

I’m glad you enjoyed the stories, Mario. Thanks for giving them a read!

Found your books by accident, had no idea what steampunk was. so very glad I gave them a go. Must say I’m stunned at how amazing your stories are! You are the best Wordsmith I have read in some time. Sometimes I re read sentences just because they are put together so beautifully. Am crazy in love with all your characters. Just reading the Dragon Blood stories now, have read all the Emperor’s Edge series to date. Think I would like them in print versions too. You have a special talent. Please let us know if Amaranthe and Sicarius manage to have offspring together!

Hi, Pauline! I’m glad you found the books and have been enjoying them. Thank you for the kind words, also. 🙂 I haven’t planned any Sicarius & Amaranthe baby books yet, though you aren’t the first person to suggest that those stories might be fun!

Over the past five days, I have done little else but read the Emperor’s Edge and Sicarius turned out to be the answer I needed that would have taken me the next few years to figure out on my own. I know you couldn’t have known before you wrote the series, but thank you anyways.

I hope that means you’ve been enjoying the books, Sarah! Thanks for checking them out. 🙂

I have read piles and piles of books, and I can definitely say that the Emperor’s Edge is my favorite series ever. Sicarius is a lot like me, which is one of the big reasons I can’t stop reading. I hope you make it onto the NY bestselling list someday!

Thanks, Sarah! I’m glad you’ve connected with the books–and my assassin. 🙂

Dear Lindsay, I have just read 1-9 of the Emporer’s Edge. I am really hooked on these stories but need to know what happens next. Akstyr has surely completed his training by now. Will Bas become involved romantically and unite all their children as one big happy family?
Please let me know that you are writing another episode for Amaranthe and Sicarius to solve, accompanied, of course, by their trusted colleagues.
Your stories are fantastic, thank you. By the way I am a 65 year old teenager!

Thanks for stopping by, Peter! I do plan to write a sequel to Diplomats & Fugitives, probably next year. 🙂

Please do continue the Emperors Edge Series. I was sent to read your books by Jim Butcher’s website in his recommended reads. I can only say thanks to Jim for the recommendation and thank you for a great romp.

Thanks for checking out the EE series, Sharon! I’m glad you took a chance and enjoyed them. 🙂

Is there another book out soon?

What’s the time period for the series

What’s the time period for the series?

Thanks Lindsay

I have just read all of the EE series and have to say I agree with Peter you. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and am hanging out for the next instalments.

Thanks for the fabulous journey so far😊

I’m glad you had fun with the EE books, Susan. Thanks for reading! 🙂

Hi Lindsay, finished all the audio books available for EE and of course I loved it. Please tell me you are still planning audio releases for the rest of the series?!

Hi, Charmaine! Thanks for listening! Book 5 is finished and just waiting for approval with Audible. Should be out within a couple of weeks. 🙂

I found your Emperor’s Edge on Bookbub and downloaded it… after reading the first 2 parts, i was in the car telling my tweens about it, my 12 year old daughter is now reading it for her book report!! 🙂 Thank you for a great adventure story with strong male and female roles!!

That’s awesome, Jules. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the books with your kids. 🙂

I have not enjoyed a book this much, let alone a series in so long!! I am almost done with Dark Currents and have only been reading for a few days. Already looking forward to Deadly Games!!!

I’m glad you found the books and are enjoying them, Tia. Thanks for reading!

Are books 6-9 coming out in audiobook? I noticed everyone keeps pestering you about the audiobooks but your books are wonderful and the world moves so fast and driving is my only time for fantasy PLUS my 12 year old loves the books as well and we have a fantastic time discussing the stories. Thank you.

Hi Beth,

I’ll eventually get Forged in Blood 1 & 2 out there, but probably not Republic, as that book is huge and would cost more than $10,000 to have produced. The others are coming along slowly because I’m paying for the narration/production myself on this series, and honestly, don’t make enough on the audiobook sales to cover the cost, so it has to be when I have other projects that are going well, and some extra money is there.

Thank you for listening. I’m glad you’re enjoying them with your kiddo!

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