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If you like audiobooks, you can subscribe to the The Emperor’s Edge podiobooks for free. These high fantasy adventures are set in an era of steam and offer mystery, action, and a few chuckles here and there. Reviewers have called the heroes, “The A-team of Steam.”

Blurb for Book 1

Imperial law enforcer Amaranthe Lokdon is good at her job: she can deter thieves and pacify thugs, if not with a blade, then by toppling an eight-foot pile of coffee canisters onto their heads. But when ravaged bodies show up on the waterfront, an arson covers up human sacrifices, and a powerful business coalition plots to kill the emperor, she feels a tad overwhelmed.

Worse, Sicarius, the empire’s most notorious assassin, is in town. He’s tied in with the chaos somehow, but Amaranthe would be a fool to cross his path. Unfortunately, her superiors order her to hunt him down. Either they have an unprecedented belief in her skills… or someone wants her dead.

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Book 2 is now available:

Look for audiobook versions of the third and fourth novels later in 2012.

The Emperor’s Edge audiobooks will also be available to buy at Audible later this year (they’ll remain free at Podiobooks and iTunes).

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[…] an active participant in the podcasting community and a sought-after narrator (see her fine work in Lindsay Buroker’s The Emperor’s Edge) doesn’t think I’m promoting my work, then clearly I’m […]

Hi Lindsay!

When do you think that you will release more audiobooks of the Emperor’s Edge?

Book 4 is in the works. We had to switch narrators so it’s taken a while to get going again. Thanks for listening!

Do you have a new reader actively working on the next book, at this point?

(Just wondering, because I absolutely love the series, and as a narrator myself, most assuredly would have thrown my hat into the ring had you put out a call for a new narrator.)

Good luck with the project!

Any update on the next audiobook? It’s a shame about the narrator. She was good!

Hi Lindsay,
I ran across your name on one of those ‘Best of’ blogs… and I was excited when I found your site. However, it seems the first audiobook is down. Do you think the Emperor’s Edge will ever be available on Podiobooks again?
Thanks and have a great 2014!

Hi Lindsay,
I really enjoy your books. I was wondering about the audiobooks you have released. Are there any plans to release “Encrypted”? I actually started with “Encrypted” and it is still my favorite of books. I just downloaded the 3 your have released on Audible, Congrats!


Thanks for reading and listening, Heike. I still need to get the rest of the EE series out on audio before thinking about the other books (lost my narrator and haven’t gotten around to getting back on track yet). I’m glad you enjoyed Encrypted though!

Loving this greatly. Spoiler!

High. Fantasy. A-Team! I should be groaning, but this is great. On to book 2!

Thank you, Nate. 🙂 I hope you enjoy the second one!

Hi Lindsay! Greetings from norway! Love your work! Amazing stories!! Cant wait for the “conspiracy” release on audio book! 🙂 I have recomended it to all i know up here in The cold north! 😀 Any release date for the no. 4 book? Cant wait! And let me know if you want any graphic works done(for free!) Would love to give something back for the many hours of entertainment you have shared with us 🙂 Yours sincerrely, Petter Smedsmo!

Hi, Petter! Thanks for following along with the books and for stopping by the blog. My goal is to get back to the audiobooks this year and get more of them out there!

Hi Lindsay,
Im just starting the 3rd audiobook of the emperors edge series. Fantastic so far! I’ve read some of the comments about getting back on track with the 4th book. I can’t wait and I’m going to join the newsletter to keep up with what’s going on. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for listening, Greg! I’m auditioning producers for the first book in my Rust & Relics series now, and I hope to find someone awesome that will want to finish up the EE series too.

Hi Lindsay, I wanted to throw in my 2cents as well. I just finished book 3 in the EE series, the audio version . I am so glad to read you have plans to put the rest on audio. I can’t wait. I truely loved those books and the characters you created. I also loved the narration of the books. Thank you for the hours of enjoyment you provided me..

Thanks, Doug!

Hi Lindsay, I love the Emperor’s Edge (EE) series but now I am left hanging after listening to Deadly Games. there are many people who can only listen to books and it is so frustrating when you know there are more as ebooks but not in Audio. I would have thought it made good commercial sense for you also.

Such a shame about ‘loosing’ your narrator, she was brilliant and it always messes wit one’s head when another narrator takes over another as they pronounce things differently, the characters sound different (obviously).

Please get all the EE series onto audio / podio as soon as you can. I just love the characters.


Thanks for listening, Antony. I haven’t come anywhere close to making back the thousands I invested in the first three audiobooks, so there really isn’t a financial incentive, unfortunately. I would like to finish out the series one day, but it will probably take a couple of years to get around to it.

Just finished your 1st 3 Dragon Blood books, which I bought from Audible. I will now buy the 4th on Kindle. I prefer the audio version as I can listen while I’m out and about. It’s a lot harder to find the time to sit down and read, but for this series I will find some time. 🙂

Thank you


(P.s. Sorry you haven’t made your money back yet)

Thanks for listening, Jason! Podium Publishing is doing the audio of Book 4 (Jan 29th release) and 5, but it does take a little longer to get those out than the ebooks.

Greetings Ms Lindsay!

i so love your Emperor’s Edge series. its just sad i don’t think its available right now in the Philippines. im planning to buy it online so that i’ll be able to read the rest of the books which were not on wattpad. i really support you and all your’re one of my favorite fantasy author now!



im having a baby boy and im planning to name him after Sicarius…yay!

Hi Ms. Buroker,

I’m also sorry you haven’t made your money back with the audiobooks. However, I thought you might like to know about how they encouraged me to buy more of your books.

I had originally gotten the first three books of E.E. on kobo through a bookbub deal. I liked them, but life happened and I forgot about them after a few months. Then I saw that you had put out audiobooks of them! So I re-purchased all three books from amazon just so I could also purchase the audiobooks.

And the audiobooks got me back into the E.E. series, so now I’m moving on to the further books in the series in e-book format from amazon.

I don’t know how many others were like me, but I wanted to point out that you could have gotten some “hidden” income from your investment in the audiobooks.


I have to agree with Anthony it’s frustrating when a series you enjoyed just stops, its a real disappointment. These day most don’t have time to sit and read books. I have enjoyed so many books that I would have otherwise not read due to audibles. Honestly with todays tech why do authors even publish to paper? Audiobooks and the right narrator bring the books to life,. I really hope you find a way to publisher the remaining emperors series… I have paid approximately 20 for each audio book and I now own all of your books that have been published to date. I really hope you are able to release the rest sooner than later.



My name is Ariel and im a huge fan of the emperors edge series. But since my first experience with them was as an audio book that’s the only way i can continue them. I was wondering if more will be made. I am willing to pat for them if they wit e available on podiobooks anymore.

thank you.

Hey, Ariel! Thanks for reading (listening) to the books. I am planning to continue with the series eventually, but I’ve lost the narrator and haven’t heard from the production company that did the first three. I’ll be on my own for the rest, and they’re not inexpensive to make, so it won’t be right away.

I’m just coming out of back-to-back binge listening to the first three audiobook of EE (boy were they addicting!). I love the world, love the characters, and the storyline is great (I can’t wait to see what happen when Sespian finally meets with Amaranthe and Sicarius together).

I hope the audiobook production does recommence as that is the best way for me to read books nowadays. I have no problem paying for audiobook versions. Lastly, I gotta give you a lot of props for thinking up Sicarius. The guy is both the scariest and yet at time can also be one of the funniest of the bunch. He’s too epic.

Thanks for listening, Fabre! Sicarius was a fun one to write. 🙂

Wow I have no idea how to start this comment. Wow just wow. Right now I am fan girling so much I can not think straight. That is how much I love the Emperor’s Edge series. I have been reading and rereading books 1-3 for more than year. I just love the books so much! ^-^

Sicarius is my mentor. Most girls have a crush on him but at sixteen, thirty five is just way out of my league! Anyway I am crazy about the way he talks, his skills, his self-control basically everything. I wish he could train me just like my darling Malynado but I am pretty sure he would see me as unnecessary and expendable. It’s sad but the truth… :'(

That is where Armanthe comes in. She can talk anyone, even him, into doing things they least expect. She is just so cool and that’s why she is my scamming buddy. Any girl that can defend herself and stand up for what she believes is my hero! Further more she and Sicarius make such an awesome couple. Why can’t they adopt me?! (Crying bitterly inside). Sespian is so lucky to have such a cool stepmother (to be) even though he did have a crush on her….

Malynado is my big friend. I only refer to him as my darling Malynado. He is just so awesome. His silly humor can put a smile on my face any day. I don’t know how the group would survive without his jokes. I’m sure Books would disagree but oh well every clique needs a comedian.

Books, who I love to call Brooks, reminds me a bit of myself cause we both talk for a long time when we are passionate about something. Yeah I’m pretty sure you can figure out I talk alot…. Sorry about I tend to get carried away.

I really wanted you to know how much your books mean to me. You’re my favorite author and I just love how you can continue a series for so long and still keep readers on their toes. I am yet to read Books 4-9 and all the .5s but I have sworn almost everyday for the past year that I have to read the 12or so books before i die. I am counting down the days until I get my credit card or convince my mom to give me back my debit one.

You have inspired my writing and allowed me to see the many faults in my work. I hope to publish my books next year. They are a bit of a handful when clashing with my schoolwork but they are my pride and joy.

Before I go I would like to send a shutout to Balisard, my wonderful chef friend. Hope you see your daughter again, find a great woman and get back your voice. Just don’t try to kill Sicarius again….cause you would have lost that fight. Oh and Akstr, who’s name I still can’t pronounce. Thanks for healing Armanthe and a piece of advice don’t stare at a naked girl you might just get attacked. Follow Malynado he’ll teach you the ropes and one final thing be respectful to Books he doesn’t need to be reminded that he is not a father again.

Hi, Othneilia! Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the books! (Hey, I’m sure Sicarius wouldn’t deem me worthy of training either. :D)

°∆°??? Oh my G.O.D!!!! I can’t believe you replied! Is there a way for me to contact you for I have so many questions to ask. ^-^ ^-^

I see your email in my box. I’ll reply soon. 🙂

I’m super late to the party, but I am LOVING these. I work in manufacturing and have audiobooks on all day everyday (and very very little time to read). I love you offered the first three free, but I want more and will pay ALL THE MONEY for them. Shame about losing your narrator, she was very good. I know audiobooks are quite expensive to produce and you surely have countless other projects going on, but I wouldn’t have had the chance to enter this wonderful world you’ve built without these audiobooks. Thanks for making them in the first place and I hope it’s possible to listen to the rest in the future!

Thanks, Hannah. I’m glad you enjoyed the first three! I definitely do plan to get the rest of the series out there eventually. 🙂

I’ve re-read all of the posts to avoid duplicate questions… Is EE4 on audiobook yet? I haven’t seen confirmation, but it appears it is in-progress.

I’ve seen your comments on audiobooks and how costly they are. Have you considered Other part-time authors are using it to either quit their job or to help fund their work.

On your readers have the opportunity to fund more books (and audiobooks) that way!


Hi, Dave! Book 4 is now available through Audible/Amazon/iTunes:

I have been considering doing a Patreon to help finance the production of the rest of the series. We’ll see how much extra time I have for putting together extra content in 2017. Thanks!

Big fan of your stories dear. Big fan, was wondering if there is an update on whether or not you’ve secured a narrator to finish the audiobooks for the rest of the series.

Binge listening at my desk at work and just finished book 5. i’ve been dying to know when and if the rest are going to come out soon?

Thanks for your many talents and storytelling 🙂


Hi Lindsey, we actually just got 5 our this spring. Vivienne will be narrating the rest of them, but getting them produced is an expensive endeavor, so I need to do it gradually. Thanks for listening!

That’s great news! I’m saving my Audible credits for when they do! 🙂

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