Goblin Brothers [Middle-Grade Children’s Fantasy]

Goblin Brothers Cover Art

While I don’t have a novel out for my Goblin Brothers characters yet (soon!), for $0.99 you can pick up a collection of short stories featuring these spunky young heroes. You can also read several of the stories online for free at Goblin Brothers Children’s Stories.


They’re short, they’re scrawny, they’re green, and they want to be heroes. The problem? Goblins are supposed fish, forage, and stay out of the world’s way, not challenge odious villains.

But Malagach and Gortok aren’t going to let a few rules keep them from their dreams.

Armed with their wits, their stolen (er, borrowed) books, and their scavenged tools, they’re ready to eradicate the evils around their mountain home. Or get in a lot of trouble trying….

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