Emperor’s Edge Fan Art? Oh, Yes…

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As I’ve mentioned before, the awesome Amanda Findley started a forum for Emperor’s Edge fans, and there’s a thread on there where people are posting fan art. I’ve been told, though, that you have to be registered for the forum to see the pictures, so I thought I’d share a few of them here. I’ve already posted some of these on my Facebook page, but these may be new for some of you. I get a huge kick out of them. If you’re a reader, I hope you enjoy them!

Amaranthe scheming something new… by Alex Baird

Sergeant Yara by Rebekah Kjos

Sicarius by Heather

Amaranthe and Sicarius by Catherine

Maldynado and Yara by Alex Baird

The team survives another explosion… by Cam

Amaranthe by SketchingBarefoot

Sicarius by Alex Baird

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Fan art! And it’s so good. Now I’m seriously envious.

Maldynado and Sicarius, yummy! Oh and you can click for bigger pictures. I didnt see that at first. Love!

I LOVE Amaranthe’s expression in the first one. You can almost see the fireworks going off in her head.

The team standing in front of the flaming wreckage made me laugh, too.

Nice work by all the artists!

Cool guys don’t look at explosions, yeah!

You definitely ought to talk to one/some of these artists about doing a graphic novel. 🙂

I just love these!

Very nice!

Fan art surely has to be one of the best things that an author can receive. Yes, I’m sure money is nice, but to know someone has parted with cash, bought your book and THEN loved it so much they felt compelled to draw…..wonderful!

Awesome artwork! *Plunges back into the first Emperor’s Edge novel*

Those are fantastic. I’d have them on my wall. I’m geeky that way though. lol

I was thinking of the fridge myself… 😉

Fan art! Woot!

I know how it makes you feel. A beta reader who was kind enough to review an early version of my WiP not only sent his comments, but a drawing of the “cast” as well.

You know you’ve struck gold when fans are compelled to draw pictures of your characters.

Cool of you to post these.

Check out this graphic I created of Amaranthe (although I think I gave her a younger look)

Cool, thanks for sharing the picture, Aurora! 🙂

Ha. Warm and fuzzy inside to see my young Sicarius made the cut. There are some super talented artists on the forums!

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