Book Promotion Tip: The 80/20 Rule of Facebook Marketing with Cidney Swanson

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I’m lost in the wilderness of Idaho, but fear not, we have more guests with book promotion tips.

Up today is Cidney Swanson, author of Rippler.

Here’s my tip for using Facebook for marketing: use the 80/20 rule. That is, for every two times you promote your work/novel, you want to have made eight posts about something else which is potentially interesting or beneficial to your readers.

Practically speaking, for me, this might look like this:

1-post on a meal at a great restaurant
2-post on what I’m cooking today
3-post on the state of my garden
4-post linking to a writing/reading article
5-post linking to another author’s work
6-post about something silly the cat just did
7-post linking to a writing/reading article
8-post about a great movie to catch
9-post about my novel being reviewed
10-post about my novel coming out in paper version

Not everyone will care about what I ate or what my cat is doing, but it sure beats hearing nothing from me except “buy my book here!”

I’ve linked my facebook author page to be tweeted as soon as I post, which is another way of keeping yourself out there. (Plus, it’s painless and automated.) FB and Twitter are all about being in conversations, so start one!

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Very good advice. I’m trying to get the hang of twitter, most of which I learned from Elizabeth Craig. Thanks.

Good advice. I follow that on Twitter. I don’t use FB much anymore. I’ve tried to remedy that, but no, I’m not willing.

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