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Hey, guys! After the lively discussion in the comments section of the Sicarius interview, one of the readers made a forum for chatting about the books. (I imagine you can chat about anything fantasy-related.) If you want to talk to other readers with similar tastes, check it out:

The Emperor’s Edge Forum

Also, we’re about to hit 1,000 Facebook “likes” and 1,000 email newsletter subscribers, so it seems like an appropriate time to do a contest or giveaway or something of that ilk. I’m hoping to have the paperbacks of Encrypted and Conspiracy done by the end of May, so maybe I can give away some signed copies.

But what shall the contest be based on? Design ideas for Maldynado’s next hat? Theme song nominations for our heroes? Casting calls for the characters (who should be so-and-so if there were a movie…)? Something else?

If you have any suggestions, shoot ’em out. Thanks!

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How about a photo contest where everyone dresses up as their favorite character?

Oh, excellent, Leslie. I second that motion!

But… we only ever got descriptions of some off Maldynado’s outfits. And Sicarius’s, of course.

LOL, I’ve been thinking lately that “Better Than Me” by Hinder sorta suits Sicarius’s attitude towards Amaranthe. Though “Love Song Requiem” by Trading Yesterday is probably a better fit.

Okay, so a contest idea… Hm…

Name for Sicarius’s mother, who may or may not ever show up in the books? That way, you’ll already have it if she does. :p

Or… Huh. I don’t know. I like the theme song idea. 🙂

both songs absolutely fit- just downloaded love song requiem
if the contest was theme songs, the result could be aEE playlist- I like it

I second the theme song idea.
Just to clarify, though, would it be one song for the whole team or one for each of the members? I guess that’d be anounced later if it’s chosen, huh.

I just listened to Surviving Through the Game by Katt McConnell and think it would work for a general theme song

design or suggest a recipe for each character… EE cookbook

Ooooh a recipe for those apple pastries!

A recipe for Sicarius’s “meat bar” things 🙂

I’d do the casting characters. That’s a challenge plus you get to see How others see the characters. Considering Sicarius’s seriousness, I wouldn’t do a theme song for the whole team, though Maldynado, I think, truly deserves one.

Totally! I have pretty firm ideas in my head about how almost everybody looks. But I would love to see what other people think.

I think we should do that anyway if it’s not selected for the contest. I really want to see what other people think of the characters. Plus I have actors in mind for almost everyone. 🙂

How about suggesting what ‘real world’ jobs, past & present, each notable character would have if they ended up in our reality? Please note ‘CEO’, ‘President’ & ‘Dicator For Life’ are not ‘real’ jobs. I’m talking about what most of us have to deal with on a regular basis. You can use the past as far back as Roman times or just a month ago, but no future tech stuff. That would be just silly.

Can I put this on the forum? It would be a fun thread.

Go ahead. You have my permission.

Thanks for the suggestion, James!

Is “Supreme Commander” forbidden too? I think I have that as my job description on Facebook. 😀

Tough call. I think that’ll pass muster, but it’s a bare call.

Hi Lindsay.

This isn’t my idea but I thought it could work well. Have your readers have their favorite character do a letter or entry on they feel about the author who created them. Could be fun!

Some sort of fan fiction contest would probably be well-received.

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