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patterns-in-the-dark-audiobookHello, audiobook fans!

As you may already know, Podium Publishing is producing my Dragon Blood series. If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the first three books are available in one collection (a crazy good deal if you buy with Audible credits or if you already own the ebook, since you can add the audio for only $2.99 through Amazon).

Now, the fourth book in the series, Patterns in the Dark, is also available.

You can pick it up at Audible, Amazon, or iTunes.

Thanks for listening!

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Hey Lindsay,

Is there a perma-free strategy with Audio books? Are there any specific services you are using to promote?

I wish, M-S! ACX controls all of the pricing, so you can’t run sales or anything on the audiobooks you publish through them. You can publish an audiobook on your own through Podiobooks and make it free, but it won’t show up on Amazon. It’ll be like a podcast on iTunes.

I’ve heard of a couple of audiobook sites where you can plug your stuff, but I’m not sure how effective they are. Right now, I just plug them on my author Facebook page and to my newsletter subscribers and hope that some of the regular readers will want to listen too.

how quickly are they going to be producing these? I really enjoyed the dragon blood series and am enjoying the audio books now. although I admit I still like reading better because I create the voices myself in my head, the audiobooks are nice to use in places where I am doing mundane tasks that I cant read a book through.

i am a rereader, so if i like a book or series of books, i have found it nice to have it in multiple forms. i really appreciate some of yours being in audio format too! thanks!

I’m not sure, Elka! They give me the dates a few weeks in advance. They’re working on my Forgotten Ages boxed set now (Encrypted, Enigma, and Decrypted), but they did ask for the manuscripts for DB5 and the Kaika novella.

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