Summer Projects and Will There Be More “Emperor’s Edge” After Republic?

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If you’ve been following my Emperor’s Edge series, you probably already know I published the eighth book with Amaranthe, Sicarius, and the others last month. Republic was a big story and a bit of a departure for me (six point-of-view characters and over 200,000 words), but so far the reception from long-time readers has been positive. And the question has come up…

Will there be more adventures with these characters?

Probably, maybe, I think so. How’s that for a definitive answer?

Right now, my focus is on writing the first few novels in what I never planned to be a series (I wrote Balanced on the Blade’s Edge as a stand-alone fantasy romance novel, but, thanks to your reviews and support, it’s done well at Amazon — it hung out in the #1 steampunk position for over a month, and it’s still selling nicely. In addition, I realized I wanted to explore the world more thoroughly and add some more characters to the mix) as well as writing the long-neglected sequel to Torrent. I’d like to do a series there too. Getting these series off the ground is the summer project. (I’m also doing my final edits on the fourth Flash Gold novella — that’ll be ready to go before summer.)

After that, I’ll look to the Emperor’s Edge world again. As I’ve mentioned before, I have plans for a Nuria trilogy that stars Yanko from the Swords & Salt novellas, as well as Dak, who you might know now from Republic.

As for Amaranthe, Sicarius, and the rest of the EE crew, I’m mulling over how I might do some more adventures with them that could possibly appeal to brand new readers as well as regulars. I’m not sure yet whether Am & Sic would be the focus of a new series or if they would be side characters in it with someone else taking the role of narrator and main protagonist. Some of the other characters have some more growing to do (poor Maldynado is still trying to figure out his life), whereas Am & Sic are pretty well fleshed out at this point. Nothing is set in stone yet though. If you have thoughts, I’d love to hear them.

Anyway, that’s what I’m working on this summer. The next thing out will either be Claimed (FG4) or Deathmaker (the next book in the Blade’s Edge world). Thanks for reading!

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As much as I enjoy Amaranthe and Sicarius, I wouldn’t mind seeing them become minor characters so that Sespian and Mahliki can take the spot light. Perhaps Sespian can be commissioned for some architectural work back in the islands?

Or just get them involved with a whole new crew of crazies.

Maldynado has been fun, too, but without any growing up, he’s getting a little repetitive.

I am super excited about the next Flash Gold and the Nuria trilogy! As far as Amaranthe, Sicarius, and the rest of the Emperor’s Edge crew, I would love to see more of them. I have completely fallen in love with Am and Sic and would be lying if I said I didn’t want them to feature as the main characters if you did another series in the Emperor’s Edge world. However, if that proves to be unlikely I would still love to see them as minor characters with the rest of the gang.

I really hope you do more EE books. I think the Sespian and Mahliki story has a lot going for it and I would like to see more on them. Maybe with a A & S side story? That said I would love to see another A & S book too.

Sword and Salt was also a lot of fun, as was Dak so really anything in the world I would be excited about.

I liked the Blade’s Edge book and I am happy to hear you are working on more of those. The same goes for the FG books.

Personally I am not really interested in any more Torrent books. The writing is good but the story was not even close to the same level as the EE, BE, and FG books. I have loved everything else you have done and I really want to like Torrent but I just don’t.

You are an amazing writer! Anything you write I will buy and give it a try. I recommend your books all the time:) I hope you have a good summer.

I agree with all the above comments.
I love all the stories.

I would love for Amaranthe and Sicarius to be the focus of more books, or at least as co-POV characters. It’d be really interesting to see how Sicarius in particular transitions into a new career while embarking on new adventures with Amaranthe – he’s not exactly popular in other countries, after all, and there’ll be plenty thrown their way. Plus I’m sure they’ll play a big role in events post-Republic; I have a hard time seeing those two staying quietly out of the way. 😛

That said, I wouldn’t mind stories with Maldynado as the main character (in which case Am & Sic could be co-POV), since there’s definitely a lot more to explore with his character. Or even Sespian… it could be bit of a reunion for the gang, couldn’t it?

I’d love to see more of Sespian with his family situation! However I am really excited with the Balanced on the Blade’s edge series! And the book that comes after Torrent!

I’d love to see a Yara short story at some point (possibly a team up between her and her country’s new spymaster could be all sorts of awesome).

I’d like to see what’s become of Akstyr now that he’s on the Kyatt Islands…

I too would be lying saying if I didn’t mind seeing Am&Sic go… I’d love to see them continue to grow and change and evolve and live together more. Super pumped for my Flash Gold! And Yanko and Blades Edge and..oh… Everything! Torrent was such a change reading going from high fantasy steampunk to modern Indiana Jones chick. But it was great and I trust your writing to be awesome. And I’ll be frank, I would read your grocery list. That’s how great you are.

I love the EE gang, oh how I do but if I had to choose who should get the focus I would still choose Amaranthe. I’m getting used to the Sicarius POV more now though.

So glad you’re doing more with the Balanced on the Blade’s Edge series. The main characters really grabbed me on this one, and I was hoping they were up next for your writerly attentions. There’s nothing like falling in love with a new set of characters. I was happy to revisit the EE crew with Republic, but glad to see you doing other stuff as well. Thanks for all the great books. You’re now one of those “I’ll buy anything she publishes” authors because I can always count on your books being fun. And life can always use more fun!

I would be terribly disappointed if Amaranthe and Sicarius weren’t the main protagonists of future EE novels! 🙂 I can understand that you might want to give other characters a chance in the spotlight, but none of them have captured my affection and interest as much as A. and S. Do continue!!

During the break from Emperor’s Edge I picked up all three of the Flash Gold chronicles. Kali and Cedar are ingenious together and I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

Emperor’s Edge has been great, but I haven’t picked up Republic yet as I felt the end of Forged in Blood II was pretty satisfying. I have enjoyed the short stories and would like to see those keep popping up as you work on other story lines.

See, your site is so popular someone is trying to sell spandex underwear!

I’m joining the ‘I’d love more EE/Republic novels’ wagon. Amaranthe is a brilliant character, a crazy genius with an awesome sense of humor. Add to that Sicarius, the perfect partner in crime (who else could pull off her crazy ideas?), the hilarious goofyness of Mal, the wicked humor and competence of Bas (and the great interaction between Mal and Bas), the threat of Yara, the shy strength of Sespian. Not to forget the pant-puller…. an awesome team.

The whole part of Republic with Am and DM (not too much of a spoiler) was by far the funniest part of the book. There is a certain play of wit between Am and the other characters that I would miss if it was always just Am and Sicarius together. I love side adventures with Am & Sic, but feel like the perfect blend is when they then come back and interact with others from the EE books. The humor and craziness is what makes these books unique for me. How many books actually make you laugh out loud?

For me Dak was the strongest new character entry. I can see him being a lot of fun. I also pondered on how Sicarius evolves (especially following the epiphany he had). I don’t feel like I always need PoV from Sic (not that I don’t love them!!!), but Amaranthe’s characterisation of him seems so perfect and funny that it feels like it covers both of them, while adding to the mystery 😛

Can’t wait for the next Torrent either! Bring it on!

Blab, blab, blab! 😀

Thank you for the comments, EatWorm. Ah, yes, some of the spam is getting past the spam filter these days. 6,375 spam comments were caught though. 😀

Well, Yanko from S&S is shaping up to be a diplomat – and ally of the young prince who’s rather non-traditional in his views of Turgonian relations 🙂
Considering that Yanko’s missing mother is a pirate queen, I could see ocean and islands in his future – like the Kyatt islands, perhaps? We already have some characters of his generation located there. I still expect Amaranth to be tapped for her diplomatic potential, and the Kyatt islands are about the only place Sicarius doesn’t have a price on his head. And then there is the unresolved issue of Sicarius’ mother’s family….
But, hey! Write whatever your passion leads to. I’ll read it!

I do indeed have plans to send Yanko to see in his first book, including a stopover on the Kyatt Islands. I’m not sure Am & Sic will be there, but we may have to check in on Akstyr. 🙂

Please more Am & Sic, they’re genius characters that have you on the edge of your seat while giggling. And together with the team, just perfect.×540/fit/hostedimages/1381465458/4911841.gif

I second the vote to give Yara more attention, but I think any of your characters could pull off being the star of the show. You have a rich, full world that I would love to see more of too, no matter which characters’ eyes we see through.

Torrent was my favorite of your new work in the last year, and I can’t wait for the sequel!

Dear Lindsay Buroker,

write whatever your creative mind feels like giving away. I would read anything from you. I still have to write the FG series and Balanced on a Blade’s Edge and Torrent, so I’m not even going to beg for more A & M right now. I am excited that you are thinking about Dak 🙂

Have a great, productive and fun summer!

Do you know when “Republic” will be available in paperback, and are you planning on giving the print treatment to the Emperor’s Edge short stories?

My designer has the files, so it shouldn’t be long, Tara. 🙂 I can look into the short stories. At the last, I feel I should do the novella (Beneath the Surface) set between Books 5 & 6, since that was actually a somewhat important part of the overall story. At least in Maldynado’s eyes!

Yes please more of the whole crew! I would also love to see more of Sespian and Mahliki and Mal and Yara, too.

I really like Am&Sic, but I have to agree — I think that they have reached Tik&Rias status. That means I would love to have some one-off vignettes from their viewpoint of the main action, but they are well enough understood that there is less tension and mystery in seeing through their eyes.

Maldynaldo and Evrial were fun, and I liked what you did with the career tension, but the end of Republic would need to redeemed. I didn’t get the full sense of their angst in making the decision, and frankly Maldynaldo had very little action towards Evrial. In a way, she’s doing all of the wooing, and that is frustrating, because Maldy is the one who was so clearly created as truly needing to build a wider viewpoint.

Mahliki and Sespian are fun, but they need some real obstacles in their day-to-day goals to make them more fun — they almost feel too blessed sometimes. Loved the vines angst though.

I would personally take any and all new books set in the EE world; I’ve fast fallen in love with this steampunk fantasy adventure, and am loathe to leave it so soon, if at all! I love everyone: the whole gang, the new gang, even our new Nurian protags. That being said, Am and Sic are my obvious choice to remain the main POVs in the novels, but I agree that at least giving them a co-POV spot would suffice, because there are so many other characters we need to meet and get to know!

Thanks for chiming in, Ciera! I’m sure I’ll have to revisit those guys at some point. 🙂

I really love the EE world. I would love to read more about Am and Sic, though I wouldn’t mind knowing about the other’s too. But still… Am and Sic!!! <3

Thanks, Zalys! They may make appearances in future stories. 🙂

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