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A reader emailed me and asked me if I was dead. I guess that’s a sign that it’s time to update the blog?

I make fairly regular updates on Facebook and Twitter, but the blog has sadly been neglected. The last six books I published were under my pen name (science fiction romances starting with Orion), and I don’t usually announce those releases here.

There were only supposed to be three novels in the pen name series, a tidy trilogy, but as typically happens to me, the original idea expanded, and now it’s been seven months since I’ve published anything as myself. (I know, in traditional publishing, a book a year is standard, but not here, where I like to make a living from my writing.)

The good news is that I’m back. And for those who have been missing my fantasy, I’ve got some more coming.

I’ve written the first three books in what was supposed to be a trilogy (see a theme here?) set in my Dragon Blood world. It’s a spinoff, called Heritage of Power, and focuses on some new characters, but Ridge and Sardelle have small roles, and Jaxi, Captain Kaika, and Blazer from the original series are also along for the ride. And Duck. Let us not forget the noble pilot Duck. In Book 3, he finds a way to crash his flier into the only watering hole in a desert.

I’ve also been sketching ideas for a wedding book focusing on the original Dragon Blood characters. I listened to the audiobooks that Podium Publishing put out of the original series earlier this fall, and that’s what inspired me and got me excited to return to that world.

As for existing series, I do want to make some progress on them in 2018. I finally got cover art for Chains of Honor 3, and that’s going to be the next of the older series to get a new installment. Maybe two, as I believe that one will be complete with four books.

I eventually want to do a couple more books in the Sky Full of Stars series too. That might be later in 2018, as I have tentative plans for something new next summer. I’m not sure yet whether it will be scifi or fantasy, as I have ideas in both genres calling to me.

Finally, for those kind souls who have asked for more Rust & Relics books, I haven’t forgotten about the series, and I plan to write a couple more novels to satisfactorily wrap things up, but those books never sold well for me and weren’t particularly well-received by fans of my other series. (Sky Full of Stars is in the same boat, to be honest.)

I absolutely don’t want to leave things hanging indefinitely, but I basically need something else to currently be selling well to take time to work on new installments in a series that doesn’t sell well.

I’m crossing my fingers that the new Dragon Blood books will do well, especially since what was supposed to just be a trilogy has expanded once again. Many thanks to all of you who have read them (and all the other books too). Your support has been awesome and amazing!



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I wanted to let you know that at least I am a huge fan of Rust and Relics and Sky Full of Stars.

I like all of your series.

I’m with Jonathan and Marti…SFOS got us happily through a long road trip. All kinds of fun ways to make that series longer. You left it at a good spot though. Thanks for that! I had a blast reading Rust and Relics too.
FYI…I get alerts for anything you or Ruby put out and I promptly buy them. I need you. Me me me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for the support and for following both pen names, Dan! Glad the books helped with the road trip. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love all your books! They all sell well with me!

Glad for an update. Just re-read all the Emperors edge books. Definitely my favorite! Anything coming that way soon? ๐Ÿ™‚

Eventually, I need to do the sequel to Diplomats & Fugitives. That’s another one that didn’t sell much, but I do want to give Basilard some closure. ๐Ÿ™‚

Love what you did with Bas. Thanks for keeping him in mind. Would like more there too!

The problem is…ALL of your characters are so well written, and your stories so well written we just can’t get enough of them. I am also a huge Rust and Relics fan and I Love the Dragon Blood series. So please keep them all coming even if you can’t keep them ALL coming every year. Just keep on keepin on! Looking forward to your new stuff too.

I found the Rust and Relics a bit hard to get into, but it seemed to grow on me. I would definitely buy more novels in the series (hint, hint).

Oh such exciting news! I’m so happy to hear about new reading for Dragon Blood and Sky Full of Stars. Although I can NOT believe that SFOS hasn’t been popular. I love those books/characters and I was even thinking that they would look fantastic up on the big screen. Am I right? I could just see that shiny red suit blurring into action…

Yesss… Rust & Relics: LOVE! But I buy everything you write, so I’m supporting regardless. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have read everything in the Fallen Empire series and most of the world, but I have to admit that the Sky Full of Stars has been a bit of a slow start for me. I am planning on snuggling up with them during holiday travels…

Glad to hear you aren’t dead ๐Ÿ™‚ and that you are still writing books, I love them all, can’t wait to read what you are working on next.

Excited to hear the good news. I am particularly happy to hear that you will continue Sky Full of Stars and do a wedding story for the Dragonโ€™s Blood series. I also think that Heritage of Power Will also be a welcome addition. Now, if we can only talk you into bringing back Sicarious and Amaranthe.

What?!! SFoS didn’t sell? I can’t believe it! They are great! I like all of your stuff, Fantasy and SF and Pen Name. Put a link on this page for SF so people can find them!! Please?

I love all your series of books and will buy more of them as they all come out. The only one I was not into was was flash gold but I bought and read them all. Rust and relics I am waiting for as I live in New Mexico where the main characters are from. I also cannot wait for the chains of honors as I want to see what happens to Dax.

I own all your books, so I can’t imagine any of them NOT being well-received! So excited for the new Dragon blood books, not to mention more SFOS. Just re-read the Chains of Honor, and I can’t wait to see what happens with Dax! I don’t know what it is, but those big, scarred veterans like Dax and Vann just hit me in the heart. ๐Ÿ˜Š

I love and buy everything you write…even the pen name books! Emperor’s Edge series is still my favorite though and recommend it to anyone who mentions they are looking for a new series. Looking forward to any and all new books!

Love all your books look forward to more of sky full of stars
Have bought all your books in both names also great that you put out more than one book a year

This is kind of funny because I was just commenting on another authors page today about how I wish they wrote more than just one book a year I even mentioned you by name saying how much I loved your books and I love that we get books from you so often. I love all of your books and frequently re-read them because they’re that much fun to read I understand that if the books don’t sell well you’re not likely to write them but I’d still love to have at least an ending to some of the stories such as sky fall and rest and relicts

Liked sky full of stars a lot. Dragon blood and Emporers Edge were favorites.

I tore through your Fallen Empire and Sky Full of Stars series, and I love all the personalities that were introduced. I am shocked that SFoS has not been popular because I haven’t been able to stop re-reading either that or the Fallen Empire books. A book containing Alisa and Leonidas’ actual wedding would be wonderful, and I am also curious as to how the next generation turns out in SFoS. Thank you for writing such real, three-dimensional characters!

Thanks, Carol! That wedding book, or at least a long short story, may come someday. One of my beta readers keeps suggesting it. ๐Ÿ™‚

I just finished all the Emperor’s Edge books and just started the Fallen Empire series (last night). I too am glad you publish so much and always hope for more with your characters. Thanks and keep up the good work!

I can’t wait for more sky full of stars!

I really enjoyed the Fallen Empire series and Sky Full of Stars, so far. (I won’t read anything without spaceships ๐Ÿ™‚ )I wonder why the latter is not being so well received? I personally would like more character depth in the latter. Masika is interesting, the alien race was neat until…, how about more? Maybe more Austin and/or other new characters would be great. I liked the characters that kept growing and being added in Fallen Empire. Nonetheless, I really like both series! I hope you’ll write more books for it. Also, I wish someone would make a tv series out of them, it has that same elements that made Firefly such a well liked show, I’d be all over it.

Hi Lindsay
I’ve just come across you as an author and am sad to hear honest that Chains of Honour and Rust and Relic a are not doing g well. I’ve just recall the books that existing both series in 2days! Loved them.. And looking forward to readings and disappointed to wait.
Glad to hear you are making a living through writing. I ‘interview’ a lot of authors on my blog and you are the first to do tnis…
Keep up the great writing.๐Ÿ˜ป

I love rust and relics! I understand your business concerns, but if/when you do return to the series I’ll definitely purchase.

I loved Fallen Empire and Sky Full of Stars. I have also really liked the omnibus audio books. I wasn’t planning to read the Forgotten Ages story but I saw the collection and I’m glad I did. That’s a great way to pick up a series.

I have recommended you in a couple of groups I’m in when folks ask for what to read.

Lindsay, I havenโ€™t read the Rust and Relic books but your comment wonโ€™t stop me buying them. I havenโ€™t been disappointed with anything yet! I have the Dragon Blood books, Emperors Edge, Fallen Empire and have yet to read Forgotten Ages, albeit in the wrong order!

I love all that I have read to date.

Write what you want to๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ŠI will read it and devour it as soon as it appears. Happy Holidays

I loved your Sky Full of Stars and Rust Relic series. But then I love most everything you write. I’m always telling people about my new favorite author. Keep on writing.
Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

Was disappointed that you seemed to have given up on Rust and Relics. Glad you’re planning to continue at some point (soon please!). But I read and enjoy all your series, so your books are an auto-buy for me. Your Ruby books don’t need the “naughty bits” – the characters and plots are clearly yours. A good story wins over titillation any day! Loving Heritage of Power. Can’t wait for next book.
Don’t stop writing, and have a very happy New Year.

Lindsay I love your books I’ve read them all including Ruby’s. I enjoy the titillations they fill in the stories and are a part of the story. I have been waiting patiently?! for the Mage books. I read the dragon books immediately and waiting for the next in the series.
I know it is difficult to write books and I really appreciate how quickly you write. As an avid fan I still get impatient for the next book in the series. Keep up the good work and don’t get stressed when we want more its just hard to wait for the next book
thank you for marvelous adventures

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