Dark Currents Audiobook Released at Podiobooks

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At long last, the Dark Currents audiobook is up and running over at Podiobooks (you should be able to find it soon on iTunes too). Due to a misunderstanding on my part, and something to do with getting independent books into Audible, the entire novel is up for your listening pleasure. I’d meant to do a chapter each week, as we did with Emperor’s Edge, and that might yet get changed, so if you want to grab the whole thing in one swoop, now would be the time.

If you’re enjoying the audiobooks and would like to chip in a little to help fund the creation of future ones, my Kickstarter campaign still has a few days to go. You can donate as little as a dollar. Of course, if you kick in more, you can get signed paperbacks, copies of the completed audiobooks, extra scenes, and other goodies.

Thanks for the support!

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When will books 4, 5, and 6 be available on iTunes?

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