Can Writing and Self Publishing Novellas Be Profitable? (Pros & Cons)

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I’ve got another audio walk here for you guys today. I’m working on a written post on my experience using 99 Designs and also doing a character interview with Sespian (hope to get that out right before publishing Republic), but neither of those are ready to go right now, so I’ll post this instead.

It was a windy day, and I paused a lot on my recording, so I hope things aren’t too disjointed, but I talked about my own experiences writing and publishing novellas and offered some tips for promoting the shorter works, so I hope the authors out there will find this helpful.



Download: Walking with Lindsay #2

I appreciate all the comments and feedback on my first recording. I know the file is lacking meta tags and isn’t available anywhere except here on the site right now, but if I stick with this and post at least five, I’ll look into getting someone to convert the files, make ’em pretty, and stick them up on iTunes for me. I’ll need to get “album art” done for that too. Just give me some time. Thanks!

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Nice job again, Lindsay. Enjoyed it.

Sure would be great to get a transcript (or your original script) posted, for those of us who find it easier to absorb via text.

Lindsay, I very much enjoyed this podcast and listened to it during my horrible commute home from work. It lifted my spirits. Please keep them coming.

I’ve enjoyed reading your novellas very much. I’m delighted to hear that there’s a new Flash Gold installment coming soon. It’s a great series!

I enjoy writing novellas as well. One of mine has generated some of my most glowing reviews, so I’d say my readers like them. I do put them into paper editions, since I have a few fans who strongly prefer paper to ebook.

Currently, my novels sell more than my novellas or short stories, but not *a lot* more. I suspect that may change as my audience grows and as I release more novels.

Lindsay – I have learned so much following your site and have also enjoyed reading your fiction works. I’m excited to see these new posts, but don’t have enough bandwidth at my remote location to listen to them. I’m not sure how many of your followers are in a similar situation, but if so – and if possible, given your busy schedule – I would love to be able to see a text of the audio. I realize that might be too much to ask for, and you can’t please everyone, but I thought I would just post this comment and see if anyone else feels the same. I hate to miss out! (selfish, huh?)

Hi Nadine,

Probably not at this time. If I stick with the podcasting for a while, maybe I’ll look into it, but I’m guessing it’s not inexpensive to have transcripts made and since I don’t make any money from talking about publishing (nor do I want to), I’d be reluctant to sink money into that.

I’ll keep doing written posts, too, and I’ve covered a lot of things that I ramble about on the podcasts on the site. Here’s an older post on novellas, for instance:

Thanks for commenting!

About album art for both iTunes & podcast metadata picture tag, why not use your Amazon picture. It shows what you look like and where you walk – perfect! No need, IMO, for you to get any new logo prepared.



Thanks, Rob! IIRC, their “album art” has to be square and pretty small, so I think a simple little logo might work best. Not that the Sedona landscape isn’t awesome. I’ll look into it at some point. 🙂

Thanks for putting these out. It was good to hear your thoughts on novellas. Please keep them coming. 🙂

Another great podcast! Thanks for the info.

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Enjoyed it. Podcasts are their own beast. Certain types might not also read a blog.

Thanks for the insights. I enjoyed listening. You’re pretty well-organized and on topic for someone who is out walking her dogs. 🙂

I have enjoyed both of your podcasts and have taken lots of notes. I look forward to your next one. If you are looking for other topics to talk about I am curious about your editing process or your process from the first word to publication. Your success inspires me to try harder. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

I’ve finally had a chance to listen to these and am enjoying listening to them in a ‘block’. You present well even when breathing fast! Thanks for your input and your thoughts.

Highly enjoyable and informative and has given me real inspiration to get some novellas out (or bundle some longer short stories together that form a ‘series’).

Cool, thanks for listening, Sharon!

This was great to hear. I’ve been thinking about writing a novella sequel to a trilogy I have planned (the first of the 3 will be available this summer) but no other shorter ideas. Now I’m considering thinking about a series of novellas before I write any so that I can put them into a novel length collection too.

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