Dragon Blood Bonus Scene #1: Fowl Advice

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If you’ve finished Soulblade, and you’re looking for an extra Dragon Blood fix, I hope you’ll have fun with this short scene. There are a couple of spoilers for Book 7, so you might want to wait until you’ve read that before hopping into the duck blind.

Still here? Okay, good.

This scene came out of a discussion with beta readers along the lines of… does Ridge have a “man cave” in the new house? If so, what goes on there, since televised sports haven’t been invented in Iskandia yet? Let’s find out.

Dragon Blood Bonus Series #1: Fowl Advice

General Vilhem Ort dismounted in front of General Zirkander’s house, removed a thick envelope from the saddlebag, and turned his horse free to nip at the grass on the undeveloped lot across the road. The placid mare would not go far, and the dead-end street had no other traffic to worry about obstructing. Usually, it had no other traffic. This afternoon, a couple of other horses were tied to trees at the edge of the lawn, and a line of unfamiliar men and women, some holding children’s hands, were queued up on the walkway, as if waiting their turn to get into one of the popular dance halls in the city. Vilhem couldn’t imagine anyone voluntarily dancing in the living room where Ridge and Sardelle kept that dreadful couch that had been a gift from Ridge’s squadron. Maybe the people were here to see Sardelle for healing.

Vilhem headed for the door slowly, not certain if he should barge to the front of the line, or if those waiting might revolt. He hadn’t come on business and wasn’t in uniform. As far as they knew, he was nothing more than another supplicant, though he hoped he was fit enough that he did not look like someone who needed a healer’s services.

A few people in the back did give him disgruntled frowns as he headed for the door. One lifted a finger, an objection clearly on her lips. Before the woman could speak, Sardelle poked her head outside.

“Ready for the next person,” she said, her face pleasant and serene, as was usual for her, but Vilhem thought he caught a faintly frazzled look in her eyes.

“Sardelle?” he asked, almost inquiring if she was all right, but if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t want to speak of it in front of strangers–or supplicants.

“Oh, hello, Vilhem.” She smiled at him. “Are you here to see Ridge, or are you, too, coming to see if you’ve got dragon blood flowing in your veins?”

“I–ah.” What? He frowned at the people in line. Did these people think they had the aptitude to become sorcerers? Maybe that was why the children were here. It boggled his mind to imagine people lining up to be tested, perhaps for entrance into Sardelle’s up-and-coming sorcerer-training school, when less than a year ago, people suspected of having magical talent had been drowned or shot. The last he had heard, that still happened in the rural areas and some smaller cities too. “I’m here to see Ridge,” he said.

“He’s in the duck blind, but he most emphatically told me that this is his day off. It’s the first he’s had in three weeks.” Her smile turned into a slight frown. An accusing one? True, Vilhem was Ridge’s superior officer, but he had little to do with all of the work that overseeing the flight academy and the flier battalion involved. Vilhem had been promoted to brigade commander when Ridge took over his old position and knew all about work and infrequent days off.

“It’s not about work. Well, it is, but I think he’ll want to hear about it.” Vilhem lifted the envelope. “This morning, our flight engineering team brought in the designs for the new fliers. I thought he’d want to see them. Er, did you say he’s in a duck blind?” Vilhem had known Ridge for years and couldn’t remember him ever speaking fondly of hunting, unless it involved hunting pirates, smugglers, or imperial invaders.

“Yes, out that way.” Sardelle waved toward the large pond that lay at the end of the street, aspens and firs ringing it, though a path meandered along the edge. “I believe you’re right that he’ll be excited to see that envelope.” She gave him a more genuine smile, then waved for the person at the head of the line to come into the house.

Since she disappeared inside without offering further instructions, Vilhem headed for the path. As he followed it between the trees and the reed-choked shallows, the front yard and the line of people disappeared from view. He soon spotted the low roof of a squat stone-and-mortar structure with a long rectangular window overlooking the pond. Vilhem did not see a hunter’s shotgun sticking out from it. He stepped off the path and onto rocks and branches that had been laid across mud to provide a dry way to reach a low wooden door. It appeared to be a recent addition to the back of the structure.

Vilhem felt silly knocking on the entrance to a duck blind, but he didn’t want to be shot by an overly eager hunter, so he did so.

“Yeah? ” Ridge Zirkander’s familiar voice came from within.

Vilhem pulled open the door and ducked his head to peer inside. What he had expected to be a damp hole with a muddy floor turned out to be a surprisingly cozy little room. A woven reed rug covered the floor and two hideous but comfortable looking lounge chairs had been stuffed inside, along with a side table covered with books and magazines. More books occupied a shelf behind the chair that Ridge sat in, with a phonograph resting beside a stack. Ridge lounged in civilian clothes in the far chair, a book in his hand, and his leg hooked over one armrest, while the heel of his bare foot tapped a rhythm on the side. A sword in a scabbard leaned against the stone wall beside his chair. Was that Tylie’s soulblade? Vilhem had only seen it once, when Ridge had been using it to drive a dragon away from the capital.

“General Ort,” Ridge blurted, scrambling to his feet and almost cracking his head on the low ceiling. “I thought you were Sardelle.” He started to salute, but seemed to realize they were both in civilian clothing. Three months after his promotion, he still had trouble remembering that he could call Vilhem by first name now. “Though I suppose I should have realized you weren’t. She has a sexier knock.”

“How does one knock sexily?”

“Not how you did it. Can I get you something? Beer? Sarsaparilla?”

Vilhem had only intended to stay long enough to drop off the envelope, but he spotted a sarsaparilla bottle on the table by the chair and promptly decided that a drink would be nice. Summer had finally come to Iskandia, and it was warm out there. He wouldn’t be surprised to return to the street to find that his mare had wandered into the pond.

“I’ll take a beer if you have one.” He glanced around, half expecting an icebox somewhere in the room. A cracker tin and a grease-spotted paper bag from Donotono’s Bakery sat on the shelf next to the phonograph, but he didn’t see any other beverage bottles.

Still barefoot, Ridge padded toward Vilhem. “Beer’s on this side.” He pointed toward the window overlooking the pond. The water reached halfway up the front wall, with the surface only a couple of feet below.

A few ducks paddled about nearby, not concerned by the chatting men or the window looking out upon them. Someone had cleared the reeds to make a view, but Vilhem did not see any hunting weapons, unless Ridge zapped ducks with the magical sword.

That would be most unsporting, a voice said into his head. Tylie feeds bread to the ducks, so they swim over whenever a human approaches.

Vilhem jumped, knocking his head on the low roof. He knew that Sardelle was telepathic, though she didn’t make a habit of speaking into his mind, and he’d also heard from the dragon who thought himself a god, but he didn’t recognize this voice.

He looked toward the sword leaning against the wall.

Was that you? he asked, feeling silly for asking questions in his mind, but he would have felt even sillier asking aloud, since Ridge hadn’t given any indication that he had heard.

Naturally. I’m Wreltad. Tylie left me here, since Sardelle has sent her on a herb collecting task out back. It’s a test on gathering ingredients for potion making. I am not supposed to assist, not that I am overly familiar with Iskandian herbs. Nonetheless, Tylie left me here, and I do not mind. Ridge and I are reading a fictional accounting of the first flier squadron. He appreciates my commentary.

I’m… certain of that, Vilhem said tactfully.

Whistling, Ridge grabbed a rope that Vilhem had not noticed, the end anchored inside with something that looked like a cat-shaped bookend. He hauled up a net full of bottles, fished around inside, and extricated one.

“This pond is full of glacier-fed water from the Ice Blades,” Ridge said. He used the edge of the window to snap the crown cork off and handed the dripping stoneware porter bottle to Vilhem. “Better than an icebox, since it never needs to be replenished.” He let the net settle back below the surface of the water, weighted down by several more bottles inside. “Have a seat, General.” He waved to the chair on the other side of the table from his, one upholstered in a striped mustard yellow and dirt brown fabric. A rip on the seat had been stapled together.

“I think I’ll stand.” Vilhem nodded toward the window. “Enjoy the view.”

Ridge grinned. He had heard Vilhem’s disparaging remarks about this couch–all of the couches he’d had. Who knew where he had picked up these chairs? Some house abandoned in the last century, perhaps. Or from a sale at the city junkyard. Perhaps the overseer had paid him to take them away.

“Help yourself if you want another drink,” Ridge said, waving toward the rope. “Sardelle keeps the duck blind stocked.”

“Does she? That’s thoughtful of her.”

“She likes it when I hide from her students and dragons out here instead of on base. Then when she’s done, she can pop out, find me, and we can…” Ridge glanced at the chair he’d offered Vilhem. “Enjoy the view together.”

Vilhem found himself even more glad that he hadn’t sat in the chair. “She’s a good woman. You better marry her soon. Some of the elder gods object to men and women living together when they’re not wed.”

“Yeah, but I don’t follow any of them. I always prayed to Cloud Rider as a boy–imagine that–but I think I may be worshipping Bhrava Saruth, these days. He blessed me, you know.”

Vilhem took a slow swig of the beer while he digested that. “You think?”

“Well, I’m not sure how legitimate it all is. Just because he says he’s a god doesn’t make him one, right? I’m not sure on the rules of how one gets deified. He is four thousand years old, I understand. Though he slept through most of those years in that cavern.”

There is nothing unwholesome about a long nap, the soulblade observed.

Ridge glanced over, the words having apparently been shared with him this time. “I like napping as much as the next fellow.” He flopped back into his chair. “Was there something that brought you by, General? Vilhem,” he corrected, glancing at the envelope. “Aside from the need to suggest I propose to Sardelle?”


“I want to, you know,” Ridge added before Vilhem could open the envelope. “I’m just not sure how. It should be a surprise, right? But she’s telepathic, so she usually knows whatever I’m thinking before I do. Oh, she doesn’t always monitor me, but Jaxi seems to like fishing around in my head a lot. I’m not sure how I could keep a marriage proposal a secret.”

“I… don’t believe it has to be a secret,” Vilhem said, thinking back to his own proposal forty years earlier. He was fairly certain Anatosia had seen it coming. She had said yes before he even got the promise necklace out. Since he had never remarried again after her passing, he had only the one proposal to draw upon. Perhaps it was too far in the past to be useful to someone today. Times had changed. Still, Ridge was looking at him, his eyebrows raised, as if he actually wanted some wisdom. Vilhem almost laughed, since that wasn’t an expression he ever received from the younger man in the workplace. “You just want to be sure the proposal is welcomed by the other party,” he added. “I’ve heard it’s rather painful if you’re rejected. Especially if you choose a public place for the necklace offering.”

The position of Ridge’s eyebrows shifted from one of curiosity to one of alarm.

“I’m certain Sardelle would welcome it,” Vilhem hurried to say. “This porter is excellent.”

Ridge blinked and looked at the beer. “And that’s indicative of a marriage proposal acceptance?”

“I’m sure she would buy you something cheaper and less palatable if she was less enthused with you.”

“She doesn’t drink beer, so I’m not sure she knows anything about it. She may have just liked the look of the bottle.”

“Nonetheless, I believe your odds are good for a yes.”

“I hope so. She brought up the subject of children before my little bout with amnesia–” Ridge grimaced, “–so I assume she wants to stick around, but… I really don’t know anything about Referatu customs. What if marriage wasn’t common? What if they just lived together and made magical babies in a commune? Or what if they did get married, but they didn’t use promise necklaces? What if she’s expecting some glowing blue bauble?”

Vilhem hadn’t seen a daunted expression on Ridge’s face often. This was the man who flew upside down, shooting down enemy fliers with one hand tied behind his back–or in his pocket, rubbing his lucky dragon charm. He was always confident, whether it was warranted or not.

“There aren’t many books around on the Referatu, ” Ridge went on, “since burning them was trendy for a couple hundred years. My only source would be Jaxi, but if I started asking her about these things, then she’d tell Sardelle, if she hasn’t already. Maybe I’m a fool to think I can surprise either of them.”

I wish I could be of some assistance, the sword–Wreltad–said, but I am only familiar with Cofah marriage customs from two thousand years ago.

“I know.” Ridge patted the air toward the sword, then pushed his hand through his hair.

“Ridge,” Vilhem said, “have a custom necklace made, with some sapphires to match her eyes, and then take her out to dinner someplace nice, and ask her. I’m positive you won’t disappoint her.”

“That sounds so bland and trite. Doesn’t everybody do that?” Ridge dropped his hand. “Er, is that what you did, sir?” He had the grace to look sheepish.

“Yes, only with an agate I found on a beach and had hung from a leather thong. I was a second-year cadet at the time and didn’t have any money. Our nice dinner was at the fish-on-a-stick hut in the harbor.”

“Fish-on-a-stick? And she said yes? She must have really loved you.”

“It wasn’t that bad. They have outdoor dining and a nice view of the water.”

“They have picnic tables.”

“That are outdoor with a view of the water,” Vilhem said sturdily.

“I got a splinter in my butt the last time I ate there.”

“The picnic tables were in better shape forty years ago. I’m trying to help you, Zirkander. Is this how you treat all of your confidants?”

“No, you’re right, sir. Vilhem. Thank you. I appreciate the help.” Ridge offered a sad smile. “You must still miss your wife. You were married over thirty years, weren’t you?”

“Yes. You could have that with Sardelle if it doesn’t take you a decade to work up the courage to ask her. You’re not that young, you know.”

Ridge made a face. “It concerns me when people with gray hair say that.”

“She might be less likely to say yes if you wait until your hair turns gray.”

Ridge touched his temples, as if worried that a proliferation of grays might already be sprouting. “You don’t think she likes a distinguished gentleman?”

“I heard that dragon of hers is quite sexy and young when he wanders around in human form.”

Ridge scowled. “You’re right. I should ask her soon.”

“That’s what I’ve been saying,” Vilhem said mildly, taking another sip from his bottle. “Here. Before you start planning your engagement, take a look at these new flier specs.”

He laid the envelope on the table.

“Oh, excellent.” Ridge stopped prodding his hair and slid the blueprints out.

Quacks came from outside of the window, and Vilhem nearly cracked his head when he saw no fewer than twenty ducks floating in the water. Not only was it clear that they knew the quasi-camouflaged duck blind was here, but they appeared quite expectant. Vilhem couldn’t believe how close they were. Maybe they had come for the beer.

While perusing the blueprints, Ridge absently grabbed the tin of crackers off the shelf, crumbled some, and tossed them out the window to the ducks. Much squawking and bandying for position resulted.

“There are hunters all across Iskandia who would be chagrined to find out that you’ve turned your duck blind into a buffet service,” Vilhem said, eyeing a duck with beady eyes that was waddling up a branch that leaned against the structure. He ended up hopping onto the window ledge and looking in upon them.

“Tylie started it. She feeds everything.” Ridge tossed the fearless one a full cracker, which it caught with its beak before flapping back down into the water. “But I’m the one who comes out here, so they expect me to provide too.”

“You’re a softie, Ridge.”

“Yeah. Don’t tell the Cofah.”

You may wish to leave and retrieve your mare soon, General, Wreltad said.

What? Why?

One of the people who wishes to prove to Sardelle that he does indeed have dragon blood is trying to turn it into a frog.

Uh, that can’t happen, right?

No, nobody in line has dragon blood. They’re delusional. Sardelle is trying to find polite ways to shoo them away. Your horse seems concerned by the man waving his hands.

Thanks for the warning.

“I need to go, Ridge. Bring those prints with you to work in the morning. Let me know what you think. And don’t forget what I said.”

“That a woman who truly loves you will accept your marriage proposal even if you do it at a splinter-filled picnic table in front of a smelly fish hut?”

“You know, there’s a reason so many people want to be on the team opposite of you when you play brisk-ball. Throwing things at you is quite satisfying.”

“Good to know, sir. Thanks for the advice.”

Vilhem snorted and walked out to save his horse. The ducks quacked at him. Ridge threw them more crackers.


The series of bonus scenes continues on with #2: Fowl Friends.

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Hi Lindsay,

I have enjoyed your Dragon Blood series and its cast of interesting characters very much. Please don’t stop writing this series. Agree the core story arc has ended. However, like many others, I would love to hear further of how Ridge and company fare. I would like to know more of the growing relationship between the King and Kaika as well as Pimples and the princess.

Thanks, Pathma! I have a couple more stories planned, and even if Ridge and Sardelle and Cas & Tol aren’t the main characters, I’m sure we’ll check in with them. 🙂

I so agree

Hello Lindsay!

That was a fantastic scene! Though I have to second all of Pathma’s comments from above – I too would love to hear more about these characters, even as side notes to another story arc. Even if they weren’t the stars, I am sure plenty of us would love to know how Ridge’s proposal goes, and what happens with Kaika and Angulus. Not to mention whether or not Pimples gets the girl! Sorry, gets the princess, hee hee!

I have adored this story arc, along with all your other work, and while I am certain I will equally adore whatever you come up with next, revisiting this world would be wonderful.

Thanks, Alison! I actually have at least one more book coming with a side character, and then I’m thinking of a spinoff trilogy in the future. I think Tylie needs a chance to grow up and do some heroic stuff. Also, I’m not ready to let go of Bhrava Saruth yet… he’s been too fun. 😉

I absolutely adore Bhrava Saruth!!! He been amazingly fun to read. He makes me want a pet ferret dragon. 🙂

I haven’t seen one of those in the pet store yet, Carrie. 😉

A lovely scene. Thanks for sharing and providing a fix. Can’t wait for the next book.

I third the comments above :-), and look forward to learning more about the side characters. Thank you for the delightful and timely gifts!

just how was he able to tell the egg wasn’t fertilized?

He might show up at Sardelle’s sorcery school in the future. 😉

I agree with the above comments. A continuation of parallel story lines would be fun. Besides, there are a few burning questions left unanswered… is Kaika fated to become the most unconventional queen ever or does she break Angelus’ heart? And speaking of Angelus, whatever becomes of that odd inquiry to Sardelle about his ability to father children? Does Bhrava Saruth ever get his following of adoring worshipers and, if so, how do Ridge and Sardelle deal with the awkward living conditions? Do Kylie and Phelistoth ever become and item and does the princess return for her promised visit with Farris? And let’s not forget, the former Cofah emperor is in exile but that doesn’t necessarily mean that his heir is any less likely to have expansionist tendencies. And whatever becomes of the other gold dragons? Do they find a remote continent to spawn a horde of dragon warriors intent on overtaking the planet? Does Ridge’s father find the buried dragon prison and free the remaining inmates in the interest of history and science?

So many good ideas! I’d like to hear more about Tylie, for sure. And Laura pointed out all those nagging unanswered questions! Whatever you decide to do next, Lindsay, I’ll be at the front of the line to read it!

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your books and couldn’t agree more with the previous comments. Please give your creative juices free rein! Don’t keep us waiting too long 🙁

Great scene. I’m glad you’ve got more planned for this universe.

Thanks for feeding my DB habit with one more tantalizing tidbit. Love to see how Ridge gets the makings for the perfect promise necklace. And ditto to all the unanswered questions above. Thought the scene where Kaika reunites with Angulus was heartwarming and want more of them and Tylie and Phelistoth. They are the new Sicarius and Amaranthe. And what about Quataldo? You certainly left him open to a lot of speculation. Hope it’s in your heart and mind to continue this wonderful world.

I have enjoyed all of your stories. I am amazed and grateful that you continue to share these stories with readers like me. I truly hope you enjoy writing thee stories as much as I enjoy reading them. I too would enjoy reading any and all of the story suggestions listed above. Thank You

Hello Lindsay
I agree and support of the above comments.

I would love to read more about Sardelle, Ridge, Jaxi and all of the other interesting characters and dragons in their world.
many, many thanks for ALL of your interesting stories

My question is where did the Bronze dragons go and where did the portal lead? I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and the others. Smart practice of offering the first book cheap or free and thank you for being such a prolific writer. I would like to hear more about your Arizona series and digging. I do admit that I had to resist when I visited the Supersitions. Love from Canada and Merry Christmas

Perhaps a question to explore in a spinoff series. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Absolutely loved this latest installment (both Soulblade and this additional chatpter)- which kept me chuckling all through the christmas break.
You have a wonderful imagination Lindsay, and knack for quirky dialogue and characters. Thankyou.

Thank you, Julia!

I agree! I love the humor and characters! I would love to read more! Especially about Duck and any other Wolf Squadron pilots!

jusg wanted to say loved your whole series was a real page turner would love to see another series set in that world with the characters

Thanks, Cale! I do have some spinoff stories in mind. 🙂

Hi Lindsay!
I just finished Soulblade and popped I. Here to catch this extra scene. I love it! Soulblade was EXCELLENT!! The whole series is excellent, though I think Soul made is my favorite so far… Bhrava Saruth is AWESOME, and Wreltad coming around to the good guys was awesome too. Such a fun read! I selfishly hope you keep going, because I hate letting series’ go! There are so many places yet to go, and with Tyloe and Taddy (lol!) getting together… Do people end up worshipping Bhrava Saruth? 😀 And we never even got a “goodbye” from Jaxi! Okay, I’ll stop now… Your bills are excellent, please know they’ll continue to be read even if the series is 40 books long lol. Thank you!

I’m glad you enjoyed Soulblade, Brandie! However did I let things end without a last word from Jaxi? That doesn’t seem right at all!

Thank you so much for this series Lindsay, I have enjoyed it very much and am looking forward to reading more adventures from all of the crew. I love Bhrava Saruth and want to know where I sign up to become one of his worshipers, (I’ll even take over Sardelle’s duties as High Priestess lol). I also loved the way you made Taddy into a good guy in this last book, it’s good to see you thinking outside of the box and really giving these soul blades true personalities and traits. I have also enjoyed your other books and am at the moment trying to catch up with the Emporers Edge series. Please don’t stop writing I love your work very much.

Thanks for stopping by, Wiz! I am quite certain Bhrava Saruth would accept you as a worshipper. How are you at giving belly rubs. 🙂

Thank you for all your writing, I enjoy reading all your series. Once I started Soulblade I didn’t put it down till I was done, Great read for the holiday’s. I look forward to all your next endeavors. Thanks again for sharing all your characters.

Thanks, Bonnie! Glad you enjoyed the holidays and the stories!

I’ve been reading fantasy novels for almost 50 years. Rarely does an author capture and hold my attention as you have done with this series.
From the story line, the characters and their development, the plots and your most entertaining writing style, to your ability to continue to write books I can’t seem to put down, Bravo!
There are only a hand full of authors who have captivated my attention, and loyalty, as you have. Thank you for the hours of genuine entertainment. Please keep up the excellent work.

Thank you for the kind words, Pamela! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the stories. 🙂

Thank you Lindsay for another amazing read. It’s just so fun to get lost in your books. Work, bills and life sometimes weigh heavy, but your books always provide levity and excitement. Three cheers for Ridge and Sardelle. Keep em coming Lindsay
All the best,

The first books that I bought with money that I earned my own self were Dragon Quest and Dragon Flight.
You can tell that I have been reading these for a long time, I would like to say that I find yours a valid continuation and have enjoyed reading them
More about the Dragons would be feel wonderful
thank you

I’ve loved every book in the DB series. Soulblade, my christmas read, was especially good fun. I love Bhrava Saruth and look forward to hearing more of him. I may even become a worshipper. Can’t wait for more stories or spin-offs. This little peep into Ridges downtime is a gem. I didn’t think anything could be better than EE but I think you did it with DB.
On that note, are there likely to be any more EE?

I don’t know how you manage to to get the books out so fast but keep em coming PLEASE.
Happy New Year.

Thanks for the kind words, Gloria! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the DB books (and Bhrava Saruth, of course!). I’ll do at least one more book with the EE characters (Basilard needs a sequel to Diplomats & Fugitives, and it wouldn’t be any fun if some of the rest of the gang didn’t come along).

Awesome! Just what I needed today.

Would love to see more of Tolemek’s family (Tylie and Phel are funny!), Kaika and the King, and Sardelle’s hunt for relatives. Oh, and what happens with Brava Saruth, and children!!!

And OMG! Could you actually write us the proposal itself?!?!?

I may do just that, Alinia. I may have to publish a couple more duck blind scenes first, so Ridge can get even more advice. 😀

Hi Lindsay I am a new reader to Soulblade and am just starting Book 4 also bought 5 5.5 6 & 7. I absolutely love your style of writing. I have no prob. following the telepathic conversations between sword and friends. etc. but most of all the Humor u incorporate in throughout the entire series so far. It is uplifting, fun, intriguing, nail biting and above all the insertion of love and romance. Espl loved the developed love between Cas and Tolemek. So refreshing, with out getting explicit. Adults get the general idea. I start ur 1st book with the Legends set and haven’t gotten further on other writers as I am caught up in your books. Intend to follow them all. Thank you for sharing your talent and imagination with us. Don’t Stop and keep Ridge and friends going and going and going.

I’m glad you’ve been having fun with the series and appreciate the humor, Carole. Thanks for following along! 🙂

I loved the dragon blood series, started with a deal on amazon and then bought them all including shattered past. Love the humor in them. After that i decided to try the emperors edge but it did not have the same appeal to me. I hope you will continue to write about Iskandia.
Bhrava Saruth was a brilliant twist to the otherwise more agressive golden dragons. I do wonder if there could be a bronze dragon lying around that finds himself capable of being more than his colour implies.

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