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For those who enjoy adventure fantasy with a splash of humor, I have three new novellas out. They’re set in my Emperor’s Edge world but feature (mostly) new characters and take place across the ocean, over in Nuria. They stand alone as individual stories, but they’re also prequels for a longer trilogy that I’ll be working on in 2014.

You can grab the first novella, A Question of Honor, for free at Smashwords with coupon code QK74N (good through September 29th, 2015), or you can buy it for 99 cents at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or iTunes.

The second novella is Labyrinths of the Heart: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Smashwords

The third story is Death from Below: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunes | Smashwords

You can also pick up the boxed set if you want to save some money.

The Swords & Salt Collection: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunes | Smashwords

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I’ve read them — they’re a great hint of what’s to come in the larger works. Go get ’em.

Thanks, Karen!

I’m sad. Does this mean you’re no longer going to work on the other EE characters?

I’m working on a new novel with Amaranthe, Sicarius, Tikaya, and many of the others now. 🙂

Yey!!! So glad to hear that!. I do have some requests hehe. I commented this on your last poll, so let me just copy it here:

– Akstyr and the younger Starcrest girl become classmates in Kyatt and of course the personalities of these two definitely makes them rivals for the top student and sparks fly… haha

– a Sespian and Maliki adventure! But Maliki will be the stronger fighter since she did grow up with a legendary Admiral for a father… I can just imagine Sespian trying hard to catch up, and who better to train him than… Sicarius! Awkward father-and-son moments are sure to follow…. (maybe you can throw in Maldynado giving “wooing” advices much to Sicarius’ annoyance haha)

– or a short story (or two) of Akstyr practicing his Science on the gang… lol

– and my favorite when it comes to group adventures is when they switch roles! That would be hilarious! Sicarius forced to say Maldynado-esque lines? haha!

I would grudgingly buy these in electronic format, but if they were ever going to come out in paper, I would prefer to wait and eventually get them that way. I guess normally with short stories I wouldn’t expect them to worth it to do paper, but three novellas bundled together seem like they might have a chance?

I guess more generally, I’m sort of curious about what criteria you use to determine if you’re going to release something in paper or not…

I usually just do the novels, Nathan. Since I’m not able to price the paperbacks as reasonably as the ebooks, they don’t get a lot of love, and it’s really only been worth the expense with the EE novels thus far. Sorry about that!

(I will likely do the paperbacks of the Nuria novels when I publish those.)

These look fantastic! =) But I’m putzing along through EE. I’m done with books 1-3. Will there be any spoilers if I read these before finishing the regular series?

They don’t have much to do with what’s going on over in Turgonia, but they do take place after the EE books. There’s a spoiler insofar as what kind of government Turgonia ends up getting and who’s in charge.

Thanks Lindsay! =) Given the title of “Republic,” I’m thinking it’s only the who’s-in-charge portion that will be problematic, but I think I’ll wait until I finish EE all the same. They’re so fun – thank you so much for your work!

What? No, that’s some *other* republic the story is about. Yes, that’s it. 😉

Congrats on your new releases, Lindsay!

Thank you, Amber!

Excellent, I’m still trying to catch up with the other series. This is a good problem to have. 🙂

I downloaded the bundle yesterday but i’m going to finish reading ‘Torrent’ before I head back into the EE world.

I love the idea of stories set in Nuria. We’ve heard so much about the “science” filled land in your other books that it’s made me really curious. I can’t wait! xD

Thanks for picking them up, Chrissi. I hope you enjoy the stories!

I’ve bought & read them, and they’ve whet my appetite for more Nurian books.

Thanks, Ista! More coming this spring. 🙂

I’m looking forward to the Torrent series too … in fact any of your books.

I didn’t stumble across your work until late July, and I’ve read it all. In the 2 years I’ve had an eReader I’ve bought more novels than ever before – a former library reader. I read a lot, and I’m always looking for [good] new authors.

downloaded EE when I first had my Kobo-to read in bed,have now bought all the others, but find im awake till 3 or 4am,still readingThanks for a great series, interesting characters & situations Just started Encrypted, with Decrypted waiting, will purchase new ones tomorrow

Just read the three stories.
I look forward to read the rest.

Thank you, Lisette!

Can never sleep!!
Head full of happiness!!
Buroker night.

I read a story about Yanko traveling with Dak as his bodyguard. The last line was “You’re going to die boy. You’re going to die” Now I am so intrigued with the characters and need to know what has happened to his family. We are adopting our grandchildren ages 11, a girl , and 12, a boy. Bills have tripled and doubled so no money for books right now. I will be getting a small inheritance soon and money to help with the children after they are adopted, even though the two years we have had them have been a bit rough, we haven’t starved, just put their needs first and they have outgrown clothes at least three times in two years. As soon as the money comes I need all of these books. All of them. Rudyard Kipling’s Elephant’s Child has nothing on me!

I’m glad you enjoyed Warrior Mage, Corrie!

Please send me a note via the contact form if you’d like free review copies. So far, there’s Snake Heart (Book 2) out in the Chains of Honor series, and also the prequel novellas. I plan to release Book 3 this summer. Hope you’re having a nice time with the grandchildren!

Just wanted to thank you for your excellent writing style. I’ve read more books than you can imagine and yours ranks near the top. I love an excellent series and they can be hard to find. So again THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

P.S. I’ve read almost all you’ve written

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