Emperor’s Edge 5 (Blood & Betrayal) eARC Available

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UPDATE (Sept. 2nd): The ARC is no longer available, but the ebook will be up at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, etc. soon. Thanks for your support, everyone!

As some of you know, there are some ARCs of EE5 floating around out there, as I sent copies to the folks who helped me out with my Kickstarter campaign last spring (and who have been patiently waiting and waiting for the completed podiobooks). Well, it seems others want copies too. :O

I’ve given away some free copies to people who have asked, and then some of those people have requested a way to pay me or donate to the cause, as it were. So, to make things easy (I hope), I’m going to make the ARC available right here until September 1st (the completed — and fully edited — ebook should be available shortly after that). I’m asking $10, and that will include:

  • The un-proofed Word .doc (that’s what’s out there now) that I sent to my editor (to be emailed within 24 hours of payment — probably within two hours unless it’s the middle of the night PST)
  • The completed mobi and epub files of the final ebook (to be emailed on the same day as I upload the files to Amazon and the other bookstores)
  • Bonus: if at least 20 people buy the ARC here, (we made it, so everyone gets the short story too, thanks!) I’ll use the money to pay for cover art and formatting for Shadows over Innocence, the Sicarius background story I posted here on the blog a few weeks ago. When it’s ready to go, I’ll also send you epub and mobi files of the short story.

Any questions? Please ask in the comments, and I’ll clarify anything I can.

Order the Emperor’s Edge 5 eARC ($10):

UPDATE: Thank you for the support, everyone! I’ve mailed out the files to everyone, though two email addresses did bounce for me, so if you’re missing your EE5, please send me a note at BurokerL AT Comcast DOT net (or use the contact button on the left) with your current email address.

I’ve already contacted someone to work on cover art for the short story, and I think I’ll be able to get that to you at the same time as the official (proofed!) version of EE5.

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Hi, I got the eARC and after the Paypal payment, I was redirected to a Luxury Remodeling site. ????

Now what do I do?

Eep, I got your mail and sent the file, but I’ll make sure to get that redirect fixed. I didn’t know that site was associated with my paypal account (it’s OLD, heh).


I had the same paypal problem that the other user did. Actually I tried it twice to be sure I didn’t mess up somehow.

Let me know how to proceed. Love your books.


Hey, Dawn! I received both of your payments and refunded the second. You should have the novel and be ready to roll now!

Gah! I just bought the eARC via PayPal , and realized the email address we used to set that up is an old hotmail account that we can’t even access anymore it’s so old.
Can you please match my name up with the PayPal receipt with same last name (themcmullens) and email my copy to the new email I’ve entered with this comment?? I know, I’m a pain in the butt! Can’t wait to read the newest story!!!


Sent! 🙂

Amazing. When I get away from the clinic, this is happening.

And done! I am so excited. 🙂

Congrats on #5, Lindsay. Woot!

Thanks, Mary!

How exciting! I’ll do this if I figure out how to get Word documents open on my Kindle Fire. I’ve been reading through some stories in the fanfiction section of the forum, and it has been KILLING me to try to read those Word and PDFs on my phone because the text is so small.

Anyway, this is great! I can’t wait to read EE5 (unless it is going to be teeny-tiny, in which case, I CAN wait, but on pins and needles!) 🙂

Oh, yeah, I can’t read anything on my phone. Doing Twitter is bad enough. 😛

If the Kindle Fire works the same way as my Kindle, you can send Word docs to it and it’ll automatically convert them to a Kindle file. Here’s the line from Amazon’s site:

You can also send your personal documents via e-mail as attachments to [name] To have a document converted to Kindle format (.azw), the subject line should be “convert.”

Oh, brilliant! I should have looked it up, myself. I am going to see if I can make it work, and if I can, I’ll place my order. Thanks, Lindsay!

– Kelly

And, after wandering around my office building trying to find a sufficient wireless signal to test it, I’ve found that it does, indeed, work! Yay!

Done! Can’t wait to get it! And you are special…I said I’d never pay as much as $10 for a Kindle book, even though this is for more than *just* the e-book. Still, if it weren’t you, I probably would have just waited. But I want you to know that your willingness to interact with your readers has made me more willing to spend a little extra on your book, knowing that it will help you out. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way, too.

Got it! Thank you!! (Although it might have been better if it had arrived AFTER 5 p.m….heh.)

Thank you, Lysana! I tried to include some goodies, so it wouldn’t seem too pricy. I just paid $15 for an eARC from a favorite author (it’s rare for me to spend that much on an ebook too), and I grumped because I knew she’d probably only get 17% of that.

I know – it isn’t with the authors that I get annoyed about the prices. As you’ve shown, ebooks require much less work from a publisher than physical books require, and it has always galled me that they continue to charge prices comparable to what you would pay for a physical book – only to end up with a product you can neither lend nor resell nor donate.

Oh, and see the time? I was already sleep-deprived thanks to my almost-six-month-old, and now I am even more so thanks to my inability to put my kindle down this evening, er, morning. Yikes. I am going to be worthless at work today. Ugh, today.

Good stuff. Can’t wait to read what happens next. (I’m at, yikes, 63%.)

You just forward the entire email or just the attachment? I cant get the attachment to even open on my iphone?? Any ideas?

I download the file to my local machine, then I sent and email to with the file as an attachment. Be sure to have the word “convert” in the subject area. Since I have more than one Kindle device, it did not show up in my iPhone’s Kindle App. I had to log into my Amazon account and go to “Manage Your Kindle”. Then go to “Personal Documents”. Find your document and to the right of it is a button labeled “Actions”. One of the option is “Deliver to my …”. I selected my iPhone. You also know that the file has been converted correctly because Amazon will send you a confirmation email. Your Kindle email is also in the Amazon’s “Manage Your Kindle” area.

Silly question, but…..

What if I don’t have PayPal?

Hi Melanie,

After you click the button, under they PayPal log-in, there’s an option to pay with a debit (or, I think credit) card without having to make an account.


It worked! Can’t wait to read it! Thanks!

This is a great idea Lindsay! I’m in!


Thanks, Gary!

Congrats!!! Now I hope I can figure out how to read it on my kindle on my ipad … though should work just the same way like the normal kindle!?!?!?

I’m pretty sure I’ve done this. I think you have to send it to your Kindle library and then go into Amazon and click the actions button and “Deliver to my…”

If I do this again, I’ll have to make an epub/mobi version or the ARC to make things easier on everybody (and figure out how to automate the delivery of the file after payment to make things easier on me, lol). This was a spur of the moment decision, heh. I hope it works okay on your iPad!

I just purchased it – will it be coming to the e-mail I used for Paypal or to the e-mail I have on this site? I don’t have anything as of yet…sorry, I’m impatient to read it! 🙂

Got it – got it!! 😀

Haha, okay. Yeah, I only receive your paypal address, so you’d have to send me a note to let me know if you needed it sent elsewhere. Thanks!

Nope, I’m good! 😀 Commencing reading it!


is there another way to pay besides via paypal?
The service insists on creating an account for me prior accepting my German credit card (including ID check and SchuFa test) and I don’t want to be tangled up with them again.
The first is for an existing Paypal account (nope, don’t want to go there). Maybe the account-free variant is not available everywhere?
Ah well, it seems it’s waiting for Smashwords (ebook) and Amazon (paperrrrr) for me again. 🙂


Aww, sorry Paypal didn’t have a German-friendly options, Ann! You already have a copy of the ARC, right? I’ll try to work out a better system in the future!

Yes, Riamachia shared with me (nice!). I just wanted to support you, since my real life chaos at that time kept me from checking the Kickstarter in time (besides, epub on the first day… *eg*).

Anyway, I hope you find enough paying contributors to get Shadows over Innocent officially polished & released. 🙂

You are awesome! Just got my arc and I can’t wait to start reading it!!! Thanks!

Thanks for the support, Leslie!

Just received it, Lindsay! While waiting for EE#5, I’m reading The Assassin’s Curse. It is soooo good! 🙂

Thanks, LSN. Happy reading!

So how would this work for us Nook readers, would I only be able to read it on my computer right now

Meagan, I’m afraid I don’t know anything about Nooks. This article ( makes it sound like it’s possible to read Word docs on some of the newer Nooks.

Thank you soo much :). I was just wondering, I’ve never tried, but for this I think I just might!

Hi Meagan, there is a free programme on the web called “calibre” and it will convert almost any book format into any other format. Though with docx files it is a little trickier, you have to open the book with MSWord and save it as HTML or RTF format, then calibre will convert it into a Nook readable format (ePub). The really cool thing with it is when you plug your device into the PC with Calibre running it will show the books you have on it as well as what’s on your PC.

Thanks for sharing the tip, Brad! I hadn’t thought of using Calibre for a Word doc.

Thank you Brad. I think I’ll try it 🙂

I’m so excited for pay day tomorrow!! I’ve had to waste away for lack of internet while moving-thank you for the reward!

No internet? Eep! I hope it’s all taken care of now. 🙂

Thanks for giving us the chance to support you and your work! I love your books and how you include us in the process.

You’re very welcome, Marci. Thanks for reading! 🙂

Yea! Just ordered 🙂 I can read .pdf files on my NookColor, not sure if e-ink Nooks can as well – if so, depending on how recent your version of Word is, you should be able to open the Word .doc on your PC & save as .pdf file & then put it on the Nook.

awsome! thanks for sharing. I used to have an e-ink Nook but just got a NookColor a couple months ago

Just grabbed my copy and converted it into a mobi file for my Kindle, using Calibre! 🙂
Thanks Lindsay, love your work!

Awesome – I just bought mine! I had a free copy, but I like the idea of you getting all the money for the finished version, rather than splitting it with Amazon.

I was going to be good and wait for the finished copy but that lasted all of 2 hours. Thanks for all your hard work. Your books (and characters) are amazing

Thanks for reading, Victoria! Maldynado wishes to assure you that *his* story is worth reading as soon as possible… 😀

Although I am dying to read the next installment, I will wait for the polished copy. However, is there a way for us readers to pay *more* than what the asking price is at our chosen outlet? I always make a point of buying your books through Smashwords because you have mentioned more than once that you get the highest royalty percentage through them. I want to wait for the polished copy of your next book but I seriously don’t mind paying the $10 you’re asking for the eARC copy – your books are a steal already as far as I’m concerned.

Thanks for the thoughts, Jennifer! No, I don’t think you can pay more at Amazon or Smashwords, but I am sending everyone who orders the ARC the polished ebook too (same day as I publish it for the rest of the world).

As exciting and cool as this is, I’m gonna just wait until the book comes out. I can’t even read it before September 14th anyway. 🙁

No worries, Rebekah. It sounds like you’re busy over there!

Thank you a million times over for feeding my addiction so promptly. I don’t suppose you have a timeframe on book 6 yet, LOL? Or maybe you can contact George R R Martin and show him how to speed things up. This would certainly take the pressure off of you.

THANKS again for creating such an enthralling world.

You’re very welcome, Amanda! I’m going to take a little break to write Encrypted 2 (I’m going to tie both storylines together in the very end of EE6, so I need to leave Tikaya and Rias in a good place for that), but I’ll shoot for Spring 2013 for 6. 🙂

As for George RR Martin, I think the secret is to write books that aren’t so large that the dog is in danger if one drops the hardback…. 😀

looking forward to more from you. Just finished EE4. How soon do you expect EE5 to be in the Kindle store? I might wait if it’s soon else I’ll do the word doc and calibre. Have really enjoyed both the EE series and the Flash Gold stories. Thank you for some great stories. Jim

Thanks, Jim! It shouldn’t be too long. My editor is working on the file. I’m hoping to publish it right after Labor Day weekend. 🙂

Thank you, Lindsay! You made my month. I was so bored reading all the other books waiting for this release. It did not disappoint. When I first got the book, I debating whether to make it last like a fine box of chocolate but unfortunately, once I had a taste, I was hooked. I couldn’t put it down and now I’m where I was with EE4. Maldynado is magnificent in EE5 and Amaranthe is one tough lady. Looking forward to EE6 but also sad that it is coming to an end. Cannot wait to read Encrypted 2. Thank you again, Lindsay. I love love love it.

You’re very welcome, Jade! I’m glad you enjoyed the story.

“Maldynado is magnificent”

Just what he hoped expected to hear… naturally… 😉

Getting the email to alert me to this news was like being told when you are six that Christmas has arrived a couple of months early.

I have loved all the EE books, this one supassed all of my expectations. Like others have said, I could not put it down.

I do have a question though (I hope this is not a spoiler, I don’t think so), but will any of the characters from Encrypted make an appearance in person. I know their mentioned in passing, but is there an chance of seeing them in EE6?

Can’t wait for EE6, all I can invisage re-reading all five a few times before that happy day.

I’m glad you enjoyed it, Rhiannon! We might get to see Rias and Tikaya visit Turgonia again… 😉 I have to write the sequel to Encrypted first and set things up a bit. That’s the next project!


After reading Encrypted back in March, I often wonder if the Rias and Tikaya are going to meet up with Sicarius again. Now you answered my question. Any chance Sespian will meet up with a nice girl who has the brain of Tikaya and the ability to “read” people like Rias? Hint hint ;).


Haha, we’ll see. Tikaya and Rias have to survive meeting the parents before they can plan for future family additions. 😛

Lindsay, you don’t need to worry about the price at all. In my country a paperback often debuts at around $25, and after a while goes down to $16. This means that I am more than willing to pay $10 for a book that I know I’m bound to enjoy.

Thanks, Truidie!

Those are some expensive books there. Sounds like our airport prices. I saw a $34 trade paperback at the one in San Francisco and almost died. 😛

YAY! Just bought it! Now, if I can just hold off from reading it until school is over tonight!

I ordered it an hour ago… I’d like to print pages of it out to read at lunch, but haven’t received it. (Sorry, to be a pest, but I’m SOOOOOOOOOOO excited.)

You should have it now, Amy. Thanks for your patience! 🙂 (If I do something like this again, next time I’ll figure out how to automate things.)

Never mind – I didn’t read the blog closely enough. SORRY!

I ordered EE5, but I can’t download it. I am leaving early in the morning to be at the hospital with my husband who is having open heart surgery. I was hoping to be able to read this book during the next couple of weeks I will be with him.

Please let me know how and where to download. I looked at KOBO, but couldn’t do it. I always buy from Amazon so this is a new experience for me. Thanks. Love your books!!!!!

It should be there by now, Evelyn, but I’ll send you a note and double-check. I hope your husband’s surgery goes well!

What? It’s wrapping up? NOOO!
I’ve been having fun envisioning Sicarius changing a baby’s diaper after that survey where he said, in a Sicarius way, that he wouldn’t mind having more kids.
The series has to continue! Forever! I demand it of this beleaguered, awesome author whose books I love, and reread, and Devour!
Yes, forgive the rant, but know that your characters are loved. And obsessed over.
Really thank you for creating a such a wonderful world that has *mostly* clean action. Lol, but then, what kind of character would Maldynado be without his ego and humor? Love your stories, and the hints about the upcoming combination (I support! I support!).
Muahahha! Perhaps my visions of a continued life for the characters will not be, and maybe that’s good, because I know Sicarius’ personality would take a HUGE leap in a different direction, probably upsetting much of the readers. But I still wanted to see him dealing with a hormone-high pregnant you-know-who… LAWL.

Changing diapers? :O

Well, we’ll see. I want to get the current storyline wrapped up by the end of 6 (I hope), but after that… who knows? 😉

Thank you so much Lindsay,
I just finished the book and owe my employer a few hours of work because I couldn’t put it down! You should do that again with your next books. Even though it’s more than we might usually pay for a e-books, it is satisfying to know that the money goes to the author directly. That and the fact that we trust you to deliver great entertainment. On the other hand I do realize that it’s is much more work for you to track requests and send files (maybe you can find a few volunteers to help!). So again, than you for making the book available early to us, for the quality of your work (even with typos!) and hopefully you can take a well deserved vacation and start your next book soon!


You’re very welcome, Catherine!

Just don’t tell your boss where I live. I wouldn’t want to get a nasty letter. 😀

Thanks for the support. If I do something like this again, I’ll definitely figure out a way to automate things, so people can download the file right after they pay. I’ll turn the document into mobi/epub files, too, so that nobody has to convert it to read it. Live and learn and stuff. 😉

will the polished short story be going up on amazon at some point in the vague and unspecified future?

also, encrypted 2? squeee.

Very soon, Jay. Within a week, I should think. 🙂

LOVED the book… tore through it in 2 (long and late) days.. of course, the kids didn’t get fed and the laundry and dishes just sat there…

Thanks for writing such awesome stories with strong, real characters.

You’re very welcome, Diane! I hope the kids have since received a few scraps. 😛

Hey lindasy!!! Huge fan of yours books!!! I buy the eARC

but i haven’t received it yet. Kind of freaking out,help


You should have received it yesterday. Let me know if it’s still MIA, and I’ll send it again. Thanks!

Haha well I already had the ARC from the kickstarter, BUT it was totally worth it to give the money direct to Lindsay for B&B. Plus, short story with cover!

I have been virtually without Internet foe about 2 weeks. I missed getting the ARC. Can you tell me when I will be able to get EE5 on smashwords? Is there any chance I can buy the short also?

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