Fallen Empire Reading Order (and Book 8 is out)

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I’ve just released End Game, the 8th and final book in my Fallen Empire series. Now that the series has grown to eight novels and several short stories, some folks have been asking about the best reading order, so here’s the list in chronological order. They can be read this way, but with the prequels, you may enjoy them more after you’ve read a couple of books in the series and know the characters.

Fallen Empire Series in Chronological Order:

Remnants — A short story that takes place 2-3 years before Star Nomad. It’s the adventure where Alisa and Mica first meet, and it’s currently only available in the You Are Here SF/F anthology.

Last Command — A novella that takes place 6 months before Star Nomad. It’s from Leonidas’s point of view and shows him carrying out his last mission before the fall of the empire. It’s currently available as a free bonus to those who sign up for the Fallen Empire newsletter.

Star Nomad — The first book I wrote and where the main adventure begins! The ebook version of the series is currently exclusive with Amazon (but if you’re reading this after Spring of 2017, it should be out everywhere), but the paperbacks can be purchased at Barnes & Noble and other online bookstores. Also, the audiobooks are being produced by Podium Publishing and are available through Amazon, Apple, and Audible.

Saranth Three — A short story that takes place between Star Nomad and Book 2, Honor’s Flight. It’s currently a bonus for newsletter subscribers.

Honor’s Flight — Book 2 in the series

Starfall Station — A short story from Leonidas’s point of view. It takes place between Book 2 and Book 3. It’s currently available through the free Star Rebels anthology. (This is available on Kobo, Apple, and Barnes & Noble, as well as Amazon.)

Starseers — Book 3

Relic of Sorrows — Book 4

Cleon Moon — Book 5

Arkadian Skies — Book 6

Perilous Hunt — Book 7

End Game — Book 8

Hope Springs — A honeymoon adventure that takes place after Book 8. It’s currently available in the Beyond the Stars: New Worlds, New Suns anthology.

Cyborg Legacy — This is a stand-alone novel that takes place a few years after the main series. It brings in a new hero, Jasim, but Leonidas also returns to go on the adventure.


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Hi Lindsay,
Have read and enjoyed the “Emperor’s Edge” series and am now reading “Fallen Empire.”

I am interested in “Last Command.” I could not really find a place to sign up for the newsletter.


Hi, Bob! I just added you to the newsletter. You should get a link to click to verify you want to be on it, and then a letter with all the bonuses. Thanks!

Hi Lindsay,

Gotta say that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Fallen Empire series and this book, I think, was the perfect ending to it (especially with the few extra scenes in the 2nd epilogue).

I really do hope you continue writing books in this universe at some point. Maybe with a few years gap in the timeline with an older Jelena and Thorian as the main protagonists? 🙂

I’m glad you enjoyed the FE adventures, Toni! That’s actually what I have in mind for the spinoff, starting about 10 years in the future. 🙂 We’ll get an interim peek at Leonidas and Alisa (and their children) about four years in the future, too, as I’m finishing up a short adventure with another cyborg now.

Hi Lindsay! I’ve just finished reading the entire Fallen Empire series. I am wondering if there will be a spinoff series with Thorian and Jelena or any of the other characters (Bravo Six, Leonidas’ and Alisa’s children, Mica and Yumi, Beck, et al)? Lots of unanswered questions in that end book. Thank you!

Look for more with Jelena and Thorian about 10 years down the road, and I’m sure we’ll check in with some other characters too. Thanks for reading, Wilmarie!

Just wanted to thank you for putting the Fallen Empire series on Kindle Unlimited. It’s so fun to read them one after another.

I’m glad you’re enjoying them, Kelly!

I don’t know if you know this, but Amazon selected Star Nomad: Fallen Empire, Book 1 as one of its Best Books of 2016 in the SFF category.

I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS. I was so happy for you. I’m a “shadow reader” who’s been lurking for years. But I had to come out of hiding for this. hehe.

If you go on the Best Books of 2016 page, scroll down to “Best Books by Category” and click SFF, your book is on the second page.

My husband and I just finished audiobook for Conspiracy. We are disappointed that there are no more audio books for the later books in this series. Are you planning to have them recorded soon?



Blood & Betrayal is in the works right now. Look for in early spring. Thanks for listening!

I devoured this series too quickly and would like to be added to the newsletter so I know when the next installments/spinoffs come out. Love the story arc! Thank you for the great writing.

P.S. How does one get the second epilogue to End Game? 😉

Sent you a note with the extras, Vicky!

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